Saturday, April 27, 2013

What About Boko Haram

       Nigeria is a large, beautiful country located in West Africa on the South Atlantic coast between Benin and Cameroon. Nigeria is bordered on its north by Niger and Chad. If one ever visits Nigeria the individual will witness much green forests, tropical plants, and fruits along with muddied, crooked streets and paths. Old, worn houses made completely out of concrete align theses paths,sometimes hidden within, beneath vegetation. My description of Nigeria mostly represents the southeastern part of the country, where I have spent most of my time while visiting my motherland. Cities like Lagos are crowded, busy, and very dirty. Abuja is a beautiful, tropical city but compared to settings like New York and Atlanta, still very third world. But there is a type beauty and peace within the green, muddy villages of Nigeria one cannot find in the busy streets of New York and the congested highways of Atlanta. The Peace and beauty is a reason why I often encourage people to visit Africa for themselves.Their is a large part of the country often gone unnoticed by scholarly books and media press. A country divided by ethnic races, culture, language, and yes wars. A group of people showing so much promise, displaying much individual talent but unfortunately unable to combine such gifts toward creating a powerfully significant nation.
     Unfortunately the beauty of Nigeria is being greatly marred by oppressive Islamic groups like Boko Haram who are on a mission to bomb and destroy properties and peoples of Nigeria just as the hijackers felt their duty to attack the people of Washington DC and New York. Since its founding in 2001, Boko Haram has been on a mission of jihad, harassing the everyday lifestyle of average Nigerians, while bombing Christians, churches, and Mosques alike. Like Al queda, the group is opposed to western teachings, desiring to eliminate and prevent the westernization of Nigeria. This terrorist group desires to forcefully establish shariah law within the country. Like al-Qaeda, the group is not big or strong enough to execute an all out battle against their surrounding nations so instead they continue to bomb unsuspecting people while creating havoc amongst town residents and the government. Several US departments, the FBI, Justice Departments and many US congressman have requested that Boko Haram be listed as a Federal Terrorist Organization. Regardless of when and if they are placed on this list, this group is a dangerous, extremely wicked terrorist group.
      Boko Haram mirrors other terrorist groups like as earlier mentioned al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam, Hamas, Al-Badr amongst many others. All of these terrorist gangs spread throughout the entire world. Many are located within the eastern Europe, Middle East, North and Eastern African areas of our globe. A few years after the attacks against the Twin Towers, West Africa was hardly ever mentioned on the terrorist radar. Yes there has always been fights, battles, wars between Christians and Muslims since the rise of the two religions thousands of years ago, but terrorist attacks against countries like Nigeria and even Niger were uncommon. Now bombings in Nigeria are becoming common and Boko Haram has been running threats and openly waging war against those Christians in the Southeastern region of Nigeria as well as the entire country.
     Hopefully this evil group can be defeated and silenced for good and soon. If not a potential all out war like the Biafra War fought during the late sixties and early seventies may begin again. And this war may not just involve the ethnic divisions in Nigeria. Nearby countries like Niger, Cameroon, Benin, Chad, maybe even the United States may get involved. Remember some of these countries still have ties to their former colonial powers. And like, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, War World I, Afghanistan, possibly Syria, we all know that the US somehow, someway often finds itself militarily involved in many of these world conflicts.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Captured in Boston, Now What?

       Now America has just captured two of most notorious wanted criminals in the nation's history. Just before the bombings during the Boston Marathon and the wild chase that followed, the media headlines were filled with fiery sometimes hostile disputes regarding gay marriage and gun control. As news of the Boston Marathon bombings along with the sibling terrorists begin to wind down and more people start to lose interest in the story, the media will likely return to beating on stories hyping gay marriage while demanding further gun control. Just like after 911 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan whenever America faced extreme danger, violence, and war many people believed that Americans would turn closer to God in terms of seeking comfort during troubled times. But strangely the opposite has occurred. Since after 911 more and more people have turned away from their churches and their Bibles instead looking towards their own education, abilities, fictional scientific theories, or television gurus such as Oprah, Jay-z, Jennifer Lopez, etc to be their spiritual gurus. A lot of churches have folded for lack of membership. Mega churches have taken over in many places, especially the metropolitan areas. But in a mega church how does one know how many true Bible-believing, God fearing Christians exist within crowds reaching from 2000 up towards over 40,000 in some places of worship?
       According to, 3500-4000 churches in America close down each year and churches lost around 2,765,000 people to nominalism and secularism. Before 911, the shootings in Columbine, and the Oklahoma bombing people hardly ever discussed issues involving gay rights and gay marriage. Gun control has always been discussed but along with the discussions came heated talks about the decline of America's morale. Serious talks about America moral even the mental state of the United States overall population is heavily declining. Since each terrorist, murderous episode has occurred requests to legalize families outside of Biblical marriage have increased, more and more voices have been raised against Christians, the media and celebrities have to a greater extant turned away from God while opening their hearts towards secular appeals. Despite all the calls for prayers towards God seen on television interviews, special remembrance programs, fund raising concerts, and "lets stand together as one" speeches the countries relationship towards God has grown colder. Maybe these attacks have turned away America's faith from the One whom many once trusted. Maybe these attacks show what has already existed in the population's hearts, long hidden until truly tested.
     America is being heavily tested. The American people are facing heavy trials against dark enemies whom cannot be defeated by the way of court cases, strong security, a balanced budget, and a well running economy.The dark enemies of America can only be successfully fought off through prayers, diligence, hard work, and faith in a loving God. But if there is no one here to believe, then who will do the praying? Who in America will seek God? Will the remnant, those left in this country who are diligently seeking God, remain strong and not allow others' disbelief and lack of faith to pull them away?
     As we look forward to what will likely be a long, emotional trial to convict the lone survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings, we can also pay attention to America's temperature regarding their true faith in God and His abilities to work things out. When studying America's spiritual response to the mess that occurred in Boston, pay no attention to the repeated rhetoric one often hears from celebrities, certain popular worship leaders, or special promotional shows one may see on television or elsewhere, with their songs of "Amazing Grace" and seemingly deep prayers. Pay heed to America's actions in regard to who and what they vote for in their next election. Look at what Americans are openly protesting or requesting out in front of the public eye. Are they demanding for open prayers in school, freedom to openly discuss about God in the classrooms, or are they again complaining that gays in America are being mistreated?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Responsibilities of Islam

       After the capture of Suspect #2 of the Boston Marathon bombings a few articles came out on the internet defending Islam. Some of these articles repeated the same rhetoric we often hear after someone or a group of people maim and kill others in the name of Allah, that this is just an isolated circumstance involving a few loose radicals. One article trivialized whether Americans should contend with the possible radicalization of Islam by stigmatizing Muslims. A few years just after the Twin Towers bombings  many of these same authors would be ranting against the Islam religion but now they are defending Muslims by demanding tolerance, while calling those who feel offended by Islam bigots.
      If one studies the history of countries like Nigeria, Sudan, Russia's Chechnya region, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Persia, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, India, Palestine, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal one knows the long list of violence and brutal dominance, committed all in the name of Allah. The world today hears daily of news involving some sort(s) of bombings, shootings, killings occurring somewhere, all in the name of Allah. A long history of wars between Christians and Muslims, Muslims and Hindus, Muslims and the Roman Empire, the Muslim Caucasion tribes holy war against Russians, the Sudan's Mahdi forces jihad against Ottoman (Turks) and Egyptian armies, the Taliban's Jihad against Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Fulani Jihads in West Africa, 911, and so on provide a portrayal of a tremendously large group of angry people who always seems to be fighting for one reason or another.
       Why are they always fighting? This is a question that a large growing media force replies with answers often involving their most favorite word, "tolerance", while instructing others to not express "discrimination", don't be a "bigot", the same language that mainstream media spills out whenever attempting to brainwash their audience into viewing complicated issues their way. Are these answers going to reason with the remaining curious, soon to be Muslim converts who may be brainwashed to believe that violence is the right approach to whatever questions or indifference that may exist between two or more groups of people?
       One hates to hurt others' feelings and no not everyone who follows Islam is on a mission to maim and destroy but bringing forth questions regarding one's group's purpose or motivation does not automatically make one  "hateful" or a "bigot". And while terrorist groups continue to kill and maim others in the name of Allah and threats continue to grow and become more serious, those feeling targeted, the ones watching and reading about their friends, neighbors, their fellow countrymen being terrorized for simply being Americans, or for not being Muslims, intelligence, common sense has to begin to take its stand. "Why are they always fighting?" "Why are they always wanting to hurt us?" Why does holding a religious group accountable for their actions make one a bigot? For sure, millions of citizens in countries like Nigeria, Sudan, France, Germany, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Ethiopia, Chechnya,  etc.., etc...., are asking the same questions.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not All About the Guns

       Everyone by now has heard about the terrible tragedy occurring recently in Boston. A horrific event marring a classic sporting event followed by many. Many stories have been told by people who were the unfortunate eye witnesses of the bombing attacks as well as the army of newsmen and women reporting them. The Boston marathon attack, since the murders of 911 how many similar scenarios has America experienced? How many of these brutal crimes have been committed?
       Columbine, The Oklahoma bombing, Bombing at Centennial Olympic Park, September 11th, Fort Hood, Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), Virginia Tech, 2012 Aurora Shooting, Sandy Hook Elementary,Red Lake Massacre,  and so many more. All of these names as well as the ones not mentioned bring back instant memories of catastrophe and violence.They are reminders to us all that something is just not right in America, our country. And they all seem to happen at just the time while we are all going about our daily lives and  routines having already forgotten about the last horrific massacre.
     There was a time in America when one will work, eat, play through the whole day and not hear about such violent multiple murders besides the average crimes we hear everyday during our local news. But after just recently enduring the pain and tears following Sandy Hook, one has to wonder, is this the new norm? Is this America?
     A big difference between the crimes occurring at the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook is that the one occurring in Boston did not involve guns. There is no gun control argument. We likely won't be seeing Wayne LaPierre's face on television. Now hopefully, America, Congress, President Obama, you and I can have a serious talk about something much more important. Something evil is brewing in America. It is hard to pinpoint it but one can see that there seems to be an evil presence that appears to be growing and becoming bigger.
      Evil is a looming presence that is hard to fight with laws, security, and prisons because evil can appear in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. One of the biggest mistakes mankind makes is to stereotype evil because it simply allows the dark spirit to hide. The best one can likely do is to keep alert but not jump to conclusions. Don't quickly rush into agreement with that pretty face on television because his or her voice sounds appealing and, or intellectual. Don't allow the media frenzy to carry you away in a swoop with all of its fear mongering and constant news of doom. Be assured that what you do day to day is of good spirit and worthy of the One Above who keeps His eyes on everything. For only He can provide us with the true answers to the constant questions concerning why. But the most important question is will we listen?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is He Crazy???

       During the last several years the topic "North Korea" has been brought up often by various news/media sources. President Barak Obama as well as former President George Bush engaged in political conflict with the country's leaders. George Bush included North Korea along with Iraq and Iran in his now classic "Axis of Evil" trio. The country's leader during Bush's term, Kim Jong Il was wise enough to avoid any bloodshed with the United States, as well as formidable ally South Korea. Even with Jong il's often displayed bravado he knew better than to pressure his nation into war. A war with South Korea would be a bloody loss. A battle with South Korea and their ally the United States, a definite devastation. Now Kim Jong Il's son and current North Korea ruler, Kim Jong Sun, who is holding the reins of the tiny nation along with the fate of the lives tens of millions plus, appears ready for battle. If not, he's surely playing with a burning bush. Often appearing witty and simultaneously callous, America media portrays a young man, bravely leading his country into what represents his opinion of prominence. But the world also sees a young leader who persists to toy with dangerous nuke bomb weapons after being warned repeatedly to abandon his country's advancement of their nuclear warheads. Right now North Korea is believed to own enough plutonium to create a half dozen bombs. Nuclear weapons and banned missiles have been tested frequently by the country's military even after many warnings and threats of retaliation by both the US and South Korea. North Korea is believed by some experts to amass enough missile power to reach South Korea, Japan, and possibly Alaska.
       North Korea is estimated to have a population of 24,720,407, a total area of 120,538 square miles, and a gross domestic product believed to reach $40 billion (2011 est.). South Korea is estimated to have a population of 48,955,203, a total area of 120,538 square miles and a gross domestic product alleged at $1.622 trillion. The United States of America's population is estimated at 316,668,567, with a total area of 9,826,675 square miles and a gross domestic product believed to reach $15.66 trillion.Sounds like total domination when comparing one side to the other, or maybe a future annihilation. Can someone say the word "INSANITY"???
       Well, maybe not. Likely the young man is playing crazy in order to somehow appear heroic to his followers and peers or perhaps obtain some favor and respect from the US, South Korea, and other world leaders like China and Russia. Regardless, young man needs to chill before he says or does something foolish enough to force him to be recorded in history books as the most irresponsible world leader, ever.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Morning After

       How many of us reading this letter have daughters? How many would appreciate their young ladies engaging in sex with who knows who at the tender age of seventeen, fifteen,thirteen, or possibly even younger? Recently, a federal court ruled in favor of unrestricted sales of morning-after pills to women, even females under the age of 16, no doctor or parental permission needed. Certainly there are a lot of so called "progressive" groups or individuals cheering this ruling in the name of women's rights. Many young woman all over the country have been ingesting this birth control booster for years. Now little girls are offered extra encouragement by our court system to dive ahead into sexual relationships and they don't even have to worry about what mom and dad might say because the government will basically ignore their concerns anyways.
      What is a morning-after pill? It's simply a pill that helps to prevent pregnancy after intercourse. The motive is to simply encourage young people to engage in sex while not having to worry about any possible responsibilities. Now if a woman over the age of 21 or even 18 is  habitually ingesting such medication during her relationship(s), her action would not be viewed by some as responsible, but she is an adult. Under current law and tradition she will be viewed as having the right to do what she wants with her body. Lowering that age down to 16 and below forces society to look at our young daughters, sisters, and the males (boys) they are involved with. Simply, embracing wide usage of this morning-after pill seems likely to increase sex amongst young children. Worst off, sexual intercourse between children will be placed further out of the hands of their parents, likely ending up in more poor decisions made between young couples, and more unwanted pregnancies. More babies will likely be raised by young single moms and/or their grandparents leaving more work for state and local court systems via child support, welfare rulings, food stamps and other popular poverty assistance programs. These social welfare or assistance programs will be funded by our good ole tax payers whom are already burdened with BIG GOVERNMENT'S many other programs. In other words the ruling is simply unintelligent, not thought through by whomever sat on that court bench.
       Strangely, did not hear this story on the television news, nor the newspapers. Saw the article while browsing on the internet. Might have missed it. Or maybe BIG TELEVISION wishes for now to remain silent. Who knows?

According to the CDC, 329,797 babies were born to females between the ages of 15 and 19 during the year 2011. That is a lot of babies. If one was to include the number of potential young ones aborted the number would likely more than double. Over three hundred thousand babies? That's a whole lot of diapers. And those three hundred thousand plus parents

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hope Change Median Wage?

       During America’s current and frantic search for Hope and Change some of our brilliant journalists have already calculated the current state of the median wage? According to the US Congress Joint Economic Committee the United States median wage fell from $52,500 during the year 2000, Bill Clinton’s era, down to $50,303, during 2008 the era of George W. Bush. Former President Bush took a lot of heat from his critics and the media for the decrease in the media wage as well as a slack economy. Then came Obama with his campaign for “Hope and Change” in the 2008 presidential election. Obama returned with further promises of “Hope and Change” during the election he handily won in 2012. The median household income fell $4000 from the year 2000. Around 58% of the jobs created during the “Hope and Change” efforts have been low wage jobs. The median income is now a little above $51,000. The economy is a slight improvement but far from the repeated promises of a vibrant economy made by President Obama during the last two presidential elections. The only middle class job that has increased is nursing. While the wages of most of the middle class jobs has decreased, many of the lower class jobs enjoyed increase of wages. These incomes have been raised up to slightly above $13/hr. A great raise for a hard worker laboring in a retail store but extremely challenging to stretch while caring for an average family of four. Do Americans even notice? Are we paying attention to what is going on? While President Obama and Congress are still trying to turn the present economic state around before the 2016 presidential elections, we can observe the American people and learn whether or not they are willing to discern between the nation's enconomic state in the last four plus years and America's current fiscal status. In short, has the last four plus years in search for hope been met with any productive change? While reading this message to ourselves, in our own little quiet room, during our own time, minus any debates composed of the typical Liberals, Democrats, or Republicans, or even in-betweeners, agenda we can ask ourselves if there has been change and if not then why not. Afterwards Americans will hopefully decide to look toward the next election with relentless dedication and discipline to choose our next leaders based upon their belief system, ideas, willingness to work, and ability. America's citizens can not afford to allow ABC news correspondents or a presidential candidate's talent to croon old R&B hits to heavily influence the future choosing of our political leaders. The country is in a financial mess. Our next leader has to be one who is willing and able to fix the tremendous budget deficit before the great economic gap swallows up the entire budget. An implosion of the entire national budget will definitely produce some obvious Change but not much Hope.