Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hope Change Median Wage?

       During America’s current and frantic search for Hope and Change some of our brilliant journalists have already calculated the current state of the median wage? According to the US Congress Joint Economic Committee the United States median wage fell from $52,500 during the year 2000, Bill Clinton’s era, down to $50,303, during 2008 the era of George W. Bush. Former President Bush took a lot of heat from his critics and the media for the decrease in the media wage as well as a slack economy. Then came Obama with his campaign for “Hope and Change” in the 2008 presidential election. Obama returned with further promises of “Hope and Change” during the election he handily won in 2012. The median household income fell $4000 from the year 2000. Around 58% of the jobs created during the “Hope and Change” efforts have been low wage jobs. The median income is now a little above $51,000. The economy is a slight improvement but far from the repeated promises of a vibrant economy made by President Obama during the last two presidential elections. The only middle class job that has increased is nursing. While the wages of most of the middle class jobs has decreased, many of the lower class jobs enjoyed increase of wages. These incomes have been raised up to slightly above $13/hr. A great raise for a hard worker laboring in a retail store but extremely challenging to stretch while caring for an average family of four. Do Americans even notice? Are we paying attention to what is going on? While President Obama and Congress are still trying to turn the present economic state around before the 2016 presidential elections, we can observe the American people and learn whether or not they are willing to discern between the nation's enconomic state in the last four plus years and America's current fiscal status. In short, has the last four plus years in search for hope been met with any productive change? While reading this message to ourselves, in our own little quiet room, during our own time, minus any debates composed of the typical Liberals, Democrats, or Republicans, or even in-betweeners, agenda we can ask ourselves if there has been change and if not then why not. Afterwards Americans will hopefully decide to look toward the next election with relentless dedication and discipline to choose our next leaders based upon their belief system, ideas, willingness to work, and ability. America's citizens can not afford to allow ABC news correspondents or a presidential candidate's talent to croon old R&B hits to heavily influence the future choosing of our political leaders. The country is in a financial mess. Our next leader has to be one who is willing and able to fix the tremendous budget deficit before the great economic gap swallows up the entire budget. An implosion of the entire national budget will definitely produce some obvious Change but not much Hope.

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