Sunday, December 29, 2013

Global Warming vs Antarctica

       Likely a few of you readers have heard of the current difficulty occurring in Antarctica. There is a Russian ship filled with 74 passengers composed of tourists, scientists, and crew members who are determined to further the study of global warming. The ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, through its voyage, is trying to replicate the 1911-1914 mission carried out by Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson who successfully completed an expedition through Antarctica. Mawson's journey supposedly supplied proof toward the global warming theory's claim that human generated carbon dioxide and gases are greatly contributing toward the warming of the earth, causing changes to our daily weather patterns. The Akademik Shokalskiy voyagers led by Chris Turney, leader of AAE (Australian Antarctica Expedition) and Intrepid Science, a science education channel on youtube are on a mission to further Sir Douglas Mawson's study of the icy terrain of Antarctica and supposed melting of ice and glaciers that are, according to global warming theorists, influencing the floods and chaotic weather occurring here in America.
       To everyone's surprise Chris Turney's army of terrestrial experts have found themselves stuck in the middle of Antarctica in, surprise!!, ice. No wonder why ABC, NBC, CNN and pals are not all over this story. The facts goes against their sacred global warming religion. Beaming the results of Chris Turney's journey continuously to their viewers would make them as well as global warming enthusiasts appear mistaken.
       An icebreaker from Russia, another icebreaker, this one called the Snow Dragon, from China could not free the team of scientists. A French icebreaker on Saturday abandoned the mission. A fourth icebreaker, Australia's Aurora Australis, has the best chance of reaching Chris Turney's crew and should reach them sometime Sunday. Unfortunately the icebreaker was created to only handle 1.35 meters of ice. The Akademik Shokalskiy is surrounded by ice more than 3 meters thick. The Aurora Australis's tackling of the ice barrier surrounding the trapped voyagers will be similar to one ramming a car against giant walls built of cement. The strangest part of the journey is that the Chinese, British, Australian, and New Zealand experts believed that the ice was thin enough for the Snow Dragon to slice through, building a path for the stuck ship to follow the created space toward safety. What the experts thought was melting ice actually formed around the unfortunate ship and simply froze in place virtually locking the ship within what could be a developing glacier. Such is an incident that Chris Turney his team of 74 scientists, climate experts, and global warming enthusiasts never dreamed of occurring. The climate is supposed to be rising higher. The ice in Antarctica is supposed to be gradually melting, reducing itself in size and strength. Water and ice in Antarctica shouldn't be moving that quickly.
       Fortunately, if the Australian icebreaker is unable to free the Akademik Shokalskiy, the Snow Dragon is supplied with a helicopter that is supposed to be able to carry the 74 scientists, crew members, and sightseers out of their ship and into safety. Unfortunately for the Akademik Shokalskiy, the ship is in danger of being broken into pieces by the very ice that surrounds them if the ice does not melt in time or the ship is not freed.
       The global weather is a very complicating subject, especially in a continent like Antarctica where hardly any human being lives. Because the earth happened to possibly experience several years of warm weather does not immediately mean that the same pattern has been occurring for the past hundreds or thousands of years. Because Sir Douglas Mawson was able to complete a journey through Antarctica  during the early 1900s does not mean that such is an easy feat. The explorer's success does not mean that the ice is melting in Antarctica making it easier for ships to travel through that amazing continent. Maybe Sir Douglas Mawson with even less technology and information in his days was simply a better prepared, more competent sea voyager. Maybe he was just lucky. He may of just happened to travel during a season of time when the region was warmer making it easier for him to sail his ship within the normally icy environment. If one wants to be a real scientist he or she cannot simply jump to the conclusion of global warming.
       While waiting for help Mawson's crew is currently feeding penguins and taking pictures of underwater creatures. Hopefully their journey did not all go to waste. Maybe they gained some information from the many penguins who accompanied them during their voyage. Hopefully scientists and onlookers, trustfully the educated? folks have learned something from this occurrence. It is dangerous in this world to pretend to know more than what one actually knows especially if one is travelling within a wilderness like Antarctica where hardly any man resides. Place the moon and space in this category too. I watched Sir Douglas Mawson's youtube educational videos before writing this piece. He sounded and appeared very confident before and during his journey. His crew also spoke excitedly while filming each other about their mission. Maybe they were faking their excitement and confidence but I believe that some of them may try to continue with this mission. Who knows if they are able to free their ship they may decide to continue their mission, that is if. But likely, knowing human nature, somebody(s) in that crew will try to repeat this mission. If and when they do I hope they learn to not be completely blinded by unproven global warming theories. Remember we did not create the earth. We do not know all the facts concerning it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

       Earlier this month of December 2013 I felt disturbed as I heard person upon person, television news personality, business, even a popular Atlanta Christian music station state "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas. Some were unintentional or ignorant but others, especially media members and businesses intentionally either tiptoed or flew over the word treating Jesus as if they think of Him as a contagious case of lice they desperately needed to avoid. The Christian music station Praise 102.5 acted polite while joyful about stating "Happy Holidays" making you know that the producers there are more concerned about not offending Jews, atheists, people not thrilled about Jesus Christ then behaving like a true CHRIST - LIKE radio station. Remember Peter denying Jesus three times? Well every time Praise 102.5 yells "Happy Holidays" instead of crying out Merry Christmas they are intentionally refusing to give Jesus praise and glory for the day that is supposed to recognize and praise Him not Hanukkah or Santa Claus. The same rule goes for ABC NEWS, Target, Atlanta Pubic Schools. etc. By continuously saying "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas all of these companies and personalities representing them express an intentional desire to deny Christ, to be motivated to please the world instead of pleasing our Lord and Savior.
       I am pleased though to state that some companies, most notably Publix and Kroger stood to their guns, stating Merry Christmas to their customers while not fearing any public backlash or discomfort. Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty stood up to GLAAD and Liberal media representatives letting them know that he cares more about obeying God then obeying the Liberal set of rules on how each person is supposed to treat the behavior homosexuality. Earlier yesterday while out with my children an older lady asked my kids if they were waiting on Santa Claus tonight, they stared at her replying nothing. I admittedly felt uncomfortable. I did not expect the silent reaction from my own children and did not immediately know what to say. Surprisingly the lady responded to me that my family must be one of those that don't celebrate Santa Claus. I confidently told her that we do not. She smiled back at me letting me know that she understood. I quickly received the message that I must not be the only individual that this lady received the same awkward like response regarding Santa Clause. There are likely many, millions of people in America and billions more around the world who don't mention Santa Clause during the Christmas season that the media often ignores. Santa Clause is not a Christian figure. Santa Clause is a figure representing the anti-Christ, someone to take Jesus place in the eyes and mind of individuals during the day of the year when we as people are suppose to celebrate Christ's birth, not to worship the giving and receiving of presents.
       So I want to say to each and every one of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! And spread the news. Say "Merry Christmas" to each person you greet today reminding them that the day we are celebrating is Christmas not "Holiday". And reminding Jesus Christ that we love and remember Him while not allowing the world to push us into denying Him.
32 “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. 33 But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven" Matthew 10:30-33.

38 If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels" Mark 8:38.

12 if we endure,
    we will also reign with him.
If we disown him,
    he will also disown us; II Timothy 2:12

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. 11 As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.”[a] 12 For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, 13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" Romans 10:9-13.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty Freedom of Speech

       I recently read an article about the heavy backlash GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is receiving by fellow Christians and their supporters. GLAAD has and is still receiving many complaints and criticisms after the fallout on A&E's suspension of Duck and Dynasty's family patriarch Phil Robertson for his comments stating that homosexuality is sin and that while growing up in Louisiana before the Civil Rights movement he never saw the mistreatment of blacks. It appears that the A&E network simply listened to the Liberal side of the argument stating that Phil Robertson's comments were anti-gay and racist. Both television station and media watchdog organization decided to ignore Christians and other members of the political/social right who agree with the comments made by Phil Robertson. They failed to responsibly consider the fact that a large portion of people living in the United States do not agree with much of the Liberal party's opinion about how the world should run.
       In recent past most Christian media followers mostly ignored or tolerated comments readily made by pro-Liberal groups like GLAAD against anyone who disagreed with the belief that people are born gay and that homosexuality is normal. People often accepted the big lie that whatever the story, that it is none of their business of that "things will eventually work themselves out". Now people are beginning to open their eyes and realize that groups like GLAAD carry a take all attitude towards this social war of America's souls. The struggle is not really about giving gay's rights. The struggle is about taking away every individual's right to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. GLAAD and organizations like them demand that they make that choice for you and I and afterwards ram THEIR choice down each and every one of our throats. What always comes out of this argument and is always supported by Liberal media is that everyone must agree with choice made by their chosen organization(s) and that everyone who disagrees with them is "hateful", a "bigot", "uneducated", or choose from several more from the long list of popular adjectives.
       Going back to Phil's comments. He was actually speaking to a 3rd party, GQ magazine. In his comments he mentioned that everything seems to be fine with today's society that are not fine. In his list of society's wrong but accepted conduct is adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality. Phil was being interviewed by GQ who asked him about his definition of sinful behavior. They asked for his opinion. Was this a setup? They watched his show before. They know that he is a Christian. They know that Christians don't accept homosexuality as normal, at least the ones who are obedient to the Word of God. So what do they want him to do? They want him to renounce God and go against Him in order to please GLAAD and like organizations? That is silly. Does GLAAD go to the Muslim mosques and interview their leaders regarding their views on homosexuality, abortion, school prayers and like issues? No, because groups like GLAAD know most Muslims will readily fight back if harassed and these Liberal groups have a resentment for Christians and their unwillingness to back down from their call to be obedient to Jesus Christ. Their is a deep hatred from pro-gay groups that stems from that strong allegiance that Christians have towards Christ, their refusal to disobey God and follow the way of the world. Groups like GLAAD, magazines like GQ, tv stations like A&E insist they must follow Christians around, harass, them, punish them, if they don't follow and do everything that the crowd insists they must do.
       Phil Robertson also mentioned that growing up in Louisiana before the Civil Rights movement he never saw the mistreatment of blacks. That is Phil's opinion and a representation of what he experienced during his childhood and as a young adult in his home state. Maybe instead of condemning him Liberal party supporters should research what he is saying. Maybe what he is saying is true? Look at America today. Many African - Americans still depend on welfare. Many of them are still on medicaid. There are still many of them spending years in prison or have families headed by single mothers raising children long deserted by their fathers. The Civil Rights movement have not solved the past and current problems, issues of black people who live in the United States. The problem is not just racism. Their is a deeper seated problem that people representing the media and groups like GLAAD are strongly trying to force America to ignore. What the issue comes down to is that this country has the freedom of speech written in the often mentioned US Constitution and now Liberal supporters and their groups are trying to take that freedom away from groups of people they don't like.
       GLAAD does not represent African Americans. Every African American alive today is not down with GLAAD. Stop forcing the association with the gay movement and the black people's rise to respectability in America. They are two completely different stories. This assumption is disrespectful and a tremendous insult to black individuals living in this country. They deserve the right to have their own opinion. Let the blacks in America speak for themselves. You will be surprised, at least some of you, what you hear. That is real freedom, allowing everyone to have their own voice, their own opinion instead of creating one for them out of hard stone.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Cold in 2013

       Americans from most of the nation has experienced extreme cold during the months of November and December of 2013. Degrees measuring in the 30s, 20s and yes even the teens and single digits in some parts of the country has forced folks to huddle up and dress warm this all. Fall?! Yes, we have not even reached winter yet but the weather is freezing. Snow has been falling like crazy with some cities and regions receiving record snow falls. Earlier in February of this year the Boston area got slammed with almost 25 inches of snowfall, the fifth largest in the cities history ( During that time 32 inches of snow fell in the city of Portland, Maine, the biggest snowfall ever for that city.
       Recently, heavy snowstorms have preyed in areas like Providence, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Tennessee, pretty much the entire northeast and mid Atlantic states. New York received 3-5 inches of snow, Philadelphia up to 8 inches parts of New England was littered by at least up to four inches of snow (Nuckois, Niedowski, 2013 p A4). Snow also fell in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and surrounding states. It even snowed in California, again. The entire United States pretty much felt snow except for a few lucky southeastern states.
       Now what does all this snow and cold say about the Global Warming assumption. I know that I have written on this subject before but as an avid reader and viewer of the news I often been shelled by the Global Warming assumption and been taunted by the experts? who assume that the theory must be true and not only true but that anyone who disagrees is either clueless or uneducated. The sad part about this assumption is that the federal government, many state governments, as well as private businesses and individuals are using this supposed fact toward wasting a lot of money researching and funding projects in order to limit or cease supposed human(s) contribution to climate change.
       A popular claim by Liberal global warming supporters is that more educated scientists/researchers believe global warming exists than ones who don't. The problem with this claim is that this number is faceless, nameless. We don't get to see, discuss, or question these educated? professionals. We are simply expected to nod our heads in acceptance because someone use the term "educated". Again who are these people? And simply because someone is educated does not mean that they must always be right? And because one is in the majority does not mean that everything they say and believe in is the exact truth.
       A popular saying is "seeing is believing". In regard to global warming I just don't see it. The weather is brutally cold and has been for the past month. It is still fall. The season has not even reached winter yet. It was cold last year as well as the year before. Atlanta, Georgia is cold and is also receiving some ice and a brush of the white stuff briefly seen shining on the tips of the grass earlier this morning. The white stuff was not enough for me to officially call it snow but if it wasn't snow it was pretty close. In the seventies, eighties, nineties, places like Chicago, Wisconsin, Upper and Lower Michigan were also cold. Personally I was not alive during 1500 BC or even 1820 so I cannot officially compare what the weather was like then compared to now. But common sense tells me that to simply assume it must have been colder would entail that I have some kind of supernatural power to dig into the past and simply read temperature. I don't care how many books you read and degrees you have accomplished you cannot honestly state what the temperature was like in Atlanta in December during 1500 BC. Education works when used correctly but sometimes common sense works best.

Nuckois, B. and Niedowski E.(2013). Eastern Snow More Nuisance Than  Menace The Atlanta Journal Constitution, pp. 4A.            

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Journeying From Thanksgiving to Christmas

       Thanksgiving 2013 recently passed and now of course the world is headed towards Christmas. To those not living in the United States or who are unfamiliar with American traditions, Thanksgiving is one of the country's biggest most celebrated holidays. Christmas of course is celebrated worldwide. In America Thanksgiving begins what much of the country refers to as the "holidays" where Christmas and a bit later New Years Day is celebrated. Within this period shopping, presents, Christmas plays, Santa Claus, reindeers, New Years resolutions, traditional church services, New Years Eve party plans, college bowl games, heated early season college and high school basketball tournaments, as well as the beginning of the end of the NFL season all begin to take their turns creating their own effects on most of our lives. And even some of us who do not involve ourselves in many of these end of year traditions and customs we usually either live with or are close to people who are head and toes deep within these holiday activities.
       Thanksgiving is a holiday made official in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln in order for the nation to give "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens". Most of what Americans know about Thanksgiving is the first Thanksgiving day celebrated by Pilgrims and Native Americans. The celebration occurred after the Pilgrims first harvest of the New World back in 1621. Unfortunately in the midst of the commercials, sales, food, school programs, and  all the media attention, the giving thanksgiving and praise to God part of the holiday has been almost entirely forgotten while turkey, cornbread, and stuffing receive much attention. The public and even many private schools keep their mouths shut tight regarding giving any reference to God for providing Lincoln the motivation for such a fascinating holiday while giving all the praise to the Puritans and Native Americans. Not only do both young and old American citizens miss out on experiencing the joy in giving thanks to God for all He has provided they are also  poorly educated and misled on the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
       Now the United States travels along with the rest of the world toward the Christmas holiday which as some Christians know very well is taught incorrectly in the world as a holiday celebrating Santa Claus, his reindeers, Christmas trees, and giving presents. Yes the three kings gave presents to baby Jesus when they visited Him but the Bible makes no mentioning of a Santa Claus nor did the disciples or early Christians erect trees within their homes for the purpose of planting gifts. Yet this is what we hear from the media world as well as from our government, the world's atheist viewpoint of Christmas minus the Christ. So as the world customarily does, they will repeatedly say "Happy Holidays" in order to intentionally leave Christ out of Christmas. "Happy Holidays" for much of society serves as a selfish way of celebrating Christ's birthday without having to give God any praise or any self sacrifice other than to simply comfort ourselves and those around us. So much of our country and much of the world, goes out shopping, buying, feasting while spinning further into debt. Many of us our fattening ourselves silly, drunkening our minds and spirits, while some drive themselves deep into sadness, depression as they return back to jobs and a way of life many are too proud to admit that they really don't enjoy.
       Why does this happen? Why are so many people sad during this journey from Thanksgiving to Christmas during what is suppose to be the happiest time of the year? Why do so many people feel depressed during the time where many workers have or take time of from work to be around loved ones? Because most of America, the world is celebrating the wrong thing with the wrong purpose.
"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If any one loves the world, love for the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides for ever" 1 John 2:15–17.
       America who do we love more? Santa Clause, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, turkeys, Pilgrims, Native Americans with Puritans eating corn, opening presents, end of the year parties, countdowns,? Where are our priorities? What would Jesus say if He was hanging out with you on New Years eve? Time is coming world. Oh time is coming. He is coming and He is coming soon. While spending time watching "Frosty the Snowman" and singing "Jingle Bells", fellow Christians, girls, boys, men, women who simply love the sound of Jesus, lets speak up. Speak up for Christ. Tell your friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters, parents, the real meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas. And most importantly embrace Christ within our hearts. After all we are giving thanks to Him as well as celebrating His birth.