Monday, April 22, 2013

Captured in Boston, Now What?

       Now America has just captured two of most notorious wanted criminals in the nation's history. Just before the bombings during the Boston Marathon and the wild chase that followed, the media headlines were filled with fiery sometimes hostile disputes regarding gay marriage and gun control. As news of the Boston Marathon bombings along with the sibling terrorists begin to wind down and more people start to lose interest in the story, the media will likely return to beating on stories hyping gay marriage while demanding further gun control. Just like after 911 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan whenever America faced extreme danger, violence, and war many people believed that Americans would turn closer to God in terms of seeking comfort during troubled times. But strangely the opposite has occurred. Since after 911 more and more people have turned away from their churches and their Bibles instead looking towards their own education, abilities, fictional scientific theories, or television gurus such as Oprah, Jay-z, Jennifer Lopez, etc to be their spiritual gurus. A lot of churches have folded for lack of membership. Mega churches have taken over in many places, especially the metropolitan areas. But in a mega church how does one know how many true Bible-believing, God fearing Christians exist within crowds reaching from 2000 up towards over 40,000 in some places of worship?
       According to, 3500-4000 churches in America close down each year and churches lost around 2,765,000 people to nominalism and secularism. Before 911, the shootings in Columbine, and the Oklahoma bombing people hardly ever discussed issues involving gay rights and gay marriage. Gun control has always been discussed but along with the discussions came heated talks about the decline of America's morale. Serious talks about America moral even the mental state of the United States overall population is heavily declining. Since each terrorist, murderous episode has occurred requests to legalize families outside of Biblical marriage have increased, more and more voices have been raised against Christians, the media and celebrities have to a greater extant turned away from God while opening their hearts towards secular appeals. Despite all the calls for prayers towards God seen on television interviews, special remembrance programs, fund raising concerts, and "lets stand together as one" speeches the countries relationship towards God has grown colder. Maybe these attacks have turned away America's faith from the One whom many once trusted. Maybe these attacks show what has already existed in the population's hearts, long hidden until truly tested.
     America is being heavily tested. The American people are facing heavy trials against dark enemies whom cannot be defeated by the way of court cases, strong security, a balanced budget, and a well running economy.The dark enemies of America can only be successfully fought off through prayers, diligence, hard work, and faith in a loving God. But if there is no one here to believe, then who will do the praying? Who in America will seek God? Will the remnant, those left in this country who are diligently seeking God, remain strong and not allow others' disbelief and lack of faith to pull them away?
     As we look forward to what will likely be a long, emotional trial to convict the lone survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings, we can also pay attention to America's temperature regarding their true faith in God and His abilities to work things out. When studying America's spiritual response to the mess that occurred in Boston, pay no attention to the repeated rhetoric one often hears from celebrities, certain popular worship leaders, or special promotional shows one may see on television or elsewhere, with their songs of "Amazing Grace" and seemingly deep prayers. Pay heed to America's actions in regard to who and what they vote for in their next election. Look at what Americans are openly protesting or requesting out in front of the public eye. Are they demanding for open prayers in school, freedom to openly discuss about God in the classrooms, or are they again complaining that gays in America are being mistreated?

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