Monday, June 24, 2013

Planned Parenthoods War on Babies

       Planned Parenthood is currently crying foul in the state of Texas over preliminary approval given by a dominate Republican Congress for the banning of most abortions in the state after 20 weeks of pregnancy and stricter standards for clinics. Planned Parenthood insists that the ban will deprive poor people and minorities from obtaining access towards healthy and affordable abortion care. The pro abortion group claims that the stricter requirement will close down 37 of the 42 current abortion clinics in the state of Texas, leaving only 5 remaining. They demand easier access for women to have abortions, especially minority women. Planned Parenthood states their supporters' repeated claims that it is the woman's body and her right to choose. The woman's health is portrayed as a crucial issue as if her giving birth to her child equals immediate death.
       How many Planned Parenthood clinics exist in America? There are more than 750 Planned Parenthood health centers in America serving more than 1,100,000 people. Twenty centers currently exist in the state of Texas. Is that enough centers needed in this nation to put unwanted babies to death? How many are needed? According to Protecting Black Life, an outreach of Life Issues Institute, 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics target black people and Hispanics. Why is it so crucial for Planned Parenthood to build more abortion clinic and provide access to more and more abortions and why build so many clinics around minorities? Don't they want black and Hispanic children to live? Is it okay if a single mom puts her child's life first before her own?
     It is tragic when one views the news and reads the commentary of individuals involved in  carrying out abortions as well as those running the day to day operations of abortion clinics. The media hardly ever questions the true motives of Planned Parenthood, while always describing them as nice guys looking out for the little man. Does a nice guy encourage you to limit the growth of your family by insisting that aborting your children is the best path toward a fruitful life? And what about the fathers? The father is hardly mentioned in many of these Planned Parenthood articles as if the organization denies his existence. Whether born or waiting to be born the father has an important place in the life of a child, regardless of economic or social status. The sooner both parents realize this crucial fact the better Whether rich or poor children need their fathers.
       The big problem with Planned Parenthood is that they provide single moms with extremely limited options and the options often narrows around choosing the death of a child. And with all of the clinics screaming for women's rights and demanding further access towards aborting children and increasing the age gap where the fetus can be destroyed within the womb one wonders if this group believes in the possibility of any hope for the child, any hope for the parents, or any hope for mom and dad to decide to come together and raise their children. Planned Parenthood offers no hope but death and further death. Minority children are seen by the group as hopeless and not worth placing any effort toward birthing, raising, and nurturing.
       Again as mentioned in many of the previous blogs in this website, black people, Hispanics, poor, minorities, white people, rich people, everybody has to look upon these issues with great care and critical thinking. Abortion is bad for every individual infant regardless of skin color or family income level. The abortion rates among white women are also high with about 23.3 million occurring between the years 1980 and 2007. From 1980 to 2007 Black women of childbearing age had about 52.6 abortions per 1000 pregnancies. That is a lot of babies. This article emphasizes minorities because they are targeted the most and unfortunately many of them have been deceived by a society filled with great speakers and a media/world system training individuals to not to place their entire trust in God instead giving their entire lives and generations over to government parties, great speakers, and celebrities. Much of the population is simply following the crowd and behaving the way some Oprah like or Ellen Degeneres character tells them instead of comparing their words and actions to what is written in the Bible. Fact is Planned Parenthood and many of these pro abortion groups assisted towards murdering more black individuals than the numbers harmed during slavery and the Civil War.
       Time for people of America to stand up, stand up for themselves, their children, and their families. No group who encourages you to give up on the dreams and possibilities of your unborn child is your friend. No individual who informs you that whether or not you want your child to live is your choice and yours alone is providing you with good advice. Nobody who decides that ending their child's life is the best decision because of poverty or desiring more time to work or go to college can honestly state that they prioritize their child. It is not an if, and, or but decision. You either desire the life of your child or chase after other priorities. You either love your child or not. Jesus could have chosen to walk away from the torture and cruel treatment He received from His own people and live a comfortable life on earth. He chose to suffer for us because He loves us. Just as Christ loves us we should also love and sacrifice our lives for our children. Place the lives of others first before ourselves. Give this message to Planned Parenthood. Tell them that we love our children and are capable of planning our own families and not allowing them to do so for us. God is here to help us and is very willing. Amen.

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