Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is He Crazy???

       During the last several years the topic "North Korea" has been brought up often by various news/media sources. President Barak Obama as well as former President George Bush engaged in political conflict with the country's leaders. George Bush included North Korea along with Iraq and Iran in his now classic "Axis of Evil" trio. The country's leader during Bush's term, Kim Jong Il was wise enough to avoid any bloodshed with the United States, as well as formidable ally South Korea. Even with Jong il's often displayed bravado he knew better than to pressure his nation into war. A war with South Korea would be a bloody loss. A battle with South Korea and their ally the United States, a definite devastation. Now Kim Jong Il's son and current North Korea ruler, Kim Jong Sun, who is holding the reins of the tiny nation along with the fate of the lives tens of millions plus, appears ready for battle. If not, he's surely playing with a burning bush. Often appearing witty and simultaneously callous, America media portrays a young man, bravely leading his country into what represents his opinion of prominence. But the world also sees a young leader who persists to toy with dangerous nuke bomb weapons after being warned repeatedly to abandon his country's advancement of their nuclear warheads. Right now North Korea is believed to own enough plutonium to create a half dozen bombs. Nuclear weapons and banned missiles have been tested frequently by the country's military even after many warnings and threats of retaliation by both the US and South Korea. North Korea is believed by some experts to amass enough missile power to reach South Korea, Japan, and possibly Alaska.
       North Korea is estimated to have a population of 24,720,407, a total area of 120,538 square miles, and a gross domestic product believed to reach $40 billion (2011 est.). South Korea is estimated to have a population of 48,955,203, a total area of 120,538 square miles and a gross domestic product alleged at $1.622 trillion. The United States of America's population is estimated at 316,668,567, with a total area of 9,826,675 square miles and a gross domestic product believed to reach $15.66 trillion.Sounds like total domination when comparing one side to the other, or maybe a future annihilation. Can someone say the word "INSANITY"???
       Well, maybe not. Likely the young man is playing crazy in order to somehow appear heroic to his followers and peers or perhaps obtain some favor and respect from the US, South Korea, and other world leaders like China and Russia. Regardless, young man needs to chill before he says or does something foolish enough to force him to be recorded in history books as the most irresponsible world leader, ever.

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