Friday, October 18, 2013

"I will not renegotiate"

       The struggles between Democrats and Republicans, President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner, President Obama and Congress, Congress and Senate, Democrats and the Tea Party, Republicans and the Tea Party all have turned into major daily headlines in the US media. Congress barely forms an agreement on time as the deadline stood just a couple days away. The good news, the US has not fallen off the great financial cliff, at least not yet. On the negative side at least 850,000 federal workers temporary lost their jobs, some federal parks and recreation centers temporarily closed down, and some reliable government aid programs became less generous.
       But what lies ahead for America? Those who read and follow American politics knows the battle is far from other. The government receives a status quo spending bill through January 15 of next year. Its $16.7 trillion borrowing limit is suspended until February. In other words see you all back on February 2015 for Congress, both parties, special party groups, President Obama et al to go at each other again.
       When talking to people about the budget, the disagreements, and battles between our elected leaders one can immediately tell that a lot of Americans either don't understand the current budget status of our country or are so highly in love with their political party or leaders that they just could care less. America's finances are in huge trouble. The mentioning of a $16.7 trillion debt alone should create "oh my" bug eye stares from listeners, but strangely one can hardly notice any concerns from listeners. Some folks even shrug their shoulders or yawn. Maybe that is the main reason why our country is in such huge financial debt. Maybe some of our elected leaders have the same level of concern except they are careful not to express such feelings in front of the cameras.
       Unfortunately, many US citizens get the majority of their facts about the budget mess, who is wrong and who is right, whose fault it is from the media. The media is the worse place to retrieve the facts behind who is and who is not right because the media is incredibly biased. According to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and friends everything about the budget debt is the GOP's fault and President Obama is the poor chap being offended for just trying to do his job. When one reads deeper into the United States history involving the US budget one will discover that it has climbed steadily for the past hundred plus years. Voting to increase the budget limit when the country has run out of money is comparable to us everyday working people calling up master card, asking them to grant us another $10,000 loan even when we know that we already maxed out on our past five cards and don't make enough currently to pay off any of those. The American government is experiencing the exact same problematic scenario except it is a million plus times worse. But just like us and our families at some point someone in Congress has to have the courage to face the criticism from the other party, other members of Congress, President, and yes even some of their own party members to stand up and say HEY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO PAY FOR ALL OF THIS! Who is going to pay for all of these bills especially when many American citizens are out of work, jobs continue to flow overseas, and much of America jobs' work scale has decreased? Where is the money going to come from?
       But alas the media has an easy job. They simply stick a sexy face in front of viewers write a nice script while showing an entertaining film. Actors, film writers, entertainers, whom are already secured with millions plus the trust of their audience show their support and disproval of certain political members. That is their way of telling people who to support, who to vote. It is time for people to think for themselves. Devote some time reading about American political history involving who is and who is not related to some of America's current financial mess. Know the information for yourself. Don't allow Whoopi or some Liberal talk show to tell you what to do.
       Like government like people; America, most of America are living off of borrowed finances. Many people are a job loss here, an accident there away from falling off their own financial cliff. I know that some people do not believe it but America, yes this great country of ours is not too far off from falling off their own financial cliff. This country needs to find ways to stop spending so much money. America needs some serious budget cuts. And yes that will hurt some people. It will mean that some of the things we all enjoy as Americans will have to go away. That means that some of us may receive a little less education. That means that some of will receive a little less medical care. That means that some of us will have to try harder to find jobs. Most of us will have to learn to live on smaller budgets. Most of us will have to learn to work together to share food and ideas instead of cornering ourselves within our heavy walls while waiting for governmental assistance.
       There are many Americans receiving governmental assistance who can get up and work if they wanted to. Many governmental programs are a waste of time and money. A lot of governmental functions and services can be done by many of our neighborhood churches and non profit organizations who are in greater position to serve us better since they reside in our blocks and are in a better position to know what are true needs are.
       The same organizations and people that much of the Liberal party attack everyday, the churches, Christians, religious organizations like the Boy Scouts are the same people, groups whom if given a chance can serve many of the uneducated youths, homeless, drug addicts, domestic violence victims, etc. much better than the government can and with much less money. Every problem in life cannot simply be solved by money. Many of life's problem takes much love and heart in order to be defeated. America has to find this out before digging itself into greater ditches. Both government and individuals must look inside their heart and pocketbook to know and divide what is and what is not really needed. Place the blame and responsibilities for your financial woes on yourselves. Stop looking toward the government to solve all of your problems and don't always rely upon popular media to feed you all your life essential information.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miley's Set Up

       Have you seen it? Have you seen the video? I am pretty sure you have. Especially if you are living here in America. Miley Cyrus. Whooaahh!! What was she thinking? What is wrong with her? Well after pretty much witnessing, via media, the tragic downfalls of famous, talented stars such as Michael Jackson, Eazy E, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobaine, Brittney Murphy, and so much more one cannot help but begin making comparisons. What differentiates Miley Cyrus from these recently deceased celebs? Her high level of cockiness?
       When viewing her "wild thing" antics and hearing her typical "who cares" comments via television one realizes and yes she mentions often, that her wild behavior is a tactic for her to obtain more attention, thus higher popularity leading to further fame and money. But is the mathematics that simple? Must one show the world her rear end, a la recent VMA 2013 awards, in order to obtain more cd sells? Does she really desire this kind of attention or, one wonders, if her mind is strung high on some kind of substance?
       There is a price for fame, is an overstated lesson. Miley, too late, has already paid such a price, a huge one. The 2013 VMA's has already been buzzing all over the media with her loony striptease. Previously admitting to attending wild parties, smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, obsessiveness with tweeting, argumentative behavior, hoarding animals, being impulsive, her infatuated enthusiasm with sex, putting one, two, three, and four together someone can obviously see that something is terribly wrong. A highly likely future train wreck can occur if nothing is done to help this girl.
       Let's pretend to say that Miley's behavior is a ploy to create more attention for herself. That she has not just gone nuts. Such a tactic is a terrible, misguided step. And it is doubtful that many people are buying it. The ones watching the show are likely laughing at her. Her VMA show has already been exploited, caricatured, parodied, and mocked over and over again on both internet and television as well as people's workplaces and homes. Then there are likely some like me who just happen to watch the media now and then so that they can report to others the significance or deep, hidden meaning behind what is actually being seen. A performer as popular as Miley Cyrus has loyal fans that will back her up but if she continues to sell her body and soul on television behaving like a wild person with no sense of discipline, how long will she be able to keep the respect of her main audience? Who is capable of watching her future performances without reminiscing degrading performance. Miley Cyrus may have already stereotyped herself as a lost once popular singer/actress now in desperate need of attention.
       There are many examples of "Miley Cyrus's" in the world today. Not just in the media. Not just the studios. We also find them in our workplaces, our churches, circle of friends, the local grocery store. These are people who for some reason or another are in such a desperate need of attention they will do just about anything foolish in order to obtain it. The popular response from such folks is that they don't 'give a #@**#$' what you think. They are lying. They give a  #@**#$' they just don't have the courage to admit it. Miley Cyrus is likely personally scared of her fame and ashamed of her public image but has already placed herself in a tough spot where she would have to be extremely humble in order to admit her mistakes and change. Unfortunately the man in her life who supposed to be guiding her, her daddy, Mr. Billy 'Achy Breaky Heart' Cyrus, is portraying a terrible role model for his child. During a recent interview on a popular entertainment news show Mr. Cyrus communicated approval of his daughter's behavior, not once uttering any expectance of accountability from her. That is a terrible thing for a dad to do, approve of such a shameful behavior. Personally I don't want any of my children bending over for anybody, especially while in front of multiple viewers. That is one of many big shames of Liberal television, is the lack of willingness for dads, who are supposed to be leaders, to stand up in front of the television cameras and plainly say that such a behavior is wrong. If I was Billy Ray Cyrus I would take a moment to forget about the fame and money, instead look on at the life of my daughter and just be honest with myself while admitting that something is wrong. If Miley Cyrus's family really care about her they would take lessons from the Jacksons' and half the cast from the popular eighties sitcom "Different Strokes" by treating this situation as a life emergency and making sure this young lady gets all the positive help necessary. Someone needs to tell Ms. Cyrus that she does not need to sell her soul to the devil in order to obtain any sort of life satisfaction. The Truth will set you free as it would Miley, if she will acknowledge it. Love the Lord and stay away from trouble. Peace.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Behind the Affordable Care Act

       Looking at the Affordable Care Act, the thought that everybody can have insurance sounds like a good idea, but the media along with their favorite politicians often composes for society simplistic plans that will supposedly save America. Is the Affordable Care Act going to solve healthcare dilemma? Is it really that easy?
       Browsing through American history one will note several attempts by the government to meld together the galaxy wide distances between the rich and the poor. Robin Hood like fantasies that are supposed to take from the rich to give to the poor such as the lottery has resulted in a much different end then initially expected by American leaders. The working class and poor instead have taken away from their own families' tight budget initially planned to be spent toward much bigger financial priorities to be gambled away on a game based on a wining odds of 1 in 175,711,536. This is the Mega Ball lottery odds of one matching 5 normal balls out of a pool of 56 and one mega ball out of a pool of 16. Wow!! The odds of winning 10 bucks, that is matching two normal balls and one mega ball is still 1 out of 844, still wow!! Imagine buying 844 Mega Ball tickets in order to win $10. Does that sound like good business sense? Yet it is the poor and middle class who most often gamble awayhad earned money for a prize they have a greater chance of getting hit on the road by a motorbike than winning.
       Another Robin Hood example that was supposed to be and by many US residents, still looked up to as a financial problem solving hero is Medicare and Medicaid. Both plans have good intentions but have unfortunately milked huge yearly portions of US tax payer dollars. And many of the individuals within these plans have no jobs and have no intention of looking for one. They plan to spend the rest of their lives leaving US tax payers to pay their medical bills. The portion of the bill not paid by Medicare and Medicaid some patients will refuse to pay because they insist that Uncle Sam must pay the entirety of all their hospital bills. Many Medicaid patients don't understand that the plan will not automatically pay all of their hospital bills. Depending on their income, they will be responsible for a portion of their medical bills. The same confusion will likely occur with the Affordable Care Act. Many clients will enter these insurance plans expecting their new insurance companies to take care of all or most of their expenses. They won't take the time to study and understand all the details and fine print saddled together with these plans. Likely many of these clients will be eventually sent to collections. Possible numerous lawsuits and allegations of fraud will occur because of great lack of understanding and an over dependency from a product with too high of expectations. There will be much arguments and debates regarding who is supposed to pay for what. And as always Obama and much of the Democratic party will walk away stating that somehow or another the confusion is the fault of the Republican Party or in someway or another blame former President George Bush, who is a popular scapegoat whenever something in the government goes awry.
       Another popular source of confusion is popular Liberal biased media, aka NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN news and affiliates. These are news sources who find it very difficult to hold President Obama or democrat at arms in Congress accountable for any mistake, offenses committed. In their fantasy world President Obama is supposed to have every major decision go his way while the Republicans roll out the long red carpet for him. Members of the tea party demand Obama make some cuts in the budget. Some members of Congress, led by Speaker of the House Boehner, want specific changes in the healthcare law. As fellow leaders elected by citizens of this country that is their right, their job to expect and demand compromise, changes to laws, acts expected by President Obama and his democrat comrades. The media makes it seem so but not every citizen in this country agrees with the idea of the government being in top control of supplying healthcare. Many people believe that Obama is overstepping his bounds and that businesses and citizens are capable of supplying and deciding their own insurance needs without the government's help. And there is a big question Obama has yet to answer. How can the federal government be so sure that they can stay on top of the insurance plans of every US citizen when the country continues to struggle handling its own Medicaid, Medicare programs, while continuing to stand billions and billions in dollars in debt?
       The US government is already swirling amidst running after terrorists, trying to get out of Afghanistan, trying not to get overly militarily involved with Libya, Syria, and terrorists groups Al Shabab and Boko Haram. The United States is streaming with once decent, middle class neighborhoods now diving under poverty. The Affordable Care Act could have been a good idea if begun long ago in place of Medicaid but now the US simply can not afford it and many people in this country simply don't trust the government telling them what to do to with their money. Don't force people to buy insurance. Allow churches and non profit organizations to create and develop programs to be able to find and care for those who lack ability to afford insurance. They will likely do a better job at caring for people's medical needs than the government. Force hospitals and doctors to reduce the cost of healthcare. They are simply getting away with charging their customers too much money. If someone can afford health insurance but gambles that he won't need it, let him pay the consequences if something bad happens to him. Such people will serve as examples to others the price of stinginess and making bad choices.