Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Target Stores Lets Down America Again

       It has happened again. The freak episode has occurred. But will anybody do anything about it? Target famously known for allowing all genders to use their restrooms has again allowed an innocent child to be targeted by freakish man wanting to get his whatever on.  Last week a male exposed his wee wee to a small girl while in the women’s restroom. The child was with her mother when the man demanded that he had to use the restroom.  He hurried inside the women’s restroom and showed his dingaling to this little girl. Now the freakish episode has occurred again. And Target has been warned several times about the high possibility of such a calamitous occurrence but instead of making an honest effort to protect their young customers they demanded that they would make a stand for Liberals and transgender people. For Target Stores, showing loyalty towards transgender people is a bigger priority than protecting the innocents and lives of our children.
       So what has Target done about this dangerous meeting between child and predator? Well of course they announced that they take seriously the safety of their customers and that they have called law enforcements and shown footage of the incident. But the crime has already occurred. And this is not the first time of course that such a shameful incident has happened.  June 22, 2016 in Houston, a man was caught fondling a 9 year old boy in a Target restroom. In Cincinnati Ohio a man was found to have followed a 4 year old boy into the restroom, use the urinal next to him, in order to view the child’s genitals. This dude got away. In April 23, 2015 a man was caught filming an 11 year old girl while she was partially nude inside a department dressing room. And these are far from the only incidents. More recent examples of perverts using public restrooms as an opportunity to take advantage of innocent people is portrayed in June 17, 2018, by Umik Cakmak, age 41, who set up a camera inside a Lincoln, Rhode Island Target store. His mounted camera was taking pictures of women while they were moving about their business in the restroom.
       Another similar incident took place in July 2016, in Ammon Idaho, near Idaho Falls. Here a male transgender, man desperately trying to be a woman, took pictures of a woman while she was changing clothes inside of a Target Store (https://www.onenewsnow.com/culture/2017/02/18/21-women-assaulted-by-transgenders-in-restrooms).  Thank God this man was caught by the policy and arrested for video voyeurism. What is not at all surprising is that he already had an active warrant for the same crime. The law enforcement who caught him being a peeping tom previously probably let him go easy because of fear of being labeled “haters” or “bigots”. These are great examples of how society is drawing closer and closer toward creating chaos within the social fabrics of this country. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other occurrences of active perversion by men inside Target Stores.
         The number of similar occurrences of children and females being victimize by perverted opportunists is immense. But one won’t hear about these events in the everyday news. ABC, NBC news, CNN, etc. will not report about these events in front of the cameras. Nor will one read about them in the typical newspaper, or view them highlighted on Yahoo or Google news. Maybe one might catch a small print in page 11 or 12 of the newspaper where one is not likely to see the report anyways. The news is crafty. They don’t want people to know the truth. They are more concerned about protecting transgender rights. Target stores know that these occurrences of men targeting children in the restroom take place more often than most Americans believe. The discount store refuses to be open and responsible about protecting their shoppers. They are more interested in promoting people who enjoy pretending to be the opposite sex. Basically the door is left open until something catastrophic occurs that is impossible to ignore or play down. All in the effort to promote transgender rights. Is it worth it?
Haverluck, M. F. (2017). 21 Women assaulted by ‘transgenders’ in restrooms. One News Now. Retrieved from https://www.onenewsnow.com/culture/2017/02/18/21-women-assaulted-by-transgenders-in-restrooms

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What Killed George Michael

       George Michael's death was sad. An icon of American pop music, George Michael with both his soulful voice and slick dance moves entertained millions of fans throughout the world, especially during much of the 80's and 90's. Early memories goes back to his stint with Wham. He was singing and dancing while his music partner Andrew Ridgeley basically played the guitar while dancing with him. What happened to that guy anyways?
       Much of the fans of the pop singer are shocked by his death. Liberal media at times sound stunned but are likely tiptoeing around the facts. The reasons behind his death are spoken about in the media as if mysterious, but it shouldn't be. Any educated person or individual who has been paying attention to the celebrity's  life likely knew by day one what killed the man or at least had a clue. Dude was jailed twice, once for soliciting sex and the other for committing lewd acts. Both occurrences involved men. George Michael's long time boyfriend, Anselmo Feleppa, a Brazilian dress designer, is known to have passed away from an AIDS-related brain hemorrhage bank in 1993. This is someone that George has been involved in sex with many times. The singer, even while dating his pal, engaged in sex with many other men and even women. It is very likely that Anselmo is the culprit whom passed the HIV virus to the legendary crooner. Wonder, truthfully if George Michael could do it all over again if he would have engaged in this sexual relationship. Dude suffered a lot of pain for that gay sex. He had spent much of his life in the hospital for sicknesses like the cold, pneumonia, conditions that such a man with the amount of energy shown in his music videos should have handled with ease. Unfortunately, HIV weakens the immune system leaving the body vulnerable to be stricken by even the least of infections.
      Again George Michael suffered a lot of pain for the life he led, not only for man on man sex but for sex with multiple partners (of both sex), hard partying, heavy drinking, mega abuse of both cocaine and marijuana, an likely other drugs not mentioned. The guy suffered from depression and a big fear of others, especially his mom, finding out about his sexuality. Obviously he did not feel comfortable about what he was doing. Many people in internet news chats as well as article writers are blaming the 80's and 90's lack of acceptance of gay people for much of his pain, his depression, and death. They believe that if he would have came out gay in the beginning of his career he would have suffered less. Impossible. For one thing who would want to buy a song about "Careless Whispers" after watching the pop singer bowing down to his knees in front of another man? Likely not. One can say all they want about love and acceptance but even now in this world, most people are not going to feel romance arouse within them while watching George Michael sing lullabies to a bunch of dancing men. It just won't work. Another thing, AIDS don't care whether or not you are loved or feel accepted the virus will weaken your immune system leaving you susceptible to extreme tiredness, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, fever, night sweats, as well as simply appearing a wreck. Just look at pictures of George Michael after he was caught in the act of man on man sex acts; definitely not the same hunky dude one saw on MTV.
       This is really sad. How many people must pass away until Liberal media finally accepts the fact that gay sex is perilous to one's life. Even if one uses condoms the act is still risky. Condoms are not one hundred percent fail proof. Safe sex has been preached over and over again for the last thirty plus years yet the disease is still spreading. Treatments and medication have been created to slow down the virus yet the world still has not found a cure. They seemed to have simply enabled the victim to live longer while spending tens upon thousands of dollars as he still suffers from the effects of the virus. Yes, we love the individual but he or she is still suffering. He or she is still dying. He or she will likely not been suffering the individual would have not of had sex until after getting married and had married someone of the opposite sex. People from the Liberal crowd hate to admit it but this is true. There is no logical argument against it. And much of the world knows but unfortunately people will still be crying, expressing their sadness or anger while giving the love, don't hate speech as more of the LGBT continue to die. It is time for the people who have already figured it out to speak up and simply state the truth. Dude died from AIDS and he could have prevented it. He became trapped within his bad habits and could not find it within himself to make the right choices to save his life.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Importance of Merry Christmas

       Not long ago, the words “Merry Christmas” was treated as if uttering the phrase would instantly bring about cancer but more and more people are openly saying it. Even among Hollywood, an extreme liberal bunch, Merry Christmas is spoken in place of the politically correct happy holidays. Nowadays the typical “happy holidays” phrase is still voiced frequently by the media especially by news outlets but along with the headlining political correct phrase the media is also announcing “Merry Christmas” to the world. What likely happened is that enough Christians, religious leaders, and even politicians announced their dislike of “Christmas” being intentionally forgotten and turned into an absent phrase not related to Jesus. Even people well read in the Bible with our everyday blogs, newspaper articles, and conversations between our friends and social circles educated people in the true meaning and history of Christmas, the fact that it involves the birth of a Savior and has nothing to do with a red nosed reindeer and a fat man in a happy red suit. The media is listening. Sadly though, much of their past work has already produced results. When speaking to coworkers, neighbors, people working within their stores, their restaurants, even while at church the phrase “Happy Holidays” is spoken often. Though at times the greeting is immediately followed by “Merry Christmas”, or even “Happy Hanukkah”. It is as if people of the world are trying to say something that will please everybody. Or they are trying to make up for an unintentional mistake. They are so afraid of angering individuals that they forget that December 25 is a day that is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, not proclaim equal respect of all religions. Sorry, but Jesus said that He is the only way. Though He loves Mormons, He still insists that they follow Him and Him only. Jesus loves Buddhists but will not accept in His Kingdom a man worshipping Buddha. He will not accept any man or woman who does not regard Him as The Lord of his or her life and The Lord only. This is the truth about Jesus that the world rephrases as “hate”. A rebellion from a world whom refuses to acknowledge Jesus as Lord insisting instead on creating and following their own gods, worshipping their own creations from the world. This is one reason why knowing the difference between “Merry Christmas” and “happy holidays” is so important. This is the reason why the knowledge of the true meaning of Jesus Christ is so essential. When looking at the details in the differences between the heaven and the world it can resemble the difference between life and death.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why Trump Won

       The 2016 United States Presidential race turned out to be one of the most zaniest elections ever in the history of this country. From the beginning the entire US nation along with the country's leaders, the media. citizens, and voters have been confronted with many controversies and challenges. These challenges involved the very words of the Constitution, fights between political groups, races, religions, different goals and ideas. One group shouts for climate change, claiming that preparing the country and its people for upcoming change of weather is crucial for the survival of our future as well as the future of our children and grandchildren. Others state that such claims are a sign of fear mongering and that fighting for a supposed occurrence within the distant future would be a waste of the America's time and money. One group shouts for the rights of the LGBT, claiming acts of hatred and discrimination, a need to be saved from bigots. Others demand respect for their religious rights claiming that their 2nd Amendment rights are being disregarded. Demands for these rights continued to clamor against each other. Each group demanding their rights are important, insisting to be heard and respected.
       The media did not help the situation at all. Much of the media was one sided, mostly liberal, and definitely pushing for Hilary Clinton. President elect Donald Trump had his own assistance from the media representatives like Fox News but the loudest and most heard was Liberal Media represented by a slew of television, print, and media giants and a host of smaller stations and news organizations. The entire Liberal media was obviously anti-Trump while continuously asking one another, government officials, the so-called experts, and their audience whether or not Donald Trump is fit to be president. Well, after asking that question for the millionth plus time it became very obvious to the US citizens' the media's opinion. It also became very apparent who the media wanted to win the election. And after haggling Trump so much for so-called affairs he may of had twenty plus years ago and male chauvinist comments he made before the year 2000. Yes what Trump said about grabbing women by the ..... is terribly wrong but not a reason to vote someone like Hilary Clinton, whom has made her share of deplorable comments and was geared towards creating plans that will eventually wreck the future of many people living in this country while stripping them of some of their precious freedom. Most people know that Hilary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, was himself engaged in several affairs while holding the office of President of the United States. Hilary, her own self, is rumored to have had affairs with women. Both have expressed behavior that is just as bad or even much worse. This is the candidate who wants to force gay marriage to be approved and carried in each of our states regardless of whether individual voters agree or not. She wants to force our churches and businesses to acknowledge gay marriage and hold such festivities within the confines of both our places of worship and our work regardless of our religion. This goes against our First Amendment Rights but Hilary like her boss President Barak Obama does not respect the First Amendment and were poised to elect future judges who were going to wreck the writings of the Amendment that protects the rights of Christians and other people's religion. They were ready to butcher the freedom of religion surpassing it with the uplifting of homosexuality and gay marriage. Christian people knew what this woman, Mrs Hilary Clinton was poised to strip away from them their rights so they showed up in large numbers in order to protect their freedom to worship God and obey His Word and command without facing harsh punishment through hefty taxes, fines, losing their businesses, their privacy in public restrooms, and whatever was next in the plan's of the Liberal Party.
       President elect Donald Trump won because current President Barak Obama failed in his promises to rejuvenate the job market in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, and Florida. He promised to bring jobs. He brought none. The citizens of these states have been suffering as they have witnessed business after business leave and take off for some lands overseas. President Obama made little effort to bring such businesses back or entice others from other parts of the world to come in and take their place. Instead he was traveling around the world and America, showing his face in various celebrations, smiling to the cameras, appearing to have so much fun, also expressing grief as he made camera appearance after camera appearance to answer for multiple shootings that oddly occurred very often during his presidency. He spoke in behalf of many gun control groups, blaming the Right to Bear Arms, America's Second and one of the country's most popular Amendment, for all of the random acts of gun violence and stranger versus strangers massacres occurring all over the country (ex. Orlando Nightclub). At the same time these anti - gun groups were avoiding more specific, detailed relating matters such as the spread of isolation within many individuals living within the country, the spread and wide popularity of drugs as a source to heal psychological wounds instead of  seeking comfort from decent people, individuals being highly influenced by violent television shows, music, and movies rather than healthy relationships, and a separation movement occurring throughout much of the country away from trying to live a life of good morals and character. Could it be that a constant preaching from the overly dominant Left Wing press and tv media raised a society to be less fearful of God and more concerned about each one's self, their own happiness, and maybe the happiness of a few surrounding them? Maybe such dominant character produces individuals who are more prone to commit violence against others?
       President elect Donald Trump promised change in this country. Millions of citizens living in America have been suffering. They have lost their jobs, they have changed from having a once highly lucrative career to one that barely places food on their table if at all. These people want change not billions of their tax dollars thrown towards studying the supposed climate change. The Liberal Media desires so much to control the world. They want to throw into the faces of Americans what they believe is supposed to be important, what they believe our leaders should invest crucial resources in, while the people who are in need simply sit, watch, and suffer. Barak Obama seemed too overly concerned with the media's opinion and at being politically correct. He did not show concern for the people in America who are looking toward paying their next month's bills. Hilary Clinton was much the same. She was an Obama student in the making, expressing the same traits but would have likely been much worse. She was seriously aimed at trashing America's first and second amendments with no regards at all about the people who our founding fathers wrote those amendments for. She was all out for the LGBT but at the same time showed little regard for followers of the C-H-R-I-S-T. She wanted to encourage transgenders to enter any restroom they want but expressed no interest in protecting the innocent people who would be left vulnerable for those who would use such an opportunity to take advantage of others. She wanted to push for supposed abortion rights but showed no concern for people who wanted to further protect the unborn. She was ready to strip people of their guns at the same time leaving them susceptible to violent groups and individuals who wish to harm them. She expressed little concern toward forming protection in this country against against America's enemies like Al Qaeda and ISIS. She was very likely headed towards forcing churches and all buildings in America to hold and support gay marriages regardless of what the Bible says. She was ruthless and that is why many Americans voted against her. They were themselves saying: "No not my president".

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Target Transgender Policy Losing to Boycott

       Target stores, after months of standing solid behind their promotion of transgenders in opposite sex restrooms are not just feeling the pitch, they are sweating out big time stocks and money.  Droppings of sales and stocks have now reached almost 10 percent in the second-quarter earnings. The company stores' shares have fallen each day an average between 4 and 7 percent. Everyday sales have accomplished much less than the stores performed last year. Sales expectancy are down below 0 percent. Target Stores sales are not even expected to perform well during the Christmas season. The store is suffering big time but unless one studies the news or at least watches one or two news related programs per day, he or she would never know.
       The Minneapolis based discounter initially issued the statement it will allow customers and employees to use the restroom or a fitting that "corresponds to their gender identity" (D'Innocenzio, 2016). Franklin Graham then announced a boycott by Christians via the American Family Association against spending any money at Target stores until the company keeps their restrooms gender specific. Target pretty much ignored the boycott stating that they will stand behind transgenders and their rights to use whichever restrooms they believe that they should use. Since making that announcement Target stores has undergone a beating in company sales and profit. Christians as well as many secular people simply don't trust a grown man, who just happens to be wearing a skirt, hanging out in a women's restroom or changing room. After weeks of ignoring the initial drop in sales, and even after spending up to $20 million dollars building non gender specific restrooms in almost all of their stores, Target is still undergoing a sales beat down. Christians are still standing strongly behind their boycott. They are not shopping at this once very popular discount retailer.
       Obviously Target underestimated the power and influence of God in America. The media lied to the store as the Liberal press continues to lie to other United States businesses, government groups, and individuals the theology that whatever sex one chooses to be does not matter, America has your back. Liberal Media continues to bark that the majority of Americans support men pretending to be women dropping in on females' restrooms. It is not quite that simple. Just because Cher or the pretty woman in front of the tv camera cheers for transgenders to entertain themselves at whichever changing room does not mean that Joe Smith or Jennifer Harris living across the street is cheering as well. What is really ludicrous is that Joe Smith and Jennifer Harris has been repeating their dislike for this outright ignorance of personal privacy (North Carolina), but have been blatantly ignored by the media, government officials, and most importantly Target. They continue to shout "transgender rights" while rejecting every individuals' right to dress up and change in the retailer's restroom without having someone  from the opposite sex standing near them. Women have described a very possible experience as creepy, scary. Even for men the thought of an aunt Joy standing by the shower room pretending to be a guy while young boys or even grown men are undressing, does not sound endearing. Most people by now know about the eerie incident that took place in July when a transgender man pretending to be a woman slipped into a Target female's dressing room. "The man Shanna Smith, Sean Patrick Smith, legal name Sean Patrick Smith" (Oraka, 2016), was arrested and placed in jail by the police in the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office. When that incident of voyeurism occurred hardly a peep was heard from such big news reporters like ABC, NBC, or CNN. The were more interested in reporting about gay and transgenders rights. The rights of people who wanted to use the public restroom without being harassed or goggled at meant nothing to these news giants.
       Target tried to express concern for people who have a very good reason to feel threatened by building those single sex stalls. $20 million dollars slid down the drain as Christian people in America still do not trust the system. They still refuse to risk theirs', their spouse's, and especially their little one's lives and innocence exposing themselves and their loved ones' privacy to someone of the opposite sex just to make the transgender person feel good. Cher, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, or even Obama will not sway the minds of millions of parents and concerned adults.They simple don't want a man hanging around in the same restroom as their daughter.
       Target has already lost billions. How much more will they end up losing. This battle looks far from over. The company does not appear to be about to bend. They likely did not believe that they were going to end up suffering so much when they took the AFA challenge head on. They did not understand that with Christians this is not about being a bigot or discrimination. We simply just don't like God's commands to be disrespected. We don't want to be forced to accompany or join along other people's decided path to recklessness and immoral living. Let us watch and see what happens to this once thriving company. There may be a lot of wisdom to be learned from this company's current path, if America decides to learn.

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        Story. Retrieved from http://bigstory.ap.org/article/83df72a7f5594f28a3948d193cd88b3d/target-faces-backlash-stance-transgender-bathrooms     
Oraka, C. (2016, July 15). Transgender fails Target Stores. Retrieved from

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Jesus Matters

       Black lives matter, all lives matter, blue lives matter, and we can be sure that there are likely several other similar phrases being yelled out back and forth from one group to another. More will surely come until Americans tire of this popular catch phrase. Black lives matter, the phrase that started this trend, began in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman whose famously known for murdering the defenseless young black teen Trayvon Martin after spotting him walking through his neighborhood. Trayvon Martin's tragic death resulted in marches and protests by both African Americans and White Americans throughout many urban neighborhoods scattered around the US. Then came further street demonstrations after the tragic deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo and Eric Garner in New York City. The BLM movement grew larger and stronger gathering more popularity and media mentions. One will often witness fights brewing between protesters and local policeman while the officers were trying to keep the peace. Politicians were forced to choose sides between the local policeman or the protesters. Liberal Media would often use comments by presidential candidates concerning the movement in order to influence voters to choose one candidate over the other. During the first Democratic debate in 2015 Bernie Sanders stated that "Black Lives Matter. Martin O'malley stated that "Black Lives Matter". Ben Carson, a black candidate from the Republican party, called the movement "silly". Hilary Clinton came up with "All Lives Matter". Looking at the situation while trying to think logically and without being influenced by the television one can easily agree that all lives matter but a lot of maturity and wisdom must be mixed in with this phrase. Of course blue lives matter. That is obvious. America cannot simply shoot down several policemen every time injustice is committed in this country. Such actions committed repeatedly will cause massive chaos. Policemen cannot continue to shoot down unarmed black men every time an officer gets upset or one suspects something bad  happened. Such foolishness has brought about this horrible mess in the first place. What about Jesus Matters? What if America believed that Jesus matters and preached this message as well as walked this message day in, day out with no hindrance from the media or so called equal rights groups? What if the ACLU instead of going after teachers who desire to bring their Bibles to schools or bosses who wish to openly pray in their offices went after old men who daily seek out young middle school, high school girls to join their harem, or sought after gangs who lure young boys out from school in order to help them make money out of selling dope out on the streets?
       Jesus matters and believing in Him will create much more progress in America than decisively favoring one group's cause over another. Unfortunately, many young black men, women, and white individuals have been fooled by the BLM movement into believing that they have their back, or that this movement is going to create any sort of gainful momentum for individuals representing any race or sex. Liberal Media has brainwashed many Americans into believing that Jesus Christ is just a character in the Bible meant to be preached within the walls of the church while kept out of the harsh life that often occurs within the everyday world. Jesus Matters and believing in Him while copying His ways would create much more progress and peace in America than every day screaming at people one's message of who does and does not matter. If only America would give Him a chance. If only Liberal Media will allow all Americans the Freedom to make their own choice.

Ezekiel 18:23
"Do I have any pleasure in the death of the wicked," declares the Lord GOD, "rather than that he should turn from his ways and live?
Ezekiel 18:32
"For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone who dies," declares the Lord GOD. "Therefore, repent and live."

John 3:17
For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Transgender Fails Target Stores

       We knew it was bound to occur and it has. And it was likely not the first incident just one that just so happened to be leaked out to the media. A transgender, a man pretending to be a women, has been nabbed and arrested by the police for video taping an eighteen year old woman in a Target dressing room. The man, Shauna Smith, legal name Sean Patrick Smith, has been arrested by the police in the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, located in eastern Idaho, on one felony count of voyeurism. Target has failed its customers once again. They have allowed their female customers to be open targets for desperate perverts to gaze upon them for the simple sake of political correctness. And this is not enough. Target is not admitting to it's mistake. Not only is Target Stores defending itself but all of their pro gay allies are chirping up excuses, stating that this pervert does not represent all transgender people. Thinkprogress, Zack Ford stated that this incident has nothing to do with Target Stores stand for transgenders (Ford, 2016). Phooey, dude dressed as a woman ogling at a young woman in a store dressing room, while videotaping her has everything to do with Target Stores stand for transgenders. The common sense warning thousands of people gave to Target about their female shoppers being preyed upon by perverts, was sent loud and clear and in huge numbers. The American Family Association number of petitioners who have already signed to boycott Target has already reached way over 1,300,000. That is a lot of people. And Target has suffered 10 billion dollars in losses with likely more to come. One has to look at Target, the CEO of the store and ask: Is it worth it? Is being politically correct worth billions of dollars and parents losing faith in your ability to look after and care for their young daughters? Is transgender rights, gay rights worth sacrificing the innocence of our youth?
       It's a sad story because much of the population probably does not know that this arrest in Target has taken place since the story is not receiving much air time in television news. It is as if Liberal Media is more concerned about protecting the depiction and portrayal of transgenders than they are of protecting our wives, mothers, and daughters who need to use the store restroom or dressing room. The dressing room is a serious place of privacy for both sexes. This is not a place for a man to declare his rights to the world that he can be a woman if he desires. So what. Not in front of my daughter when she wants to change. What about her rights? What about my rights? Why is this man's fantasy to be a woman more important than keeping a voyeur from preying on a young lady? Common sense has been taking a beating in America and much of the Western World. Perverts want the right to be perverts and dimwitted folks are paving a way for them to satisfy their grotesque fantasies by bowing down to their excuses for behaving weird. No the individual was not born that way. He simply has a weakness that he has deceived others to allow him to coddle instead of fighting it like one does who is addicted to crack cocaine. You better fight it if not it only gets worse. Just like now America is still fighting the AIDS, HIV virus, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc., One does not know how worse it can get if we allow this males taking over women's restroom's behavior take over society. Or even women invading men's restroom. What happens when a little boy witnesses a woman dressed up as a man who obviously looks like a woman try to take a whiz in the men's restroom. I mean that is just weird. Obviously pro - gay folks would read a remark like that and laugh at it but this is reality. This is the real world that one cannot escape. People are watching. A woman walking around inside a men's restroom cannot be simply shrugged at and life goes on. As Hilary Clinton says: America "it is time to move on". And she would really like for all of us to place blinders over our eyes and pretend that this man dressed up as a woman, taking videos of a young lady while she is changing in a woman's dressing room is not a big deal. But to millions of people it is. And these individuals are not going to just move on. There is no logical, intelligent reason why they should.

Ford, Z (2016, July 15) Hate Groups Attack Target Transgender Policy Without All The Details.
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