Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The LGBT Rights Versus The Christian Rights

       In the news one often hears about court cases surrounding LGBT groups, single homosexual couples and individuals suing or threatening to sue Christian organizations, christian owned businesses, and/or individuals. Christian businesses and churches state that they should be allowed to deny service to gays for certain functions and ceremonies, for instances gay marriages, wedding cakes, and balloons. The LGBT states that denial of all services to homosexuals is discrimination. The LBGT say that any such denial of service to them whether or not it is for religious reasons denies them of their equal rights. And the battle continues to sway back and forth between Christians, anti gays, their media and politician supporters against homosexuals, media reporters, and their large groups of media, celebrity, and corporations backing them.
       Where does each group stand in this conflict? The protection of religion is already noted long, long ago in the Constitution. The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It prohibits Congress both from favoring one religion over another and also from restricting a group or an individual's religious expression. Meaning that if a church believes that it is a sin for a man to have sex with a man then Joe Berry living across the street cannot force that same church to marry him and his new pal Bob within its premises. And if Jill, owner of Jill's Bakeries does not believe, based on her Christian faith, that a man can marry a man, then Bill and Bob cannot force her to bake them a cake for their own wedding ceremony that they are planning. The Constitutional law appears simple and clear and has, or seems to have been working for centuries but now there has been occurring some major knocks on the door to change the wording. Some people have already been sued by courts for not choosing not to support gay marriages. For instance Masterpiece Cakeshop, in Lakewood, Colorado, owner Jack Phillips was directed by the courts to bake a wedding cake for a gay marriage and attend sensitivity classes. The sensitivity classes was a slap to the face by a judge who may have known that this individual was only trying to live by what his Bible taught him, that homosexuality is a sin and should never be supported (22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable. Leviticus 18:22). The court also directed Jack Phillips the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop to submit quarterly reports to the commission to conform that he has not turned away other gay weddings from his business.
      In  Washington Curt Reed and Robert Ingersoll sued Arlene Flowers in Richland, Washington for denying them service in providing flowers for their wedding. This is an ongoing suit but shows that this action of non Christians suing Christians for simply not wanting to support homosexuality is ongoing and becoming extremely problematic.
       When reading over this court case it appears that the judge personally wanted to paint mud on the owner of this bakery owner's face while laughing at his religion. The judge's ruling seems created to force the owner out of business. What happened to Jack Phillips First Amendment Rights? Why did the judge deny Jack Phillips his freedom of religious expression? And where is the term homosexual or gays written in the Constitution?
       In Indiana gay rights groups and their supporters are trying to force citizens especially Christians to not only accept gays as normal but to also endorse the behavior as some sort of prominent demeanor, a respectable expression. It does not seem to make sense why a person who is gay would approach a christian owned cake baking business to bake cake for a gay wedding, especially when it is well known in the world that Christians do not support homosexuality. There must be at least dozens of other bakeries in the Lakewood Colorado area that could have baked a cake for the two homosexuals. The judge must of known that. Why wouldn't the judge allow for the couple to find a wedding cake from some other business? Why force the bakery to disobey God? Why couldn't Curt Reed and Robert Ingersoll find another flower service to provide flowers for their wedding? Isn't there several other flowering business, who are ready to serve, who need the money? Why does Arlene Flowers have to serve the gay couple wedding flowers when their God tells them that homosexuality is immoral? What happened to the First Amendment? Why won't this US judge give Arlene Flowers their freedom of religious expression?
       The Gay Rights groups have their own religion. Their religion is their homosexual lifestyle choice and the belief that not only that they were born that way but that their sexuality is of first class importance, above and beyond everyone's else's rights especially those who do not care much for their religion. Homosexuality is praised and worshiped as something wonderful. Young children who are confused about their sexuality are told to be who they supposedly are. Homosexuals who want to change are told by "experts" that they cannot, once gay always gay. Individuals who try to encourage those suffering that they can change are told that they hate gay people. When one watches the television news or reads the newspapers one will notice that news about homosexuality is always positive always encouraging homosexual behavior. News about AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia is often hushed during mainstream media and is combined with heterosexual mainstream groups as if to avoid the important information that these diseases are easily preventable if people avoid both gay sex and sex outside of a monogamous heterosexual marriage. Enforcing same sex in society appears to be more important to the media and much of the US government than putting a halt to the rising victims of these assortment of sexually transmittable diseases rising in America. The many people who are cured from their homosexual tendencies by Christians, family members, friends, churches and their spiritual leaders are ignored by the media and treated as if they are nonexistent. But they exist and each of them have a story to tell of how miserable they once felt, not because of someone hating them but because their homosexual lifestyle was bringing them unhappiness. They personally wanted to change and through Jesus Christ, they did.
         The Gay Rights groups have taken special care to attack churches, religious groups, and Christian people. The Gay rights groups have attacked the Mormons and they seem to be on pace to winning. Earlier this year Jonathan Rauch, a Mormon leader offered gays and lesbians of America support for extended liberalize protection of them if they would support reasonable religious-liberty protections for Mormons. What a deal huh? It seems that the Mormon leaders are afraid that this gay rights group are, in the future, going to be a bad ass group that may be on a path toward punishing Christians sharing about Jesus in the marketplace or jailing them for teaching their kids about Jesus in their homes. Honestly, this may be the start of the cruel treatment and hostilities by the world for Christians mentioned in the Bible. And this is the very same reason why states lake Indiana, Illinois, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Georgia must gear up and prepare themselves, each of them, for battle. For the Liberal Lion is out on a prowl, to kill and devour each and every state, county, church, family, and individual who has not already sold their life and soul to him. Satan appears to have used this gay marriage, civil rights eruption as a trap to break apart this great country, The United States of America. Something that Adolf Hitler, The Soviets, Al Quaeda, and the Taliban could not do. Will gay rights succeed?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 and It's Frigid

        Snow, snow, and more snow. While perusing the internet an watching local and national news one hears the words "snow" and "cold" over and over again. The Atlanta area, a region located in the deep south, is under a winter storm warning, at least the third one this winter season. It used to be that Atlanta would face snow once every few years or more. It now snows in Atlanta almost yearly. It is getting worse. It is getting colder. The news in the northeast is reporting frigid weather. Details of snow and cold weather is released daily over the air. Record snow falls is reported in Massachusetts, especially Boston. Amounts of snow have been collected in weeks that the area would usually receive during one season. Boston received more snow in three weeks than Chicago ever received during an entire winter. The National Weather Service (NWS) announced that February 2015 was the snowiest month ever for Boston. The latest snowfall plopped 13 inches (33 centimeters) of white fluff (http://news.yahoo.com/boston-breaks-monthly-snowfall-record-latest-storm-214127973.html). Boston has seen 38.5 inches of snow so far this winter breaking the record held since January 2005 which saw 43.3 inches of white fluff.
       And it is not just cold in Boston. As mentioned, Atlanta is awaiting cold weather the week of January 16, 2015 with possible snow, at least freezing rain awaiting the area on Monday. Snow will likely be seen up in northern Georgia. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is expecting -27 degree weather, frigid (http://news.yahoo.com/snow-dangerous-winds-cold-strikes-england-again-080505173.html?bcmt=1424026939270-e92ee812-4e9f-428d-b3f1-c30287c1c33a_00007b000000000000000000000000-c07abaae-55c7-499b-9621-68fc22b94ee8&bcmt_s=u#mediacommentsugc_container). The easternmost tip of Maine, Lubechad, had 2 feet of snow. Cold winds in Vermont forced the shut down of Lake Champlain Ferry Cross between Charlotte and Essex, New York. In parts of New England roofs and entire buildings crumbled to pieces under feet of snow.  Six to nine inches of snow could fall in Parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri. In the next 48 hours heavy snowfall is expected in cities located from the Plains to the Ozarks, through the Ohio Valley and parts of the south. Areas like Kentucky is expected to see at least a foot of snow. Detroit, Michigan is expected to be 4 degrees below zero. Buffalo, New York is expected to be 13 degrees below zero. It is so cold that a New Jersey woman was found frozen to death in the snow near her home (http://news.yahoo.com/jersey-woman-found-frozen-death-near-her-home-233542477.html).
      If one runs through the most of the US, especially the Midwest and Northeast, the individual would discover that Winter placed a chilly hand over much of this country. And the weather experts are reporting that there is more cold to come. Freezing weather that has been blowing strong since November and December is still rocking the country hard in February and the experts? a whisper are still talking about global warming. Frigid weather like this has been occurring every year but usually at about this time a team of global warming disciples would give the same annual speech about the weather actually being warmer if one was to collect all the temperatures together from the last so many hundreds of years and compare it to the temperatures thousands, millions of years ago. This annual excuse has not be heard much this time around. Much of the so-called experts have been remained mute so far. One will read a few of the cold weather articles commentators refer to this same old excuse but those folks would be quickly answered by twenty plus responders describing their grounds as hogwash while making similar references to the ones mentioned earlier in this article. Pretty much seeing is believing. People are getting tired of constantly hearing about global warming but not seeing or feeling evidence of it. If the earth is supposed to be experiencing global warming people want to feel warm weather. Isn't that what global warming is supposed to, after all the mumble jumble, eventually resemble?

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New Jersey woman found frozen to death near her home (2015, February 15). Retrieved from http://news.yahoo.com/jersey-woman-found-frozen-death-near-her-home-233542477.html

Friday, February 6, 2015

Obama Comparing Muslims to Christians

       While reading the web this morning I fell upon this speech given during the National Prayer Breakfast. The speech sounded dry, generic at the beginning (it is two pages long), but in the second page the words heat up. The President begins talking about God strengthening him through the Spirit then he jumps to the misuse of God's name for acts of evil. All of a sudden within the next few paragraphs acts of evil committed by the Muslim terror group Isis is being compared to Christianity. What?!?!
       I am reading through, up and down. what President Obama is saying. In my head repeating the question: what does Jesus Christ and the Cross have to do with brutes chopping journalists' heads off? President Obama goes on to say that in various places in the world we have people helping the "poor", a common buzz word used when one tries to confuse people about Jesus and Christianity. Obama lists current crimes and reigns of terror that are being committed by various Muslim groups in countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, France, Central African Republic, and others. Then, in a strange twist, he begins talking about reconciliation, love - another common buzz word used to confuse people about Jesus and Christianity -, slavery, Jesus, and Jim Crow. President Obama what are you talking about?
       Obama what does slavery and Jim Crow have to do with Isis chopping the heads off of American journalists, a Japanese adventurist, and murdering hundreds and thousands of people in countries like Iraq, Syria, for simply not wanting to be Muslims? More importantly what does such acts of evil have to do with Christians?
       Obama makes a common comparison used by atheists to attack the purity of Christianity. He compares the acts of evil men who sold and branded slaves to Muslims who chop the heads of Christians and non-Muslims in Nigeria. He commits the common error of branding such acts as Christianity simply because some men who encouraged slavery and owned slaves used the Bible as a source of reference for such deeds. A lot of cults and deranged people have openly confessed to God and His Words in the Scriptures. Obama himself openly confessed in front of America that he is a christian before being elected president then eventually opening America's doorway towards greater acceptance of gay marriage, abortion, and homosexuality. Obama, if he is reading his bible, should know that calling oneself a christian does not make one a child of God. Obama should know that  in the Bible Jesus Christ was being sent to the Cross by the very same people who should have been His greatest followers. Moses was often rebelled against and threatened by his own people that he was trying to lead to the promise land. King David's kingdom and life was threatened by Absalom, his son, of all people. Does Obama believe that David's son Absalom is in heaven? Does he believe that the Jews who called themselves Son's of Abraham whom Jesus called Son's of the Devil, are Christians? What the Latin Roman Catholic Church was doing against the Byzantine empire and the eastern part of the world had nothing to do with what Jesus preached to His disciples. The crusaders were working under the order of the pope who claimed to be given orders by Jesus Christ Himself. Nowhere in the Bible does the Word ever give affirmation to such authority. God never gave Christians the command or permission to go seek the pope on Christ's behalf.
       It is here when a person who has read the Bible and has accepted the Word as above the words of presidents, popes, news heads, and rock stars has to return to the Scriptures, read what the Word is saying, have a dialogue with God before accepting what he or she hears as truth. Obama obviously does not read his Bible or check with God before accepting within his heart such well traveled and now common information. It was Jesus that told Peter to "put your sword back in its place" after they were surrounded by Roman soldiers (Matthew 26:52). Can one honestly consider a Boko Haram, Al Quada warrior putting down his axe before chopping the heads off of one of his captives? Can one imagine an ISIL leader telling his suicide bomber to forget blowing himself off in front of the local church or planting hidden bombs at a camp where American doctors and humanitarians are trying to heal the sicknesses and wounds of local civilians? Did Jesus Christ ever lead a crusade?
       I believe that people like Obama often misunderstand the Old Testament in the Bible when God led the Israelites against the Philistines and the Syrians. They forget or did not read that many of these countries were trying to wipe out the Israelites and these men were fighting for the survival of their nation. They forget that the children of Israel was kept as slaves for many years by King Pharaoh. They forget that there was constant wars against the Philistines who believed the Israelites were inferior to them and their gods. They don't understand that even the King of the Jews was thought to be inferior by people like King Herod, the Roman soldier, the pharisees, and the Sadducees. There is a lot of information in the Bible that is and has been twisted and misread. One cannot place blind faith on any of these leaders, including the pope or the president to set them on the straight path. One wants to gather wisdom from an individual who represents the true nature of a Christian.
       The Muslims, Islam, Boko Haram, Al Quada, Isis need to be held accountable for the crimes they have committed and are committing. Obama needs to get off his objective of pleasing the majority and the media by not offending Muslims and simply state the truth. These people are hacking people's heads off all in the name of Allah and simply because their victims don't want to follow Islam. That is it. They are chopping the heads off of babies and burning down houses and schools in order to shove their point down the throats of people who wish to be left alone. Obama needs to step up. The Democratic party needs to step up. The Republican party needs to step up. The American media needs to step up. America needs to step up. These wars go all the way back down to the Crusades when Europe  and their kingdoms had their battles with Muslim warriors. The Quaran is not preaching peace and love between people and nations. It is pleading war and conquer and that is what ISIS, Al Quada, and Boko Haram are doing. They are battling, waging war, and a few of these groups are conquering some territories here and there. I know many Americans and westerners don't view these terrorist groups as seriously capable of taking on might powers like United States, Britain, and France. But they have been waging these little battles here and there for the past 20 plus years and they are still going. They are killing over hundreds and thousands of people. Westerners are included in these numbers. These terrorists have to be taken seriously. And enough with the excuses. Don't hide behind the Crusades that occurred 800 some years ago Obama. Don't use past holy wars to scapegoat people's heads getting chopped off. This is your problem right now. Isis, Al Quada, Boko Haram are on a quest to murder non-Muslims, Muslims and possibly rule the world. Take care of them. You wanted to be president. This is your responsibility as a world leader. Take care of the enemies of America and her allies. Stop the planned takeover of innocent people and nations who want to live free and make their own decisions. Allow people in Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan to worship whomever the choose to worship. The Roman Catholic armies back in the Middle Ages tried to conquer the world and were temporarily successful. Their conquest had nothing to do with Jesus Christ or Christianity. The Roman empire involved some egomaniac popes and their spoiled rulers desiring to be worshiped while using the name of Jesus to con people into believing that what they were doing was from God. Read the Bible, read the Book well and one will learn that such were serpents sent by the devil to deceive people.
17 I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. 18 For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people. Romans 16:17-18

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Imminent Threat

       On the news daily one constantly hears updates on the status or perhaps progress of gay marriage in the United States as well as the western world. The media often reports about Obama, Congress, and the steady bickering occurring back and forth between the two. The Christian church, it's followers and their struggle for their right to follow the Bible not secularism. And let's not forget the celebrities and their many affairs. But there is one big news topic that the media often mentions but much of America simply nods in response. This news relates to the same major event that occurred more than ten years ago on America soil. The event woke America up from her seemingly endless partying. The event that caused her to fly across the world and decimate once seemingly invisible warriors of terror, bomb to extinction a once powerful dictator, as well as send troops to navigate around hidden bombs. But after more than ten years news of relentless violence, death, and destruction has caused many of her citizen's to tire and some even yawn at the mention of her enemies.
      While reading and perusing online, as well as conversing with strangers I often received the message that the war is over, countries like Iraq and Afghanistan should be able to fight their own wars, US needs to worry and take care of herself. Why can't Iraq, or Afghanistan take care of themselves?, is a popular question mentioned online. Well, looking at the reality of what is going on around the world with ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda in Yemen, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, and there is so many more one would need a book to make room for them all. Not only are there so many of them, they are located all over the world. There are of course many Muslim terrorist organizations in the Middle East, northern Africa. Then we also have numerous terror groups in Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe, The Western Indies, France, Germany. Many Americans think that Islamic fanaticism is just a problem for certain parts of the world but don't realize that there are several of the so-called "lone wolves" located all over the country as well as Canada and our buddies in Great Britain. Reluctancy has created a plethora of safe havens in this country and other parts of the world as many Americans as well as nations still don't view these fanatic Islamic groups as serious threats.
       Part of the reluctance deals with the fact that a high majority of the western world are ignorant of the history of Islamic followers' wars against the western world as well as the Middle East and Africa. They believe that these conflicts all began with Desert Storm, popularly known as the first Gulf War. They don't realize that the western world has been fighting wars in the Northern Africa/Arabian Peninsula part of the globe since War World I when countries like Britain, France, United States, and Russia fought against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire which was partly made up of what is now Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, and Syria. Germany is not enemies of the US and Britain anymore but the territory making up what once belonged to the Ottoman Empire is the same area where most of the these Islamic groups originated from. ISIS covers Iraq and Syria. Al Quaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is active in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda in Yemen claimed the attack on France's Charlie Hebdo that slaughtered 17 people. The Ottoman Empire also ruled in places like Somalia and Jordan countries known to have terrorist groups. Somalia is especially known for being occupied by Islamic rebels. It is here where America fought the Battle of Mogadishu, famously nicknamed Black Hawk Down.
      One can even go as far back as the 1842 Afghanistan Massacre when Britain was forced to retreat during a battle in which only one Britain soldier survived. This battle occurred during the First Anglo-Afghan War. A war that would be followed by the Second Anglo-Afghan War as well as invasions from Russia. These wars would superseded much later by the Gulf War, 911, and the War in Afghanistan. In between those wars took place the Biafra War in Nigeria where the Federal Military Government, consisting mostly of Muslims from the northern region of the country, tried to commit genocide against the Igbos, made up mostly of Christians who resided in the southeastern part of the country.
       History teaches us that there is a great feud, much strife between the western world and middle eastern part of the world. And within this feud more importantly is war composed of Islam against Christians, and pretty much anybody who does not want to follow Islam. This feud did not just begin with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These bloody conflicts occurring for hundreds of years are not going to end by simply training foreign soldiers, sharing military equipment, and intelligence. This war is not going to end by announcing sanctions against various leaders and governments. And if Obama, the US government, as well as her people believe that they can sit this one out while allowing these countries across the world fight their own battle they better tune into history. Look at what occurred in World War I, Mogadishu, and 911. Look at what happened in France with the brutal murders against the Charlie Hebdo artists for drawing cartoons mocking Muhammad.   Just recently a terrorist attack was thwarted in Belgium. The source of the attack stems all the way back to Iraq and Syria. Again the same area of the world where countries from the west have time and again faced countless battles and attacks. No the war is not over America. The battle of Islam against everyone else rages on and on while world leaders refuse to admit that Islamic fanaticism is more than just a bad habit of a few.
       The religion that Islam is superior than everyone else is more than just a belief held by a minority. Look at the growing Muslim population in France, with conflict after conflict slowly rising to what may become a future civil war. France over the years has allowed people from all over the Middle East to settle their lands while not respecting the country's inherited laws and tradition. Currently the population of true blooded French people is being rivaled by the number of citizens originally from countries like Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. There is nothing wrong with allowing immigrants to reside in one's country but even if a fraction of these people do not respect your country's laws and tradition then even a powerful nation could face a crisis comparable to prolonged takeover. France will need to review her laws of immigration. The two brothers who murdered 12 people at Charlie Hebdo are of Algerian origin (Bora, 2015).
       Citizens of France are in the process of debating how their country should handle the influx of recent Islamic citizens living in their country. Britain is stepping up immigration checks, good idea, in their country (Croft, 2010). The United States and much of the western world is still debating with the terms "terrorism", "equal rights", and "tolerance".The sooner leaders like President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have the guts to call a duck a duck the quicker this problem can be taken care of once and for all.

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       in France, Jerusalem". International Business Times, 21 Jan. 2015.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's Freezing 2015

       Yes we are at it again. Another season with frigid weather. Since constantly being drilled by all the global warming hype I have paid close attention to the weather outside, especially around the winter time. Since the theory clearly states "global warming" and it's faithful persistently speak of the earth getting warmer year, I expect to physically feel the earth actually grow warmer. It has not happened yet. Again I have been disappointed by this theory that liberal media has assumed to not only be a fact but pretty much common sense. While discussing the topic on some online forums I have discovered that many of the global warming faithful even view nonbelievers as uneducated or ignorant. Amazing, how anytime one disagrees with liberal media they are often affixed with such labels. But is there anything wrong with one desiring to think for him or herself? Must we all nod our head yes every single time professor so and so graduating from so and so university tells us that blah, blah, blah is fact even when within our minds we know that dude is one hundred percent in error?
       Just like the evolution man evolving from an ape deal I want proof? Not pretty pictures illustrating Iceland resembling Hawaii. I want to actually see Iceland with continuous 80 degree weather during the middle of winter time. I want to see the Upper Peninsula of Michigan feeling toasty in the middle of January or perhaps weather the entire freezing month without snow. I want to experience three straight years of warm winter in Atlanta, Georgia. Imagine a city located in the deep south, a supposedly warm area of the United States having thirteen degree weather with a wind chill advisory. Earlier in December of 2013 the weather dipped down to as low as 27 degrees which is pretty cold for the deep south and this happened twice. 28.5 inches of snow were dumped near Fulton, New York, 23.5 inches near Watertown, New York. . Cars have piled up against each other because of heavy snow covering well travelled roads. Freezing rain and sleet are forecasted for the weekend and next week for parts of the South and the East. Does not sound like global warming to me.
       The consistent response by global warming enthusiasts to questions concerning the constant cold weather America keeps receiving is that the collective data of recent weather temperature is much warmer if looked upon as a whole than what it was hundreds of thousands of years ago.  They say that the earth has been warming since 1880, most occurring since the 1970s. Global warming believers also point to warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, declining arctic sea ice, glacial retreat, extreme events, ocean acidification (as the result of humans increasing their release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere), and decreased snow cover. These scientists are making big assumptions regarding this big earth from data collected within the past couple of hundred of years. No one knows what the weather was like in 200 BC or 900 AD. For all we know the weather could be have been much warmer then. And looking at the earth being at least 6000 years old 1880 is too recent to be making large predictions regarding current and future weather patterns. There could be many reasons for the shrinking ice sheets, declining sea ice, and glacial retreat that we humans living here on earth simply do not understand. Again we do not know the level of the ice upon the world back in 2000 or 3000 BC. Who was there to tally up such information? Anyone who will  make statements regarding the level of ice was 5000 years ago is simply guessing. They are making a big assumption that their data must be correct. I am not able to believe such assumptions because I don't see how they qualify to equal actual factual data. These scientists cannot clearly prove that their numbers are clearly correct. Their numbers and data are base on faith. Faith that this planet is billions of years old and was much colder than it is now. Again who was there to establish that such information is one hundred percent correct? Where is the actual evidence?
       Unfortunately these scientists don't receive much challenge in the world in regards to their numbers because people who disagree with them are usually discounted immediately. They are assumed to be ignorant, Jesus Freaks. Well looking at the situation clearly since the evidence is not tangible one has to have faith in the Climate Change theory in order to believe that it is correct. And even if it is true that the weather is getting warmer we here on earth do not know whether or not the earth is going through a cyclical pattern. Maybe the planet routinely rotates from periods of cold to hot every so many hundreds or perhaps thousands of years. Remember "the ice age". You don't hear about that theory anymore but I remember the media mentioning it often when I was a child.
       Scientists in America, the US government, media needs to look into this climate change theory and do a thorough, unbiased study into the world's weather pattern. Unfortunately, America is often ruled by a pattern of whether or not its leader(s) is a democrat or republican. Depending on the party the leader(s) must abide through this strict means of thinking and problem solving which as a result deprives the country of much needed independent cogitation. We have a president who will stand behind Global Warming not because of any kind of significant evidence providing us with proof of its actual existence but because he is a Democrat and it is a rule in the US that Democrats must support and encourage Global Warming. Such floundering, follow the blind mice type of thinking can create an atmosphere of arrogance mixed with much gullibility. A bunch of people believing that they hold something of great knowledge who are only fooling themselves. Sometimes intelligence is having the courage to simply admit to what one does not know even if it will appear somewhat embarrassing.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015

       2014 has been an eventful year with the rise and fall of so much occurring in this world. The Democratic party received a beating during the recent Congressional voting in 2014. This happening two years after Obama handily won the presidential reelection against the stunned Republican candidate. Two Malaysian aircrafts have met disaster one mistakenly shot down and another after several months still mysteriously missing. Still another commercial plane, this one Indonesian but still carrying many Malaysians, crashed. This one supposedly due to bad weather, "hhmmm". The ever continuous battering, missle launchings, and shootings took place off and on in the Gaza Strip between the Israeli military and the Palestinians. Let's not forget Boko Haram's constant tormenting of Nigerians and Cameroonians who simply don't want to be Muslims. And the annual constant weather related catastrophes, 2014 has left behind some scars.
       The year also produced some victories, or at least hope of possible victories. Obama declared that December 31, 2014 is going to be the last day of this War in Afghanistan with most of the remaining troops finally heading by this date.The job market has been reported to be improving, again I say reported. And relations between Cuba and America, two countries whose leaders have faced their backs toward each other while having their arms crossed since the Reagan era, are now improving. Morally, the nation has back slidden greatly with an increasing acceptance of homosexuality, even gay marriage amongst both individuals, corporations, and even churches. But it is hard to tell how true this supposed growth really is since the media that often reports this data is heavily biased towards accepting such behavior even promoting it and the federal judges constantly over rules popular votes made by their own citizens in order to legalize gay marriage. Well my Bible as well as my experience and relationship with God teaches me not to rely too much on what I hear from the media and at times even political leaders, especially when their words and actions contrast what is written in the Word. Something will eventually bend and break. When it will happen, I don't know but I plan to continue warning people, talking and writing about God's warnings along with His promises because I believe that is what God wants me to do.
       Anyhow the new year 2015 provides much hope and opportunity for those of us who may not of had a great 2014. And those of us who had a great 2014, 2015 provides us with the chance to make the new year even ten times better. How to make 2015 better than 2014? One thing continue reading the good book, the Bible. The Bible will provide one with a depth of wisdom and common sense found nowhere else in this world. The book will help one not to fall and even if one does it will give the individual inspiration, energy, and strength to rise back up. Another way to make 2015 better, continue attending a God fearing, Bible believing, people loving church. Nothing at times can be more comforting than having the ability to attend a church meeting, gathering where you can greet, chat with, and later hang out with a fellow christian(s) who is going through his or her own struggles, sometimes ones similar to yours. The experience will constantly remind you that you are not on your own. There are people out there, some of them standing right next to you from within the crowd, who are experiencing and living within scenarios that would shock you. Again you will learn that you are not alone. And just the way you will root for and desire the best for them they will do the same for you.
        Creating positive plans toward improving one's finances in the new year is another way to pave the way for a happy 2015. Start with constructing better budgeting plans aimed at providing funds towards clearing out old debt and strong will power along with the ability to say "no" to deter new ones. One big trap is watching those television commercials and listening to paid actors telling you what you need, what you must have. Pay them no attention. They don't know you nor care for your personal or financial circumstances. They are simply trying to make a buck. In some cases millions or at least hundreds of thousands of em. Another trap is comparing what you got to what your neighbors, buddies, peers have. Don't allow such things to bother you. Remember, you don't have to have it. And if your friends or even relatives continue to remind you that so and so, this person, that person is riding this and that, living here and there while you are pretty much staying put then you may need to have an inward reflection. But remember any intent, motivation toward self improvement is made to better yourself and those around you not so that you can win a material race between you and your neighbor. Such earthly competitions are meaningless and will only produce mental fatigue and a later realization that what you have worked and spent so much energy doing is not producing within you any genuine happiness.
       2015, oh so much to look forward to. Well I am going to start by continuing reading my Bible. Yes, I know that my poring through the Word has not made me a perfect human being. I have continued to make mistakes. But it gives me hope and the reliance that I can continue learning. I can continue to make use of what I am learning. Because the One whom I am learning from is not staring hard at me counting all of my mistakes and errors. He is not standing toward me arms crossed demanding constant perfection or bust. He is neither unforgiving or impatient. Now His forgiveness does not give me license to continue to willingly live a life full of reckless offense and misdeeds. His mercy and grace does allow me hope that as long as I commit my life to Him and make an honest and sincere effort to repent of my sins I will always remain one of His. A child with an eternal hope and a permanent home.
42 He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that he is the one whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead. 43 All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.” Acts 10:42-43

14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. I Chronicles 7:14

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays on Christmas.

       Tis the season. I wish that I could have written this blog much earlier but better late than never. Here we are again in Christmas season. A time of the year famous for buying presents, dreaming of Santa Claus, singing songs about reindeer and snowmen, attending seasonal plays and concerts, and for some of us a constant reminder. While growing up as a child during this time of the year I was always reminded by my pastor during one of his sermons that Christmas was about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ not Santa Claus. I was reminded that the world often works hard at driving the away the true meaning of Christmas while filling one's mind with a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with Christmas or Christ and we as a church have to be aware of it. Christians cannot fall into the trap of allowing ourselves to forget about celebrating Jesus Christ on His birthday. And yes I am well aware that December 25 was not Christ's actual birthday but this is the day that the world has chosen to celebrate it. I have volunteered to continue my former pastor's tradition by posting a blog reminding my readers to not forget to celebrate and place Jesus first during this time of year.
       Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! That is a constant phrase one hears during this time of the year. Seasons Greetings is an older but less popular slogan for this time of the year. Another slogan one often sees is Xmas. By now many of you likely see where I am getting at. Yes Christmas is a time of year meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately the world has turned the day into something else different entirely. What is sad is how just about every company, television commercial, store greeter, refrains from saying "Christmas", instead shouting "Holiday Holidays" or an older, similar version, "Seasons Greetings".  When one constantly hears theses phrases over and over again the person wonders "why can't they just say Christmas?" Why continue to avoid the word as if it is cursed?
       Why not just say Merry Christmas? Looking back twenty to thirty years, the word "Christmas" was repeated much more often by the media and surrounding social circles. One heard and saw "Happy Holidays" occasionally but did not think much of it. During those times the phrase "Happy Holidays" was mentioned less often. The threat to take over the Christmas holiday was less obvious. Now even while listening to a supposed christian radio station hearing the DJs continuously shout "Happy Holidays" makes one wonder whether or not there was some kind of an agreement between members of  popular media, business leaders, and politicians that this is the way Christmas was going to be referred to for now on. It is occurring slowly but steadily just like celebrating gay, non traditional families as normal began slowly with the older production of popular tv shows like "The Odd Couple", "Three's Company", and "My Two Dads". See, the devil never makes it obvious. Satan is much smarter than that. He always starts out slowly with something that on the outside appears very innocent but is not exactly what God stated in the Bible as the way it SHOULD be. Just like "Happy Holidays", many people see the phrase as innocent but don't see that the world and its media slipping away from the day being the celebration of Christ, instead making it a day celebrating Santa Claus, Rudolph, and buying presents.
       American companies view Christmas as a day to make great sales as well as their bottom line. This is make it or break it season for many companies. This is the time of the year that many companies depend upon for producing great revenues, making them productive for the entire year. Commercials are created and shown on television, internet, and radio to drive consumers to purchase more and more products. Consumers also annually accumulate much debt during this time of the year trying to satisfy their family, friends, coworkers, and pretty much the world who expects them to deliver, sometimes at a rate well above what they are able to afford. What if these companies gave thanks to God and depended more upon Him to surpass their business quotas? Maybe the holiday season would be less frenetic and stressful. They may find themselves being able to produce more sales without having to force themselves to remain open within the midst of chaos. Remember how God took care of Israel and Judah during the ruling of Solomon and David?They did not have constant sales back then.
      Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? Now christian people can take the time and opportunity to explain to those who may not know what the day December 25 is really about, what they can really get out of the day. About a Savior who came down to this lost world to save it from inevitable damnation as well as destruction. A world previously doomed to an everlasting period of no hope. Jesus Christ came and gave hope and life to those willing to receive it.  This is a gift much greater, of much greater use and purpose than what any person can get from a fat, jolly man wearing a red suit. Can anyone else offer someone eternal life? Let's as ourselves this question as we approach Christmas and even afterwards. Let's not allow the media and businesses big or small to dictate to us how we celebrate or refer to this holiday. Let us not be afraid to say Merry Christmas. No, we are not to cool speak it. Shout it out. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! And to all God bless!

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”
Luke 2:11-14 NIV