Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meningitis Outburst

       Well, looks like a possible "here we go again" situation coming, guess where? Right out of New York. There is a report of a rising meningitis scare taking place in the Big Apple. The disease is occurring among men having sex with men. Right now 22 New Yorkers have become sick while 7 killed. Does this story sound familiar to anybody? Can we go back to the late seventies to mid-eighties? Unfortunately, one has to dig into the internet, at least now, in order to find the story. I guess the story is not BIG NEWS to the typical media personnel, at least possibly not yet. But the story makes me wonder. While talking to people both online and in person who are pro-gay movement I often receive a response of one "discriminating", being a "bigot", or "intolerant" if one utters a negative opinion of the homosexual behavior or simply disbelieves in the theory of people being "born that way". I remember as a child the big headlines of AIDS on the weekly news magazines such as Time and Newsweek, people took it seriously then. Now with the inventions of various concoctions of cures, and the average HIV virus carriers living longer many have shunned the once feared consequences motivating them to now openly defend homosexuality, inspiring a myriad of  "you can't deny who you love" slogans. But what news stations like ABC, NBC, and CBS is not openly telling the world is that the medical world is now in a neck-to-neck race in attempts to maintain a cure for this very complicated virus. The truth is that many of these modern cures can possibly be deemed useless within the next couple of years while the rate of HIV infection amongst gay and bisexual men currently continues to rise.
       So when will it be deemed "cool" or at least responsible for one to get up in front of the media and announce again that AIDS is destroying the lives of men who have sex with men? This is an issue that the media may have to face in the near future. At that time ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN,  Fox, and pals will be forced to decide whether public relations, the current status quo, or people's lives are the top priority.The words "love" and "hate" are often toted around in order to describe and defend homosexual behavior and the "gay society". Can someone possibly "love" another person if he decides not to warn the person of a personal habit or addiction that may kill him or even the person he loves? Would one be hating his brother if he was to was to caution him regarding a drinking problem or a habit of drinking while driving? Does my being concerned about a friend who sleeps with a different woman every week make me a "bigot"? Some of these comments I hear everyday from the media as well as homosexual supporters confuse me. I mean are we really trying to show support for a population of people or are we simply mindlessly obeying whatever pop culture tells us to do? Reality is coming. In fact reality may already be here; perhaps while we are blinded everyday by whatever the world communicates to us. Like the fires that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, while the folks partied, going about their daily business not knowing what was about to happen to them. One never knows what may happen. We can't one hundred percent predict what may happen tomorrow. It may be worse than what occurred during the eighties. We have time now, at least some of us, to warn others, to be a light to those who are lost. We can show true "love" by alerting others about the potential danger awaiting them, then direct them to safer path, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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