Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why Trump Won

       The 2016 United States Presidential race turned out to be one of the most zaniest elections ever in the history of this country. From the beginning the entire US nation along with the country's leaders, the media. citizens, and voters have been confronted with many controversies and challenges. These challenges involved the very words of the Constitution, fights between political groups, races, religions, different goals and ideas. One group shouts for climate change, claiming that preparing the country and its people for upcoming change of weather is crucial for the survival of our future as well as the future of our children and grandchildren. Others state that such claims are a sign of fear mongering and that fighting for a supposed occurrence within the distant future would be a waste of the America's time and money. One group shouts for the rights of the LGBT, claiming acts of hatred and discrimination, a need to be saved from bigots. Others demand respect for their religious rights claiming that their 2nd Amendment rights are being disregarded. Demands for these rights continued to clamor against each other. Each group demanding their rights are important, insisting to be heard and respected.
       The media did not help the situation at all. Much of the media was one sided, mostly liberal, and definitely pushing for Hilary Clinton. President elect Donald Trump had his own assistance from the media representatives like Fox News but the loudest and most heard was Liberal Media represented by a slew of television, print, and media giants and a host of smaller stations and news organizations. The entire Liberal media was obviously anti-Trump while continuously asking one another, government officials, the so-called experts, and their audience whether or not Donald Trump is fit to be president. Well, after asking that question for the millionth plus time it became very obvious to the US citizens' the media's opinion. It also became very apparent who the media wanted to win the election. And after haggling Trump so much for so-called affairs he may of had twenty plus years ago and male chauvinist comments he made before the year 2000. Yes what Trump said about grabbing women by the ..... is terribly wrong but not a reason to vote someone like Hilary Clinton, whom has made her share of deplorable comments and was geared towards creating plans that will eventually wreck the future of many people living in this country while stripping them of some of their precious freedom. Most people know that Hilary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, was himself engaged in several affairs while holding the office of President of the United States. Hilary, her own self, is rumored to have had affairs with women. Both have expressed behavior that is just as bad or even much worse. This is the candidate who wants to force gay marriage to be approved and carried in each of our states regardless of whether individual voters agree or not. She wants to force our churches and businesses to acknowledge gay marriage and hold such festivities within the confines of both our places of worship and our work regardless of our religion. This goes against our First Amendment Rights but Hilary like her boss President Barak Obama does not respect the First Amendment and were poised to elect future judges who were going to wreck the writings of the Amendment that protects the rights of Christians and other people's religion. They were ready to butcher the freedom of religion surpassing it with the uplifting of homosexuality and gay marriage. Christian people knew what this woman, Mrs Hilary Clinton was poised to strip away from them their rights so they showed up in large numbers in order to protect their freedom to worship God and obey His Word and command without facing harsh punishment through hefty taxes, fines, losing their businesses, their privacy in public restrooms, and whatever was next in the plan's of the Liberal Party.
       President elect Donald Trump won because current President Barak Obama failed in his promises to rejuvenate the job market in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, and Florida. He promised to bring jobs. He brought none. The citizens of these states have been suffering as they have witnessed business after business leave and take off for some lands overseas. President Obama made little effort to bring such businesses back or entice others from other parts of the world to come in and take their place. Instead he was traveling around the world and America, showing his face in various celebrations, smiling to the cameras, appearing to have so much fun, also expressing grief as he made camera appearance after camera appearance to answer for multiple shootings that oddly occurred very often during his presidency. He spoke in behalf of many gun control groups, blaming the Right to Bear Arms, America's Second and one of the country's most popular Amendment, for all of the random acts of gun violence and stranger versus strangers massacres occurring all over the country (ex. Orlando Nightclub). At the same time these anti - gun groups were avoiding more specific, detailed relating matters such as the spread of isolation within many individuals living within the country, the spread and wide popularity of drugs as a source to heal psychological wounds instead of  seeking comfort from decent people, individuals being highly influenced by violent television shows, music, and movies rather than healthy relationships, and a separation movement occurring throughout much of the country away from trying to live a life of good morals and character. Could it be that a constant preaching from the overly dominant Left Wing press and tv media raised a society to be less fearful of God and more concerned about each one's self, their own happiness, and maybe the happiness of a few surrounding them? Maybe such dominant character produces individuals who are more prone to commit violence against others?
       President elect Donald Trump promised change in this country. Millions of citizens living in America have been suffering. They have lost their jobs, they have changed from having a once highly lucrative career to one that barely places food on their table if at all. These people want change not billions of their tax dollars thrown towards studying the supposed climate change. The Liberal Media desires so much to control the world. They want to throw into the faces of Americans what they believe is supposed to be important, what they believe our leaders should invest crucial resources in, while the people who are in need simply sit, watch, and suffer. Barak Obama seemed too overly concerned with the media's opinion and at being politically correct. He did not show concern for the people in America who are looking toward paying their next month's bills. Hilary Clinton was much the same. She was an Obama student in the making, expressing the same traits but would have likely been much worse. She was seriously aimed at trashing America's first and second amendments with no regards at all about the people who our founding fathers wrote those amendments for. She was all out for the LGBT but at the same time showed little regard for followers of the C-H-R-I-S-T. She wanted to encourage transgenders to enter any restroom they want but expressed no interest in protecting the innocent people who would be left vulnerable for those who would use such an opportunity to take advantage of others. She wanted to push for supposed abortion rights but showed no concern for people who wanted to further protect the unborn. She was ready to strip people of their guns at the same time leaving them susceptible to violent groups and individuals who wish to harm them. She expressed little concern toward forming protection in this country against against America's enemies like Al Qaeda and ISIS. She was very likely headed towards forcing churches and all buildings in America to hold and support gay marriages regardless of what the Bible says. She was ruthless and that is why many Americans voted against her. They were themselves saying: "No not my president".


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