Saturday, July 5, 2014

FIFA's Annihilation of Mexico

       Yes it's late. The game did occur a week ago but what occurred during the match has been on my mind since. Anyone who carefully watched the game and is willing to be honest would admit that the calls truly favored Mexico's opponent, the Netherlands, that day. The Dutch team was truly being beaten by what the commentators and analyst would hate to admit was a better team. The advantage was Mexico's and if one would have taken away much of the terrible foul calls against them and erroneous offside calls the Mexican team may have even won the game by at least two. Now I said "may have", not would have. But alas soccer fans will not be given the chance to at least find out because just like the game with Ivory Coast vs Greece, the World Cups referees took the power of deciding the game winner away from the two opposing teams and kept that power all to themselves. They gave a Dutch striker a free kick at the last minute of the game, similar to what was provided to Greece, on a horrible dive that one typically sees many times ignored by the referees in other World Cup matches. I just witnessed the quarterfinal game between Argentina and Belgium. If the July 5 match between those two teams received similar calls for the many times Belgian and Argentinian players ended up on the ground spectators would have witnessed several free kicks, likely over five during one match. Unfortunately, FIFA has not developed a strict rule determining what is and what is not a free kick. They have left it up to humans whom we the fans are supposed to trust will be honest and fair. Unfortunately, oftentimes in these crucial games the officials are not honest or fair. They have given games away to teams they favor, likely because the teams reside in the European continent, while officiating harshly against African teams and other European opponents. The event is supposed to be called the World Cup. In order for that title to be true to its name it would only be right for talented teams from countries in North America, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa be allowed to play through a tough, spot determining game without always receiving a lot of fouls, yellow cards, and at times erroneous offside calls being called against them.
       There is a reason why Brazil and Argentina are the only teams outside of Europe to win World Cup championships during current times. One huge reason is because those two countries are very talented. Their countrymen love soccer and their lands are immensely deep with football talent. Another major reason is because these two countries often receive much respect from the referees. USA is close to receiving as much respect, the country just is not as deep in the talent level but they are getting there. Some of these African teams are there. They have the talent. They just need to receive the respect from the referees. They need to be able to go after the opponent's ball without almost always receive a foul. They need to be able to play important matches where one cannot always assume that they will receive more yellow cards than the other team. Greece was a not a very talented team and was given a freebie into the next round. Their poor skills was obvious against a better Costa Rica team which Greece almost beat because again receiving much biased calls and assistance from the referees.
       Now before one assumes that the author of this blog is simply complaining and crying because his team lost, I took much time to read the comments of readers from several World Cup match articles from different websites. I read many articles from readers in US, Africa, Europe, Asia who felt that Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Costa Rica were treated unfairly during their matches. Some have commented that Costa Rica were nearly robbed, by poor officiating, of their win against Greece.
       Before each World Cup match FIFA have the players stand in the middle of the field and recite some kind of speech about them and FIFA disapproving of racism. YEAH RIGHT!!!.  I will believe that when I am able to see Nigeria play against the Netherlands or Germany in a meaningful game without being carded several times and the other team awarded free kicks. Standing against racism means more than making speeches or even handing out money. I have been watching the World Cup for a long time and yes the FIFA officials have improved a little. The over, obvious racism, like name callings by commentators during matches have decreased. One does not witness as much the referees yelling or acting rude towards opponents from Third World Countries, but the phantom foul calls and providing of free kicks for swan dives and opponents simply playing good defense needs to stop. Players need to be forced to have to earn their goals. That is what makes the game competitive. That is what makes the World Cup exciting. If certain players and teams no longer have to earn their goals then the excitement and competition dwindles.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Referee's Brutal Dishonesty

       Did you see the game?
       Chances are you didn't. The match was one of three that occurred Tuesday in the World Cup. The game was between Greece and Ivory Coast. Not a headliner but an important match for both countries nonetheless. Both teams would advance the next round with a win. Ivory Coast would also advance with a tie. Greece could only advance to the next round with a win. In the Word Cup the Ivory Coast like African teams in general not only represent their country but in many ways their entire continent. African teams are well underrepresented in the World Cup being represented by only five teams. Not too long ago the number of African Teams represented in the big tournament was two. Very little is expected in performance and wins from African teams during the world famous event that occurs every four years. That is why when one or more African countries show their strength and defeat teams represented from other countries or make it out of the first round many Africans as a whole stand behind these teams in show of support.
       Ivory Coast was on its way of at least tying Greece in a game it needed to tie to make it to the next round. They appeared to have much control of the game with very little left on the game clock. Sadly with a minute left in the match during extra time the Ecuadorian referee, Carlos Vera, called a brutal, punishing penalty out of nowhere giving the Greece team a wrapped present. Greece was allowed to have a free kick in the penalty box, basically giving them the game. The penalty call was extremely questionable since it looked inadvertent and one often sees tackles and challenges that are way more violent or dangerous. The Greece team was not even in the middle of a serious scoring threat. And why end a serious game like this in a penalty kick? What happened to a team working hard and earning their way to the next round? Why should who wins or lose be up to the likes and opinion of one individual?
      During the match Ivory Coast got called for 23 fouls while Greece got called for only 12. Ivory Coast was handed by the referee 3 yellow cards while Greece received one. While viewing the match one would notice the Ivory Coast being called for foul after foul allowing Greece to continue advancing the ball forward, enabling them to continue holding possession. One cannot help but to think if all those one-sided fouls were not consistently called if the Ivory Coast may have even won the game because their opponent often displayed themselves as not being able to advance the ball unless the referee helped them out with calling a foul on their opponent thereby providing them with a free kick. The Ivory Coast team was able to keep the score at a tie even during such unfavorable treatment.
        The call appeared to arise out of racism, possible deep dislike for African teams which is prevalent in World Cup soccer and has been occurring for a long time. The Ivory Coast is not the only African team who has been treated much disrespect from game officials. As a soccer fan who has viewed World Cup games since the eighties I have witnessed many games involving African teams where they were constantly being called for foul after foul many times having their essential players being booted out of games for simply acts of competitive aggression, a desire to go after the ball and win, as if the referees rather that they walked around the field with their heads down and arms hanging behind their backs. Many times, this year especially, world cup commentators make comments about African teams poor showing on World Cup matches, as the commentator made mention during the Ivory Coast, Greece match. These commentators ignore the fact that many World Cup games involving African teams have displayed a contest where the competitors from this continent where carded multiple times and aggressive, motivated plays was offset with continuous fouls being called against them. They also fail to admit that for a long time Africa was only allowed two teams in the World Cup while teams from Europe and South America dominated the teams represented in the tournament.
       While visiting Nigeria a long time ago as a young lad, I remember watching Cameroon play in a match and the game commentator Seamus Malin describe one of the Cameroon players using the word, "niggardly". I felt shocked to hear such a word pronounced on television especially while African players were out on the field. Growing up hearing Malin commentate soccer games in America I never thought that man would ever characterize black people in such a manner. I was shocked that an individual would be allowed to speak such trashy language on world television and life would be allowed to go on without even a slight challenge from anybody.
      But now focusing back on the present what occurred against the Ivory Coast was wrong. The best team did not win that game. The competition was obviously tainted by a horrible call by a man who is either extremely racist or who may be involved in some kind of under level game fixing.
       Racist people should not be allowed to officiate World Cup games. The World Cup is what it is. It is the World Cup not the European  Cup or the European and South American Cup. It is the World Cup, meaning that it is supposed to represent the world and all teams from all parts of the world, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Samoan Islands, Australia, Antarctica should all be treated with respect. If someone does not like African people then he does not need to be refereeing any game. If FIFA, the international governing body of association football, who is responsible for the World Cup, does not like black people, or African countries, then they should state their hatred openly so that people around the world will understand fully where this organization stands and what they are really about. People who want to view real competition can then hold their own version of a world cup where teams from Africa and Asia can compete freely and openly without being concerned of some official disallowing them the ability to deliberately compete to win.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is Sexism to Blame for the UCSB Shootings

       Reading through recent news of the University of California Santa Barbara one notices the media's often portraying sexism, men's lack of respect, high disregard for women (except for sex of course) as the reason behind the murder of those unfortunate sorority girls. The young college women were gunned down by a madman attacker, Elliot Rodger, who stated through his manifesto that women in general were not providing him any love and attention.  This murderer complained nonchalantly during a self made video that women were always rejecting him and now he promised to get revenge via assassination.
       On television and print the media constantly pounds on the terms "sexist society", "fear", "rapist", "wife abusers". Chants of "women's rights"reverberated, along with constant repeats of "no means no", and the common accusations of men being monsters who lack the ability to control their hormones. After listening to one deeply emotional, and at times hyped response after another. One cannot help but to think: Is it possible that the much of the media and their audience has missed the boat? Is it possible that the horrible crimes done against these women have nothing or at least minimal involvement with sexism?
       One important fact that the feminist noisemakers almost always fail to note is that the killer stabbed three young college male students to death during the beginning of his murder mayhem. He also shot to death another young man while mowing down several other people with his car. His final gunned down victim was a very handsome young man. So even though his heartless speech voiced his anger toward women his actions brought a lot of violence upon men as well.
       The media came closer to hitting the bulls eye when mentioning the fact that Elliot Rodger was socially aloof, he often complained about his lack of ability to obtain sexual relations with women, he filled his life playing violent video games, he comes from divorced parents, the police, though given previous warnings of this man's evil character, failed to make a proper response. Why isn't more attention made to Elliot Rodger's character and upbringing? Let's also mention that his father is the director to a popular but also violent series "The Hunger Games".  Has anyone eve mentioned his dad's line of work and the possible negative influence his job, or entertainment production may of had on his son's character? While browsing through the web one will witness hundreds of examples of this crazy guy's view of life as well as his personal problems and failures.
        Yes, much sexist remarks are made by the author during his rantings in his videos. His obvious view of women as sex objects is demeaning and disrespectful of women but to blame sexism and men's degrading of women on this madman's tirade entirely misses the boat and can produce future consequences. America, the world, has a history of showing, promoting violence, slutty sex, a disregard for life in much of its movies, television dramas, books, cartoons, you name it. Children, while in school, are encouraged to date at a young age and obtain their first kiss. While in middle school some students will go through three or more girlfriends/boyfriends. Some will have had sex with one or more of them during that time. While in high school, students will have another three or more girl or boyfriends. Some will engage in more sexual relationships. Some of these will be one timers with individuals they met during field trips, parties, dance clubs, away sports games, etc. If one has ever attended a party school or had high school friends who were very horny, they will understand. Don't mention college. The first 2-3 weeks of school is often a free for all where all kinds of craziness occurs, action and events that have nothing to do with education. Some of these occurrences sound funny and admittingly was funny at the time committed but after witnessing the angry voices, the early pregnancies, the sad faces, even tears, one quickly learns that there often are heavy consequences for reckless sexual adventure.
       Young children should be focused on God, their parents, family, school, and their future. Popularity, sex, and extracurricular activities should come later. Unfortunately, society has the order going the other way around. Children are more concerned about what their friends think. And at times some of these, though not always intentionally, will not seek out the best alternatives and choices for their buddies. No child should be looking for sex during their middle school and high school years. I know that will sound funny to many individuals but think about Elliot. If he was not so obsessed with sex and about himself being a virgin, he would have had the patience to complete his studies, get a good job, and through hard work and good manners find a nice young lady who could later be his wife. There is nothing wrong with waiting to have sex until marriage but often times the media along with much of society describes such an arrangement as either impossible or weird. God does not call such an arrangement weird but gives it as a command. Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge Hebrews 13:4. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh Genesis 2:24 .   Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband 1 Corinthians 7:2.
       I know that quoting scripture is not popular for much of the population and I can hear the "do not judge" responses resonating to and fro but just as society often finds itself searching for wisdom and truth from the likes of Buddhism and/or Humanistic teachings much wisdom can be retrieved from the Word of God. From the Word and by reading about the travails of the People of Israel, the plight of Samson, Judas, and Peter, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, even the fall of Adam and Eve one can witness the destruction that can befall man once he or she separates him or herself from God believing to be too strong, too intelligent, too independent to need Him. The murders at UCSB is the latest in many occurrences of in school shootings. People in society are clinging to Ellen Degeneres, gay rights, and yoga while fighting against God and Christianity. Attorneys as well as politicians are trying to rewrite the laws created by our founding fathers in order to make an enemy out of Christianity while placing immoral sex, polygamous relationships, adulterous marriages on America's throne. Some don't know that while taking Jesus Christ of America's throne they are replacing Him with Satan. Some do know but could care less. Which brings back the question: Is sexism to blame for the UCSB shootings? After reading this blog and mentally going through this country's list of events during the past 30 plus years one will discover that the answer to this question is very simple. America's people can preach sexism and women's rights all day all night. Such won't stop people like Elliot Rodger from being loners and behaving callously. America has to look deep within itself and ask itself do we want to change?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Let Our Girls Go

       Boko Haram has done it again. Repeatedly this nonsense group has harassed both the Christian and non Muslim people of Nigeria. They refused to leave alone people who refuse to attach their lives to the rules and lifestyle of Islam. Unfortunately, people living in the northern half of Nigeria have paid with their own freedom, body, and lives for their choice to not follow Muslim rules and traditions. Now the harassment and terror has highlighted much worldwide attention in a remote northeastern corner of the country, a secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria. On April 14 over 200 Nigerian school girls have been abducted by the fanatic, religious group. And several more have been abducted since then even after promises made by Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck to get those girls back. As of today nobody knows the whereabouts of these girls. The United States of America have made promises to help. They along with the Nigerian leaders even gave stern warnings to Boko Haram of potential consequences but the rebel group leader Abubaker Shekau continues to laugh them off, refusing to take them seriously. He ruefully insists on forcefully marrying these girls off to strangers as if he owns them. The US military managed to send 18 soldiers to Nigeria to provide search and rescue assistance. They along with the British military have sent eavesdropping equipment to search the Sambisa forests where some believe the girls to be hidden. National leaders, including President Obama, his wife Michelle, as well as Hilary Clinton have called out Boko Haram for the release of these girls. US celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Amy Poehler,  Kim Kardashian, and Alicia Keys have publicly insisted that the terrorist group release the innocent students.
       The people of Nigeria have emphatically thrown their leader President Jonathan Goodluck out in front of the world, holding him accountable for his government's seemingly lack of concern for the girls captivity. The people, parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, citizens tired of being harassed for not desiring to follow religious traditions that they feel have no part of them have gone in front of the television cameras and internet videos displaying their weariness and displeasure in their leader's shortage of serious action. Us military leaders have commented on the leader's lack of interest in receiving their help. Countries like France, China, and Britain have also offered their assistance, strangely the Nigerian leader has not responded to them with the eagerness or desperation that a typical person with concern for the safety of his or her own people would respond. What if these were his own children? What kind of picture does his lack of interest portray to the world who is watching? African nations already own a terrible history for their treatment of their own people, especially women. Though it is unfair to judge and associate African countries together as if they are one huge country. As it is, Africa is a continent filled with many different countries that have their own separate rulers, laws, religions, different various languages, and customs. But many people in the world still habitually view the continent as one. In many ways what one African nation does influences the world's opinion of the remaining nations.
       The good news is that all of this present worldwide attention may force the Nigerian government to make an honest effort to rescue these girls. The country may now send serious military power against the Boko Haram force in order to get these girls out of these militant's hands and back into the safety of their families. The Nigerian military may now be motivated to send the necessary force needed to wipe out this terrorist group that has been a brutal bully to Christians and non Muslims living within the country.
      The bad news is that without the world wide attention it is very likely that very minimal action if any would have been taken against Boko Haram. Without the attention of people like Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton, and the western media it is very likely that these girls would be doomed. Unfortunately President Goodluck resembles a lack of concern Nigerian leaders have for their own people. This is a matter any Nigerian citizen or person very familiar with the country can state easily and at times with a shrug. But the lack of concern has also been an annoyance that is often difficult to ignore. But now with the pressure from all of the evil coming out of fanatic religious groups from the north and the increasing numbers of curious as well concerned citizens from around the globe, Nigerian leaders may be forced to care or else be added to the permanent list of the world's most terrible, inept leaders. Nigeria as a nation may face even more challenges from the world in it's struggle to rise toward becoming a richer more powerful nation. People familiar with Nigeria know very well, the country has tons of talented, rich individuals, spread out all over the world who are making money, building business, powerful ministries, successful medical and psychological practices, even popular well selling music.  Some are even in the west African nation building booming businesses while making boat loads of cash. But as a whole, as a country, Nigeria has often been a disappointment. A nation as rich as this country should be able to discover ways of handling evil like Boko Haram so that such people don't run the country. A group of radical people should not be able to so easily force their religious beliefs on other citizens.
       An obvious route towards a better Nigeria, a gerater country, is that groups like Boko Haram have to go. It is embarrassing that a well known, rich country has a gang of militants running to and fro through throughout the norther border, acting, doing as they please. Nigerian leaders must begin caring truthfully for the well being of their people. Too many leaders behave selfishly, reacting only towards their own wealth and well being, or the well being of those contracted to them via business or blood relations. Hopefully this ruthless capture of innocent women is about to ignite some heroic energy from Nigeria leaders. The world is watching.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nigeria's Right to Define Marriage

     During January of this year Nigeria's President Jonathan Goodluck signed into law a nationwide ban of gay marriage. The law provides a 14 year jail sentence for anyone entering into an homosexual marriage or same sex civil union. The law also gives a punishment of up to 10 years to anyone who operates, registers, or participates in any gay clubs, associations, organizations, or who directly or indirectly makes public a same sex relationship. Any same sex marriages recognized as legal in any other country would be considered unlawful in Nigeria. Countries like the United States, Canada, and Britain led by leaders such as US Secretary of State John Kerry and Canada's Foreign Affair Minister John Baird have spoken out against Nigeria's leader calling the law an act of discrimination, a violation against one's civil rights. Jonathan Goodluck along with his countrymen stood up to the western nation giants by not changing their stance against homosexuality and keeping true to God as well as their biblical and Islamic beliefs.
       But sometimes one cannot help but wonder though, how long Nigeria can stand. How long can countries like Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, and Uganda amongst other nations stand against dominating countries who hold an entirely different view in regards to sin and morality? Where does the buck stop? The pro-gay groups don't seem like they are interested at times in holding back. The thought about each country's sovereignty, especially third world countries, appears to be dipping.The African countries say they don't want the western countries telling them how they are to run their nation. They view the gay rights groups demands that they change their laws and views on homosexuality as an hostile infringement on their own civil rights.
       Even though very minimal news of the events involving Nigeria's right to define marriage has been spoken off in recent months, especially when one speaks of the big five television news media - NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox news -  the issue is still burning hot between the western and African countries, Christians and pro - gay groups, people with ethnic African roots living within the western world and their next door neighbors, or even interested onlookers. And don't forget the powerful Muslim sects located in the northern region of the Nigeria who though hostile towards each other share similar views of homosexuality. The media does not make much mention of it but the Islam religion does not allow for homosexuality. The Islamic people will make great effort to not allow foreign countries to make them accept gay marriage. The issue is still burning hot with the potential to explode at any point with any remark from a nation's leader for or against Jonathan Goodluck's gay marriage ban, or any further decision made by Jonathan Goodluck regarding this matter. This is an unsettled dispute still existing between these nations with a likely round 2 to occur at anytime.
       While looking at the issue one sees the importance for African countries like Nigeria to stand for their rights to create their own laws and decide what is and what is not right for their country. Nigeria views homosexuality as a sin and wants no part of it. People of Nigeria don't see the behavior as a human rights issue. Instead they see it as a perverted behavior and way of life that is not only ungodly but will prove to be destructive to their society while uprooting their families. Gay rights advocates want to force Nigeria to accept gay marriage regardless of the voice and opinions of the country's leaders and people, thereby disrespecting their opinion and their right to run and rule their own country. Here is a danger that many in America and the western part of the world don't seem to understand is the way that the pro-gay advocates are attempting to strip away the rights of countries, companies, schools, churches, and individuals to follow their Bible and obey God. The Bible states that homosexuality is a sin. By disregarding this important statement of the Bible Christians and nations would be forced to sin against God by uplifting a behavior God sees as an abomination. God's plan for the family would be ignored, instead being ruled and created by pro-gay rights groups and people who have no respect for God or His Word.
       Of course this is a cause worth fighting for and Nigeria will very likely keep up a good fight to not go along with certain leaders' standards of not taking God's Word seriously. Hopefully Nigeria will always continue to fight for its independence and right to define marriage as God's definition of matrimony. Hopefully the other mentioned African nations as well as much of the rest of Africa, though less in wealth and riches many of them are, will still fight for their independence to rule their own country and obey God rather than follow heavily opinionated social activist groups. This fight for man, woman, company, church or nation to worship and obey God may likely be the true fight for civil rights in the very near future.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Bridegroom of Blood

     Just a few days ago I ran upon a few verses that have always left me highly confused and quite disturbed. The past times I read these verses I always desired to learn more about them in order to obtain understanding of why God responded the way He did. But after dwelling on the topic for some minutes I would then continue reading my Bible, later forgetting the matter altogether. This time, after rencountering these verses, I made it a point to copy and paste Exodus 4:24-26 upon a Word page and leave the page open on my computer screen. I was able to the view the verses again at a later date when I had the time.
24 At a lodging place on the way, the Lord met Moses[b] and was about to kill him. 25 But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it.[c] “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,” she said. 26 So the Lord let him alone. (At that time she said “bridegroom of blood,” referring to circumcision.) Exodus 4:24-26.
       And was about to kill him, why would the Lord want to kill Moses, Moses, the man chosen to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt? When I first read the passage I assumed that the writer may have made an error, for surely God would never think of harming Moses? But the Lord does not make the mistakes and the Bible has no errors. So there must have been something that occurred that simply flew over me. Something prompted God to respond in a way that is surprising.
       In Exodus 4:21-23 we see the Lord instructing Moses to go to Pharoah and perform miracles in front of him in order to prompt him to let the Israelites go. God wanted His people to perform miracles to Him. 21 The Lord said to Moses, “When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the wonders I have given you the power to do. But I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go. 22 Then say to Pharaoh, ‘This is what the Lord says: Israel is my firstborn son, 23 and I told you, “Let my son go, so he may worship me.” But you refused to let him go; so I will kill your firstborn son.’” Exodus 4:21-23.
       Earlier in the Word the Lord commanded Moses to circumcise his descendants. Moses failed to circumcise his own son, finding himself negligent and in disobedience to the very commands and Word that he was preaching to Pharaoh as well as the fellow Israelites he was leading. Moses was shown to not be above the law. God was going to respond to Moses the same as He would respond to Pharaoh and his men for not respecting His status as Lord by refusing to allow the Israelites to worship Him. Fortunately for Moses Zipporah his wife was wide alert. She quickly rescued Moses by circumcising his sons and at the same time gave him a nasty rebuke, “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me.”
      If Moses the man, along with his brother Aaron, responsible for confronting Pharaoh was not above obeying God then what do we believe regarding ourselves? Do we make every attempt to obey the Lord or are we boldly walking around going about our business while making light of our disobedience? Here is an opportunity for each and every single one of us to carefully discern our every day habits while in our walk with the Lord. Let’s make sure that we are walking in obedience.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

God's Response to Global Warming

       Recently while reading my Bible I struck upon some verses that wowed me in its straight to the point explanation of an intellectual debate that has been boiling between Christians, Atheists, and the various in-betweeners for the past forty plus years. Many times when one speaks to a non-believer or one who claims to believe in the Words of God but holds more faith in humanist theories about a difficult, controversial topic, the non-believer will respond either that the Bible does not mention the issue or that the book is outdated on the specific topic. When one reads the Bible, not scanning or perusing but actually read the Word in detail, meaning not just the popular and important narrations of David and Goliath or Jesus Christ's crucifixion, one will discover the answers to many of the wonders of life and the world. The Bible simply explains many global and universal wonders that have taken mankind thousands of years to realize. Here in this conversation I am just going to discuss with you one of them.
       The controversial issue is Global Warming. With the frequent days of alarmingly cold weather and many record breaking snowfalls the global warming debate - is it real is it fake, is it a government, environmentalist research firms conspiracy to rake more money from their faithful followers, or cold hard evidence produced from years of scientific research? When reading and participating in online and personal discussions one quickly understands that the side believing in the reality of global warming insist that their view is reputable, incapable of being denied, and those who don't buy the story are either uneducated, just plain ignorant, or both.
      While reading the Bible in attempt to grow closer to God and gain a better understanding of Him, I stumped upon these words that really amazed me:
“As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
       will never cease.” 
Genesis 8:22

       God made this promise after He just flooded the world because the humans living in it were so sinful and unrepentant of their ways. God felt so grieved and filled with pain with what He was seeing that He decided to end mankind except for Noah, his family, and representatives of every kind of bird and animal alive on earth (Genesis 7:1-4). Every living thing on the face of the earth was demolished, deceased except for the preserved living creatures as well as Noah and his family whom were kept safe on his ark (Genesis 7:23).  God  later decided to grant mankind a little mercy. Even though men and women are inclined to do evil He made a promise that He will not destroy ALL living creatures. Afterwards He said that seedtime, harvest, cold, heat, summer, winter, day, and night will never cease. Meaning that despite what global warming theorists insists there will always be seedtime meaning spring, harvest meaning fall, summer, and winter. God did not state that He favored one season over the other or that He will during one long duration of time focus on one season then allow the earth to be destroyed by another. There is no mentioning of the summertime taking over the winter during the end days or whenever in the future. I am sure that if God intended for there to be a global warming on earth He would have mentioned it here in Genesis or not state what He said in Genesis 8:22. God is not a liar.
       As we look into the present and experience the bitter cold God has laid upon much of America and perhaps the Western Hemisphere, we are reminded that mankind is not in control of the weather pattern on earth, God is. And while the global warming alarmists continue to collect their data on the earth's temperature and weather patterns God will continue to rotate fall, winter, spring, and summer as He always had since the days of Noah. I am sure that there are many scientists who agree with mankind behind a non-factor on the daily weather pattern but unfortunately within a Liberal dominated media their voices and opinions will be muffled while being ignored. But God will continue to make fools of such futuristic weather predictors as He continues to do with the weather what He always wanted just as He already said He would regardless of what the weather was back in 1800 and whatever, regardless of Hurricane Katrina, regardless of what whomever from whatever university with whatever degree predicts. But alas mankind is stubborn and many will continue to brew their guesses together, act confident in what they are pretending to know, then afterwards call it science. I am not against science. I simply believe that God made the work a little bit easier for us by already mentioning the facts in His Word.