Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Regretful Decision

       A sad occurrence happened today in America. A decision cheered and described as historical by the media and many people who simply don't know or don't care about the reality and consequences of such choices. A decision that may likely open America up to further social discord between those who insist that this country is following a new path towards an "everybody do as they please kind of life" and those who believe they are being forced into playing along in dangerous game filled with fire. The Supreme court obligated Americans towards facing the possibilities of granting Gay couples the same legal status as married heterosexual couples whether they personally agreed with homosexuality or not. Gay couples now have further access to receiving inheritance from their same sex partners. They can inherit their dead partner's property without paying estate's tax. Married gay couples now have further access to healthcare benefits from their partner's through medical leave and health coverage. Before their medical coverage was taxed as federal income now these taxes will go away. Gay couples will have access towards military benefits via their military partner's coverage. Married homosexuals can now sponsor their non-citizen partners for citizenship and enable their partners to obtain visas. Gay couples are eligible to receive social security benefits from deceased partners and gay couples can now submit joint federal tax returns.
       But whoooaaaoooh!!!
       Wait a minute!
       Not so fast!
       Can this be real?!?
       According to what much of the media says, Yes!
       It came down to a 5-4 nail biter between the Supreme Court justices. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote his opinion stating that gay people should not be relegated to second class citizens. This is the same judge who previously voted favorably for gay rights during two cases1996 and 2003. During the United States v. Windsor case he stated that Congress could not treat married gay couples differently.  Obviously this guy favors anything involving homosexuals and is more of a gay rights activist than a Supreme Court judge. Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely vote favorably for a homosexual even if one was tried for a reckless crime committed in front of dozens of eye witnesses.
       Through much of these forced changes many Americans are still sleeping, even Christians. They don't see this event as a big deal. They don't understand how the increase of gay rights effects their everyday life. The gay marriage, gay rights plan is a step against Christian rights. The same people smiling and waving on television stating that everyone should be able to choose who they want to love will be the same people shouting and demanding in front of the neighborhood Christian churches doorstep, stating how they should run their church and why they will be closed down if they choose not to. Remember, Satan is a wily character. He seeks and searches a way to seep through the guardrails of protection placed in front of those who follow the Lord. The world is accepting and willing to follow Satan because they don't know nor care to know God. That is a big reason why following the world (Diane Sawyer, Oprah Winfrey, Cher, Madonna, etc) is same as playing with fire. These are people with beliefs and life habits that will lead one to hell and lead a one time Disciple of Christ away from his first love and into a pathway he never before would have thought he would travel
       Transvestites, sex changes, gay bars, gay adoptions, civil unions, gay marriages, insisting that one's child is of a different sex, changing the sex of a child, the media has opened the world to many options of defying God. The world is now having open discussions of polygamous relationships and even marriages. Wide is the gate and the gate is growing wider but the church except for a very few remains silent. Just as the world is slowly trying to eliminate your right to refuse to support or accept homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle they will go after your right to state that you are a Christian and insist on serving and worshipping God and God alone as He commands us. Unfortunately, many people in this country don't see it that way. They have been blinded by the Whoopi Goldbergs' and Barabara Walters' who have taken the place of Jesus Christ as the main influence in their lives. Being cool and "in the now" to many people, especially a lot of Christians has become more fashionable than studying and obeying God's Word.
       The good news is that God always has a remnant. Just like during the great flood in Genesis 7 where God nearly destroyed the entire human race except Noah and his son and their wives and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah where every soul in both towns were annihilated except for Lot and his two daughters God will show mercy to the meek and obedient. Just like His promises made to those who love Him through His death and resurrection from the Cross, God has a remnant. Those who give their lives over to and remain loyal to Him have nothing to fear but we still have something to do. Speak up and teach those willing to learn the difference between God's version of what a family is and the one taught on television. Show people the difference between God's expressive love and the one described by pop culture. There is a huge difference and people need to know. It is our responsibility to show them.


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