Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rape? Change in US Military

      US women have been accepted into the US military. President Obama has encouraged and supported the more readily acceptance of women as well as granting females equal rankings within the military. The steps have been sped up with the demand that women be accepted into even the highly intensive, physically demanding special operations forces. Now the media is reporting to us news of incidences of rape and sexual harassment rising within the military. They say that women are being treated unfairly. Reporters state something needs to be done now. Wasn't the media and Obama previously warned about the likelihood of such incidences occurring? Didn't military leaders request patience and more research to be conducted before hurriedly implementing such major changes? Would Obama heed? Of course not. The Liberal Media whom seems to be the president's boss insisted that women and men are the same so they must be allowed to join such high ranks just like men. Just a few months later news reports of rapes and sexual harassment are being reported. By who, Obama's pals, the media. Now on top of the gay marriage fiasco, the country's massive debt, the struggling economy, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Hurricane This and Hurricane That, snowstorms, much devastation resulting from the storms, the global warming debate, Obama will soon have to confront the battle of the sexes within the military. A problem Obama could have avoided but insisted on creating because of his inability to say "no" to Liberal Media. Now Liberal Media has another story to beat to death and Obama's name will be thrown out there in the public right next to it. I am not against equal rights for women. I respect females and know they must be treated fairly. But I am also a fan of common sense. Good sense states that when male and female are tightly placed together within intense confines for a long duration, sex will likely result sooner or later. We are males and females aren't we? Don't we remember as school kids occasionally looking across rows of seats in order to have a few glances at the pretty little redhead sitting in front of the class? Because we are now talking about young or middle aged adults do we expect that our sexual attraction will simply vamoose? We are talking about men and women. With the military we are involving bigger, stronger, more emotionally charged men and women, especially men. The emotionally charged masculinity will not changed simply because one is in a special ops group. Being a member of a special operations force does not make your sex drive disappear, does not change one's sex hormones.
     Much of the sexual harassment occurring within the military takes place within the same sex. Imagine what will happen when more homosexual - driven males and females begin joining the rank. As such behavior becomes more accepted one would only expect that much more same sex intercourse will occur, many of them forced, unwanted. The military, after going through the recent scandals involving General John Allen and General David Petraeus, will again place it's men and leaders into the throes of more potential scandals, greater embarrassment, and humility in front of a relentless national media with no sense of grace. Here is a media shaped like a snake who seems to have snagged our President along with many of our leaders into a despairing course filled with further shame and endless questions. Questions involving unwise decisions made in order to please the very same people who were in cohorts with the devil from the beginning.

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