Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What Killed George Michael

       George Michael's death was sad. An icon of American pop music, George Michael with both his soulful voice and slick dance moves entertained millions of fans throughout the world, especially during much of the 80's and 90's. Early memories goes back to his stint with Wham. He was singing and dancing while his music partner Andrew Ridgeley basically played the guitar while dancing with him. What happened to that guy anyways?
       Much of the fans of the pop singer are shocked by his death. Liberal media at times sound stunned but are likely tiptoeing around the facts. The reasons behind his death are spoken about in the media as if mysterious, but it shouldn't be. Any educated person or individual who has been paying attention to the celebrity's  life likely knew by day one what killed the man or at least had a clue. Dude was jailed twice, once for soliciting sex and the other for committing lewd acts. Both occurrences involved men. George Michael's long time boyfriend, Anselmo Feleppa, a Brazilian dress designer, is known to have passed away from an AIDS-related brain hemorrhage bank in 1993. This is someone that George has been involved in sex with many times. The singer, even while dating his pal, engaged in sex with many other men and even women. It is very likely that Anselmo is the culprit whom passed the HIV virus to the legendary crooner. Wonder, truthfully if George Michael could do it all over again if he would have engaged in this sexual relationship. Dude suffered a lot of pain for that gay sex. He had spent much of his life in the hospital for sicknesses like the cold, pneumonia, conditions that such a man with the amount of energy shown in his music videos should have handled with ease. Unfortunately, HIV weakens the immune system leaving the body vulnerable to be stricken by even the least of infections.
      Again George Michael suffered a lot of pain for the life he led, not only for man on man sex but for sex with multiple partners (of both sex), hard partying, heavy drinking, mega abuse of both cocaine and marijuana, an likely other drugs not mentioned. The guy suffered from depression and a big fear of others, especially his mom, finding out about his sexuality. Obviously he did not feel comfortable about what he was doing. Many people in internet news chats as well as article writers are blaming the 80's and 90's lack of acceptance of gay people for much of his pain, his depression, and death. They believe that if he would have came out gay in the beginning of his career he would have suffered less. Impossible. For one thing who would want to buy a song about "Careless Whispers" after watching the pop singer bowing down to his knees in front of another man? Likely not. One can say all they want about love and acceptance but even now in this world, most people are not going to feel romance arouse within them while watching George Michael sing lullabies to a bunch of dancing men. It just won't work. Another thing, AIDS don't care whether or not you are loved or feel accepted the virus will weaken your immune system leaving you susceptible to extreme tiredness, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, fever, night sweats, as well as simply appearing a wreck. Just look at pictures of George Michael after he was caught in the act of man on man sex acts; definitely not the same hunky dude one saw on MTV.
       This is really sad. How many people must pass away until Liberal media finally accepts the fact that gay sex is perilous to one's life. Even if one uses condoms the act is still risky. Condoms are not one hundred percent fail proof. Safe sex has been preached over and over again for the last thirty plus years yet the disease is still spreading. Treatments and medication have been created to slow down the virus yet the world still has not found a cure. They seemed to have simply enabled the victim to live longer while spending tens upon thousands of dollars as he still suffers from the effects of the virus. Yes, we love the individual but he or she is still suffering. He or she is still dying. He or she will likely not been suffering the individual would have not of had sex until after getting married and had married someone of the opposite sex. People from the Liberal crowd hate to admit it but this is true. There is no logical argument against it. And much of the world knows but unfortunately people will still be crying, expressing their sadness or anger while giving the love, don't hate speech as more of the LGBT continue to die. It is time for the people who have already figured it out to speak up and simply state the truth. Dude died from AIDS and he could have prevented it. He became trapped within his bad habits and could not find it within himself to make the right choices to save his life.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Importance of Merry Christmas

       Not long ago, the words “Merry Christmas” was treated as if uttering the phrase would instantly bring about cancer but more and more people are openly saying it. Even among Hollywood, an extreme liberal bunch, Merry Christmas is spoken in place of the politically correct happy holidays. Nowadays the typical “happy holidays” phrase is still voiced frequently by the media especially by news outlets but along with the headlining political correct phrase the media is also announcing “Merry Christmas” to the world. What likely happened is that enough Christians, religious leaders, and even politicians announced their dislike of “Christmas” being intentionally forgotten and turned into an absent phrase not related to Jesus. Even people well read in the Bible with our everyday blogs, newspaper articles, and conversations between our friends and social circles educated people in the true meaning and history of Christmas, the fact that it involves the birth of a Savior and has nothing to do with a red nosed reindeer and a fat man in a happy red suit. The media is listening. Sadly though, much of their past work has already produced results. When speaking to coworkers, neighbors, people working within their stores, their restaurants, even while at church the phrase “Happy Holidays” is spoken often. Though at times the greeting is immediately followed by “Merry Christmas”, or even “Happy Hanukkah”. It is as if people of the world are trying to say something that will please everybody. Or they are trying to make up for an unintentional mistake. They are so afraid of angering individuals that they forget that December 25 is a day that is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, not proclaim equal respect of all religions. Sorry, but Jesus said that He is the only way. Though He loves Mormons, He still insists that they follow Him and Him only. Jesus loves Buddhists but will not accept in His Kingdom a man worshipping Buddha. He will not accept any man or woman who does not regard Him as The Lord of his or her life and The Lord only. This is the truth about Jesus that the world rephrases as “hate”. A rebellion from a world whom refuses to acknowledge Jesus as Lord insisting instead on creating and following their own gods, worshipping their own creations from the world. This is one reason why knowing the difference between “Merry Christmas” and “happy holidays” is so important. This is the reason why the knowledge of the true meaning of Jesus Christ is so essential. When looking at the details in the differences between the heaven and the world it can resemble the difference between life and death.