Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Sequestrian OOOoooohhh

      Here we go with the big cuts. Here comes our hope and change? Obama just announced the beginning of the broad cuts in government spending. We don't know in detail yet what the specific cuts are going to be, but there will be some cuts. The White House representatives state that these cuts are going to hurt. The republicans say that Obama and his crew are exaggerating the scenario in order to scare us. Who do you believe?
     The lesson in this is that possibly neither group knows how to handle the national budget. The budget has already been careening towards disaster since the past several presidential administrations. Possibly our national budget has been due to fail from the beginning. During the Old Testament, after God led Israel out of being held captives in Egypt, they did not have a budget deficit. King David did not face a budget crisis. King Solomon was never forced to make serious budget cuts or layoff any of his staff. Maybe there is a lesson here to learn. Maybe our country and our leaders is making this skill about balancing the budget too complicated. Maybe some of us are over educated making us stubborn, unwilling to learn, insisting we know it all, incapable of being humbled from our mistakes.
      I laugh when I read and hear diehard Liberal and Obama fans faithfully blame the entire situation on Bush and/or Republicans as if their party is incapable of making any mistakes. When one looks hard at this country and views the people within, the millions of families on welfare, the single moms, the individuals whom the government consistently send our money to who don't want to work, the many scholarships paid that receive no monetary returns, the billions of dollars spent on research that provide worthless data, the upkeep of data, old buildings, memorials, tools, memories, that maybe we as a nation should simply let go. The reality is that just as a family grows and increase in size and age, they need to shed off some of that bulge building in their closets. America has its own bulge, size 100 fold that we need to let go. There are countries across the world who the government amazingly send billions of dollars to, who could care less about us as a nation, yet millions of people here starve everyday and go homeless. Many of the US leaders, many not all, are in a different world. They don't truly understand poverty. They don't know of managing a real budget where one is not able to magically inflate what one didn't have in the first place. If my friend to the left runs out of money, he can't vote for an extra million dollars to be dumped into his bank account. But I often wonder how long will it last? How long til our country hits that point where it can no longer vote to expand that imaginary budget line?

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