Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Regretful Decision

       A sad occurrence happened today in America. A decision cheered and described as historical by the media and many people who simply don't know or don't care about the reality and consequences of such choices. A decision that may likely open America up to further social discord between those who insist that this country is following a new path towards an "everybody do as they please kind of life" and those who believe they are being forced into playing along in dangerous game filled with fire. The Supreme court obligated Americans towards facing the possibilities of granting Gay couples the same legal status as married heterosexual couples whether they personally agreed with homosexuality or not. Gay couples now have further access to receiving inheritance from their same sex partners. They can inherit their dead partner's property without paying estate's tax. Married gay couples now have further access to healthcare benefits from their partner's through medical leave and health coverage. Before their medical coverage was taxed as federal income now these taxes will go away. Gay couples will have access towards military benefits via their military partner's coverage. Married homosexuals can now sponsor their non-citizen partners for citizenship and enable their partners to obtain visas. Gay couples are eligible to receive social security benefits from deceased partners and gay couples can now submit joint federal tax returns.
       But whoooaaaoooh!!!
       Wait a minute!
       Not so fast!
       Can this be real?!?
       According to what much of the media says, Yes!
       It came down to a 5-4 nail biter between the Supreme Court justices. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote his opinion stating that gay people should not be relegated to second class citizens. This is the same judge who previously voted favorably for gay rights during two cases1996 and 2003. During the United States v. Windsor case he stated that Congress could not treat married gay couples differently.  Obviously this guy favors anything involving homosexuals and is more of a gay rights activist than a Supreme Court judge. Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely vote favorably for a homosexual even if one was tried for a reckless crime committed in front of dozens of eye witnesses.
       Through much of these forced changes many Americans are still sleeping, even Christians. They don't see this event as a big deal. They don't understand how the increase of gay rights effects their everyday life. The gay marriage, gay rights plan is a step against Christian rights. The same people smiling and waving on television stating that everyone should be able to choose who they want to love will be the same people shouting and demanding in front of the neighborhood Christian churches doorstep, stating how they should run their church and why they will be closed down if they choose not to. Remember, Satan is a wily character. He seeks and searches a way to seep through the guardrails of protection placed in front of those who follow the Lord. The world is accepting and willing to follow Satan because they don't know nor care to know God. That is a big reason why following the world (Diane Sawyer, Oprah Winfrey, Cher, Madonna, etc) is same as playing with fire. These are people with beliefs and life habits that will lead one to hell and lead a one time Disciple of Christ away from his first love and into a pathway he never before would have thought he would travel
       Transvestites, sex changes, gay bars, gay adoptions, civil unions, gay marriages, insisting that one's child is of a different sex, changing the sex of a child, the media has opened the world to many options of defying God. The world is now having open discussions of polygamous relationships and even marriages. Wide is the gate and the gate is growing wider but the church except for a very few remains silent. Just as the world is slowly trying to eliminate your right to refuse to support or accept homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle they will go after your right to state that you are a Christian and insist on serving and worshipping God and God alone as He commands us. Unfortunately, many people in this country don't see it that way. They have been blinded by the Whoopi Goldbergs' and Barabara Walters' who have taken the place of Jesus Christ as the main influence in their lives. Being cool and "in the now" to many people, especially a lot of Christians has become more fashionable than studying and obeying God's Word.
       The good news is that God always has a remnant. Just like during the great flood in Genesis 7 where God nearly destroyed the entire human race except Noah and his son and their wives and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah where every soul in both towns were annihilated except for Lot and his two daughters God will show mercy to the meek and obedient. Just like His promises made to those who love Him through His death and resurrection from the Cross, God has a remnant. Those who give their lives over to and remain loyal to Him have nothing to fear but we still have something to do. Speak up and teach those willing to learn the difference between God's version of what a family is and the one taught on television. Show people the difference between God's expressive love and the one described by pop culture. There is a huge difference and people need to know. It is our responsibility to show them.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Planned Parenthoods War on Babies

       Planned Parenthood is currently crying foul in the state of Texas over preliminary approval given by a dominate Republican Congress for the banning of most abortions in the state after 20 weeks of pregnancy and stricter standards for clinics. Planned Parenthood insists that the ban will deprive poor people and minorities from obtaining access towards healthy and affordable abortion care. The pro abortion group claims that the stricter requirement will close down 37 of the 42 current abortion clinics in the state of Texas, leaving only 5 remaining. They demand easier access for women to have abortions, especially minority women. Planned Parenthood states their supporters' repeated claims that it is the woman's body and her right to choose. The woman's health is portrayed as a crucial issue as if her giving birth to her child equals immediate death.
       How many Planned Parenthood clinics exist in America? There are more than 750 Planned Parenthood health centers in America serving more than 1,100,000 people. Twenty centers currently exist in the state of Texas. Is that enough centers needed in this nation to put unwanted babies to death? How many are needed? According to Protecting Black Life, an outreach of Life Issues Institute, 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics target black people and Hispanics. Why is it so crucial for Planned Parenthood to build more abortion clinic and provide access to more and more abortions and why build so many clinics around minorities? Don't they want black and Hispanic children to live? Is it okay if a single mom puts her child's life first before her own?
     It is tragic when one views the news and reads the commentary of individuals involved in  carrying out abortions as well as those running the day to day operations of abortion clinics. The media hardly ever questions the true motives of Planned Parenthood, while always describing them as nice guys looking out for the little man. Does a nice guy encourage you to limit the growth of your family by insisting that aborting your children is the best path toward a fruitful life? And what about the fathers? The father is hardly mentioned in many of these Planned Parenthood articles as if the organization denies his existence. Whether born or waiting to be born the father has an important place in the life of a child, regardless of economic or social status. The sooner both parents realize this crucial fact the better Whether rich or poor children need their fathers.
       The big problem with Planned Parenthood is that they provide single moms with extremely limited options and the options often narrows around choosing the death of a child. And with all of the clinics screaming for women's rights and demanding further access towards aborting children and increasing the age gap where the fetus can be destroyed within the womb one wonders if this group believes in the possibility of any hope for the child, any hope for the parents, or any hope for mom and dad to decide to come together and raise their children. Planned Parenthood offers no hope but death and further death. Minority children are seen by the group as hopeless and not worth placing any effort toward birthing, raising, and nurturing.
       Again as mentioned in many of the previous blogs in this website, black people, Hispanics, poor, minorities, white people, rich people, everybody has to look upon these issues with great care and critical thinking. Abortion is bad for every individual infant regardless of skin color or family income level. The abortion rates among white women are also high with about 23.3 million occurring between the years 1980 and 2007. From 1980 to 2007 Black women of childbearing age had about 52.6 abortions per 1000 pregnancies. That is a lot of babies. This article emphasizes minorities because they are targeted the most and unfortunately many of them have been deceived by a society filled with great speakers and a media/world system training individuals to not to place their entire trust in God instead giving their entire lives and generations over to government parties, great speakers, and celebrities. Much of the population is simply following the crowd and behaving the way some Oprah like or Ellen Degeneres character tells them instead of comparing their words and actions to what is written in the Bible. Fact is Planned Parenthood and many of these pro abortion groups assisted towards murdering more black individuals than the numbers harmed during slavery and the Civil War.
       Time for people of America to stand up, stand up for themselves, their children, and their families. No group who encourages you to give up on the dreams and possibilities of your unborn child is your friend. No individual who informs you that whether or not you want your child to live is your choice and yours alone is providing you with good advice. Nobody who decides that ending their child's life is the best decision because of poverty or desiring more time to work or go to college can honestly state that they prioritize their child. It is not an if, and, or but decision. You either desire the life of your child or chase after other priorities. You either love your child or not. Jesus could have chosen to walk away from the torture and cruel treatment He received from His own people and live a comfortable life on earth. He chose to suffer for us because He loves us. Just as Christ loves us we should also love and sacrifice our lives for our children. Place the lives of others first before ourselves. Give this message to Planned Parenthood. Tell them that we love our children and are capable of planning our own families and not allowing them to do so for us. God is here to help us and is very willing. Amen.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Views on Winning the War on AIDS in South Africa

      Today I read an article on a writer's view on beating AIDS in South Africa. The author focused mainly on educating young men and especially women on safe sex, HIV medication, and prevention, including condoms. Folks, the story of condoms and safe sex has been versed and sung repeatedly over the past 20 plus years. AIDS and sexually diseases as a whole has only gotten worse. African countries like South Africa, Uganda, and Botswana have been given high media attention regarding each nations high AIDS population. Education is preached over and over again by doctors, researchers, and especially celebrities yet progress is not being made. The progress mentioned by researchers, celebrities, and especially media groups often involve intense medication injected by needles or pills swallowed by mouth. Much of the research involving the entire effects of these medications have not been completely finished or followed through but it seems that many of these media writers, researchers, and their celebrities are overanxious in declaring victory on a battle we have not won yet. AIDS patients and people involved in risky sexual lifestyles are being advised, coaxed into taking medication they don't entirely understand or at least know the full risks involving after affects. The risks of taking some of these medications may be more deadly and painful than the AIDS disease itself. But popular science seems to not care. Instead the lives of many Africans are taken for granted as they are used as guinea pigs for medication research while doctors try to come up with the next cure for AIDS. During many past discussions with proponents of sex outside a monogamous heterosexual marriage, Africa is always immediately brought up as a scapegoat, as if being thrust upon as the sacrificial lamb for the world's promiscuous sins as a whole. Africans and African Americans, them also having a high HIV- AIDS infection rate when comparing the entire minority population, are popularly used as a buffer for the actual reasons why people contract the AIDS virus.
       With billions of dollars being spent to fight against the spread of AIDS in Africa as well as healing those already stricken with the virus, the world also needs to fight against the stubbornness of continuing working with a game plan that is losing and instead allow the possibilities of other solutions. Abstinence is an often suggested solutions by Christians and religious individuals and groups but is rarely taken seriously by education leaders, researchers, and especially the media. Abstinence in the form of waiting to engage in sex when one is married is often frowned upon or viewed as an impossible task for everyday, "normal", people. Yet abstinence when looked upon as one waiting to get married to his or her special partner before engaging in sex is actually precious as well as life saving. Regardless of whether popular media likes it or not not having sex until one gets married works. Married people not cheating on their spouses works. A person who is not hopping from one individual's bed to another has much less to fear about obtaining or passing the AIDS virus or any other sexually transmitted diseases because he or she is not joining his or her flesh with  lifestyles and habits involved in and with who knows what. How many people can follow the sexual habits and lifestyles of numerous or even just two people? One partner is difficult enough. Such is painstakingly difficult but is what many of these single moms and dads are doing when trying to find out who and where they received the AIDS virus. When married and having sex with one partner, even if one was to receive the virus the question and search dilemma is much less complicating.
       Africans, Black Americans are under a tough task and have a huge problem that can grow bigger if not dealt with specifically and with honesty. Africans: South Africans, Ugandans, Botswana, and other suffering nations have to accept national and personal responsibility for the spread of the AIDS virus amongst their civilians. The sex education does not have to be complicated and even thought much of the world seems to shun living a moral life, people have to face the fact that the lifestyle simply works. If the western world truly valued the lives of black men and women living in Africa and America, black men and women living all over the world they would stop beating a dead horse that has not shown good results for the past twenty plus years. Safe sex and condoms is not working and there are too many young families being led by single females. Sorry feminist proponents but nation, civilization being led mostly by women is very susceptible to poverty and a hard life for all members of the family, especially if the decision is made via choice. Moms need a strong man to help raise and develop their children. Children need to be around both mom and dad and know that both love and care for them. Such love is necessary and should never be taken for granted. Sons need to be raised by a strong father figure, Children need to know who their real daddy is. These important details are imperative. Don't make light of them. Most important if a man is not sleeping around he has no need to worry about condoms. If a woman is not sleeping around she does not need to worry about whether her partner is using a condom. Marriage, one man one woman works. Let's use it to our advantage.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Help Purchase Spanish Bibles for Children of Nicaragua

       Hello fellow readers. Here is an opportunity for those of us who can and are willing to go and spread some love and Truth of the Word to those who may desire to read the Word but are not able to lay hold of one for reasons beyond their control, A friend of mine, Charles Walker, is beginning a mission to send hundreds of Action Bibles, written in Spanish, to eager children living in Nicaragua. All he is asking for is $10 per person and he can easily reach his goal of at least $500. Let's make this goal possible. Let's reach the little kids in Nicaragua and allow the Word of God to be illustrated and spoken to them as the same Word has spoken to us. Amen.....

Remember the teachings of the Word of God to go and make disciples, teach and look after His children, by doing so we are serving and praising the almighty God. 

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Click above and give.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boy Scouts Decide, the Church Reacts

       Was it a good decision? On May 23, Boy Scouts of America decided that no boy can be denied membership with the scouts based on sexual orientation alone. Before making that decision the BSA took a hard stance against relentless gangs of organizations demanding that they dismantle their rule against allowing openly gay scouts as well as scout leaders from joining the scouts organization. Many churches and civil leaders voiced their opinions against the proposal, stating that the BSA is founded and supported by Churches and members who believe and follow the Word of God. God's Word strictly prohibits homosexuality stating specifically that the behavior is sin. But later the BSA's National Council with a margin of more than 60 percent (mostly Mormon and United Methodist Church members) would vote to accept openly gay members into joining the Boy Scouts but not allow gay leaders,  a decision that will most likely change this longstanding, respectful organization forever in the future and may very well cause its eventual end. Boy Scouts of America president Wayne Perry approved of the decision stating that the kids are better off in scouting.
       What was the battle really about in the beginning? A lesbian den leader in Ohio was thrown out of the organization and told she had to quit because she is gay. The former den leader replied that she was being discriminated against. The BSA responded that they don't believe that subjects involving one's sexual orientation should be exposed to young children. The media and gay civil rights groups replied, of course, with comments suggesting the kids love them and what they are doing is not hurting anybody. Jenifer Tyrell and her partner Alicia Burns pestered and fought the BSA via several meetings, public comments, and assistance from the media and various public figures. The intimidation level was high coming from the gay rights group but was the fight really about allowing gay members into the Boy Scouts? Was all this attention, money, and energy intended simply to allow gay people into the Boy Scouts? The gay rights groups are free to create and form gay approving groups of their own. Many private and public gay approving groups and organizations exist voicing and spreading their propaganda. But is there more to these individuals' and groups' motive?
       As we currently see hardline biblical churches and organizations leave the Boy Scouts of America, while the gay rights groups remain silent of this matter, we learn that there was a more likely bigger motive of this attack than simply opening the group to gay people. As of recently members of the Southern Baptist Convention are leaving the BSA, being urged to join the bible based Royal Ambassadors. Many individual churches like the Roswell Street Baptist Church in Roswell Georgia and the Candlelight Christian Fellowship
church in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho are walking away from the BSA. Churches have split apart from each over this issue of homosexuality. And this is likely the core of the reason for the attack. An assault against the church, an onslaught against Christians as America witnesses who is and who is not willing to stand against the world for what God demands is right.
       God is working behind this conflict as churches and Christians fight to demand that they be allowed to obey the Word of God without interference from others. As one side chooses to stand against the gay right groups and the other begins allowing exceptions or deny God's Word outright, the world sees which church groups are true to the Word of God and which ones are simply out in the world trying to appease to the masses, ex. gay rights groups and media. But the true followers will shine as Christian affirming youth groups become strengthened by shedding away the goats from their herd and keeping the sheep. God fearing individuals will be motivated to begin their own youth mentoring groups who are not afraid to put God first. Their is a plan behind this outcome and God is behind it. As we view His plans one must decide which side he or she will stand on. Who's opinion is more important. Is one going to stand on the Word of God or will the individual's mind be swayed via the opinions of the world.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Responding to Boko Haram

       The once heated fighting has dwindled. Protesters, fighters, war mongers, potential bombers have spread out within the neighboring shops and villages hiding. The Nigeria army are bragging about how many Boko Haram fighters they have killed and the wide amounts of the land they have wrested back from terrorist control. Sounds like a chorus Nigerians have heard repeatedly. Also reminds me of a familiar verse that has been sung within the Wars in Iraq and the still stubborn battle in Afghanistan. Islamic fighters hardly give up. The worst mistake President Jonathan Goodluck can make is to relax while allowing the enemy time to breathe. Now is the perfect time to bring in refreshed troops in order to scourge the enemy, drag them out from their hiding places, and interrogate potential threats so that the troublemakers understand that Nigeria is not a waiting pool for them to take out their religious holy drama. Chad, Niger, Cameroon all those counties bordering Boko Haram infested Nigeria need to come together (that is if they are serious) and make serious plans on how they will weed each and every individual war monger out. The religious fanatics need to respect Western Africans especially the ones who have no desire to take part in whatever Islamic culture or rituals that Boko Haram insists they have to force upon nations.
       Remember 2009 when Boko Haram was defeated and their founder, Mohammed Yusuf, was killed. About 800 people died in that battle. The terrorist group came back and is today still causing problems. Remember the Gulf War fought in 1990 and 1991. People in the world laughed at the ease in which the US won the war. US lost 294 soldiers during the Gulf War while the number of coalition deaths reached 379. Compare those two totals with 4486 US troops losing their lives during the War in Iraq and 318 coalition troops also losing their lives fighting in that war. The stakes got higher and the enemy fiercer. Now the US is still fighting a battle in Afghanistan, a war that they are still struggling to wrestle out from within. Money, fatigue, politics, and civilian casualties has hindered the US government from finishing off Al Queda along with their terrorist comrades. Nigeria has an advantage over the US in regard to finishing their enemy. Nigeria does not have to fly thousands of miles across oceans and continents in order to find and demolish active enemy fighters. Nor do they have to keep surveillance throughout several continents all over the world in order to keep a step ahead of potential bomb plotters. The Majority of the enemy is in the area of Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon. If these four countries can come to an agreement and stick with it they can rid themselves of this annoying pest. The plan won't be easy and yes they may lose some lives but at least their won't be periods of time where the enemy seems to have disappeared then all of a sudden dozens of people are maimed via bomb. At least we are not making it easy for the enemy to create another plan of evil.
       If one reads the history of wars between Muslims and Christians, one will learn that these battles, wars often endure for many, many years. President Jonathan Goodluck is in the position where he can change that history. He just has to decide right now not back off. And we will pray that hopefully Chad, Niger, and Cameroon along with other nearby African countries will decide that it is worth the time, money, effort, and lives to get rid of this enemy so that Western Africa can enjoy some quiet and peace. And maybe, maybe the US will send in a little help as well, maybe.
       For now let us all pray for Nigeria, along with African countries like Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Mali, and others whom now and historically have had difficulties with bullies who for various reasons seem to believe that their beliefs and wants are superior to every one else. Such a problem can be extremely difficult and tricky. But it is a problem that does not have to be solved alone as long as we are willing to try.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Man's Obsession with Nature

       I am sure you have all heard about the terrible tragedy that recently occurred with longtime storm chaser Tim Samaras, his son Paul, and colleague Carl Young. Tim Samaras was a pioneer for storm chasing, an expert in tornadoes. He was not only known for his knowledge and bravery in chasing tornado winds but also his keen ability to escape death and injury these storms are known for causing. He chased and faced the fast winds but did so in a way that was safe, taking great care of himself as well as his colleagues. His success in researching while chasing tornado winds has encouraged many copycats who have made hobbies of such a dangerous job. People who are in a desperate search for money, excitement, and fame but mostly clueless in what they are doing. The odd reality is that they end up surviving the weather violence in Oklahoma while the expert loses his life.
       Nature is a wonderful thing. Man often get lost in nature. People will spend millions of dollars to travel thousands of miles to remote parts of Africa and Asia in order to take pictures, catch glimpses of certain rare creatures. Excitement seekers will spend much time and money in order to climb over dangerously steep mountains and cliffs. Adventurers will travel miles deep into the oceans and seas in order to feel close to man eating sharks, jellyfish, or a puffer fish. As the world knows a creature does not have to carry fierce looking teeth in order to cause harm. Steve Irwin, the famous 'Crocodile Hunter' was killed by a measly stingray. But even tragic incidences like his has not taught the human population that there are much more to these creatures and nature than what we art taught in books and films.
       Going back to Tim Samaras and his mission, he has said that he is providing critical data from research in order to help meteorologists to better understand storm weather patterns which will enable them to better predict the behavior of future storms. But like Steve Irwin was not able to predict the behavior of a seemingly harmless stingray can we expect humans to predict storms, rains, and wind, things that we cannot talk to or hear logical data from? Is it possible that all these information received from years of storm chasing can be setting storm chasers, weather reporters up for another future disaster from another surprising twist from a storm we do not understand?
       What is wrong with man stating that he simply does not know? I am not saying that weather chasing or studying weather patterns is a complete waste of time, but when one is running after a storm that that is blowing tree trunks and 2 by 4's with winds at the speed of over 100 milers per hour the individual has to think whether or not what he is doing is really worth the inevitable risk. The fact is that the patterns and formations of tornadoes is extremely complicated, with data likely much more puzzling then one will find by simply viewing a film of an actual storm. Obviously a storm moving 100 plus miles an hour is very dangerous and whomever is in the storms path needs to pray and find the lowest shelter to hide, but in reality is there really anything a person can expect to do while facing so much pressure and fury? Is there anymore information that humans need regarding tornadoes except that they move fast and are dangerous?
       Mankind often has an obsession with nature but at times that obsession, like with anything else, can turn into a cancerous problem. I am not against learning. I love science and I enjoy reading about storms and animals. I don't believe that educating people about animals is that important that I must stick my head in between the jaws of a crocodile nor do I believe that I must follow a 100 plus mile an hour fierce storm in order to further educate myself about tornadoes. Common sense tells me that when the newsman reports a warning of a deadly storm, I should leave. Common sense tells me that if I place my head in between the jaws of a crocodile I might get decapitated. Common sense tells me that I should not jump inside the cage of a chimpanzee even if it looks like the friendly appearing creature I have often seen on television. Unfortunately the tv and media won't encourage such vital education so I must learn on my own and remind myself of such useful information.
       God bless Tim Samaras, his son Paul and his TWISTEX team member Carl Young. Their death was very sad and tragic, but also an important lesson. Let us not forget the lesson of what is worth and what is not worth losing one's life over.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

America's Financial Monster

       During the year 2010 the average cost for attending a public college for 4 years was $27,967 per year. The total four year schooling equals $111,868. Attending a private college for the same 4 years cost $40,476 per year. This figure totals a whopping $161,904. Both totals surmount the amount of money I borrowed to purchase my first home and we are talking about a 30 year mortgage. These tuition amounts are expected to be paid off within mostly ten years. The average annual graduate program tuition ranges between $1500 to $50,000, an investment one could probably make toward  3 or more family automobiles or a brand new home or two. Many of these ten year student loans can stretch to over 15 years or more depending upon one's ability to pay. Making and keeping ahead of one's student loan payments can be extremely challenging as applied interest rates which are in most cases at least 6.8% can tag an extra $1180 per year on let's say a ten year $30,000 loan. If one encounters financial difficulties while trying to pay off his or her loan adding various deferments and forbearance options will lengthen the life of the loan forcing the individual to pay even more in interest and fees. Now imagine the student paying of the $50,000 loan or the ones that total over 160 grand. Imagine the amount of interest that person is paying. Consider the amount of people currently unemployed, underemployed, the ones still trying to manage their finances while living paycheck to paycheck. Imagine being a newly wed just graduating out of college, having to support spouse, child, pay for a house, a car or two, food, gas, school, so on. One looks at the figures and immediately responds: "no wonder why this country is 12 trillion dollars in debt."
       Many college students are at least $19,000 in debt. Many rely solely on student loans to pay for their school. Some of these same students use a portion of their loans to pay for their own household bills. Some of these students will focus on a full school load while working at least 30 hours a week. These same students are pushing back the purchasing of a new home or even moving into an apartment because of student debt. These students are living paycheck to paycheck. 45% of recent grads are still living at home with mom and dad. I personally know a few of them. Compare this number with a 24% high school unemployment rate. I understand that much of society don't look upon high school graduates as high achievers but one has to give the high school grad an advantage. He or she does not have to pay back Bank of America $30,000 plus interest.
       Yes, I know, believe me I hear it all the time. There is great value in a good education. An educated person will receive back ten folds. And yes in someways that is true. But after looking at the real figures, one has to admit that it's just not that simple. Yes, there are doctors, attorneys, teachers, professors, engineers, etc. making good money and taking great care of themselves and families as well. On the flip side there are also doctors, attorneys, teachers, professors, engineers, etc. who are desperately trying to stay afloat while paying off huge school debt. I personally know some of these folks. The truth is college is a very tricky decision that can turn into a lifelong curse if not decided with great care and wisdom. Another truth that some will deny is that many of these people who are $20,000 or in some cases even $50,000 plus in debt, may have been better of not attending college at all.
       College for many people and much of society has become a status symbol instead of what was its intended purpose which is to help someone obtain gainful employment. Young people and adults are not looking at their future with the idea of what they can do that will enable them to take care of themselves and their family. A lot of them attend school for the purpose of looking good or appearing busy in front of family and peers. Before even thinking of investing theirs and others time and money they need to ask themselves some very practical questions like: What do they themselves enjoy doing and how can they make their interest into a career that is profitable? 
       Many schools with their salespeople's highly crafted stories of pride, charisma, fun, and convenience have approached  potential new students as consumers. Unfortunately, once the fish bites the bait and is finished being reeled into the awaiting net, these same salespeople have already gone on their way looking for the next person(s) ready to bite. This same fish who was previously contacted often and treated as if he or she is number one priority is now regarded as a "has been". He or she can be at the local pub washing dishes for all the college employees and their salespeople care. Much of these same people end up spending years dealing with collection agencies. Such attitudes causes a great concern amongst past, current, and future students and is a great reason why many changes need to be made in the world of high education.
       With the amount of student debt growing higher and higher changes in the college atmosphere is likely inevitable. The student loan debt is hardly mentioned by the media but is a tremendous problem, a giant monster hiding within America's closet. The fact is most of the money used to payback student loans is money that would have been used to purchase homes, buy cars, travel, take long vacations, upgrade one's life but this money is continuously being dumped into the greedy hands of the likes of Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and their comrades who never seem to make enough. Besides 911 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this monster could be the main underlying problem for the number of businesses that have recently crashed and the number of homes that have depreciated and been abandoned. Reality is there is only a few people making surplus money in this country and even they do not make enough to buy and take care of all the value depleted properties America has available. Correcting this problem is not easy. Greed is a terrible, difficult problem to deal with but when one considers the nations current and past social problems such as slavery, poverty, women's rights, and ethnic discrimination several attempts will be made to deal with it one way or another.
       Now is a time for colleges and universities to begin thinking about their current way of doing business. Likely some presidents of certain schools will have to cut down their salaries by some tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands. Many college professors will be forced to reduce some of their high salaries. Some big time college football and basketball coaches may need to have their pay docked by a couple million dollars here and there. Less money should be applied to big time sports stadiums and instead be sent to tuition assistance programs. If the leaders and manipulators of big time college sports can not reduce the millions involved with their huge programs then they may have to let go of the "amateur" tag handed down their programs and simply call it what it is: "a collection of monopolized businesses" (this is another future article). Yes, some long standing traditions will lose some of their glamor and some millionaires will make a few less millions but at least there would be a chance to end some of the financial chaos dragging down higher education. But then that word again, "greed, comes along to combat good business sense. And one wonders why this country is 12 trillion dollars in debt.
       The fact of the matter is that the college debt is way to high and will very likely never be paid entirely. The United States has become drunk with the passion of borrowing Peter to never pay Paul. Borrowing money has become a convenience that has created laziness and a lack of creativity, for who needs to be creative when one can simply take out a ten thousand dollar loan for an education which one may or may not make a decent living with. But just like the sequestration cuts hit this country hard with the government being forced to slash some of its programs, America will be forced to make some tough decisions with higher education and student loans. Very possibly many of these loans will just have to be forgiven as these college students grow older and are aging past the prime periods when they are supposed to be their most productive. The big banks will likely just have to take a hit as they did with failed mortgages and insurance programs rocked by the numerous Acts of God that have pounded the homes and properties of Americans in forms of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, snowstorms, you name it.
       In the near future as the debt grows higher and the cost of education continues its rise people will likely tire of paying the high costs. Some folks will have to make the tough decision. Unless the cost of attending higher education changes into a cost that is more reasonable, people will be forced to turn to alternatives. Very likely somebody or bodies will come up with another pathway or two to success. As they say "the world is changing". A hundred years ago very few people attended universities. In fall 2012, 21.6 million students were expected to attend college compared to around 15.4 million students in fall of 2000. This is an increase of nearly 30 percent. As more international people living in America attend college and more people attend colleges from overseas the number of students with undergrads and even graduate degrees will sky rocket. Just like any other commodity the greater the surplus the more likely the value will decrease. In other words how many college educated people does the world need?
       The world will have to find a way for people to be able to make a living without having to invest more than their life savings. Right now someone is probably figuring it out. College is a good thing but the achievement does not have to rule the world. Higher education does not have to be the end all, the "make it or break it" in someone's life. It is people who place such enormously high emphasis in these type of titles. It is very likely all in the mind. There is a way that someone can learn to be a surgeon without having to borrow tens of thousands of dollars. There is a way for a person to learn to become a great attorney without having to pay Bank of America back 100 plus grand. There is a way. Someone just needs to have the courage, or maybe even the generosity to share that idea with the world.