Saturday, October 12, 2013

Miley's Set Up

       Have you seen it? Have you seen the video? I am pretty sure you have. Especially if you are living here in America. Miley Cyrus. Whooaahh!! What was she thinking? What is wrong with her? Well after pretty much witnessing, via media, the tragic downfalls of famous, talented stars such as Michael Jackson, Eazy E, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobaine, Brittney Murphy, and so much more one cannot help but begin making comparisons. What differentiates Miley Cyrus from these recently deceased celebs? Her high level of cockiness?
       When viewing her "wild thing" antics and hearing her typical "who cares" comments via television one realizes and yes she mentions often, that her wild behavior is a tactic for her to obtain more attention, thus higher popularity leading to further fame and money. But is the mathematics that simple? Must one show the world her rear end, a la recent VMA 2013 awards, in order to obtain more cd sells? Does she really desire this kind of attention or, one wonders, if her mind is strung high on some kind of substance?
       There is a price for fame, is an overstated lesson. Miley, too late, has already paid such a price, a huge one. The 2013 VMA's has already been buzzing all over the media with her loony striptease. Previously admitting to attending wild parties, smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, obsessiveness with tweeting, argumentative behavior, hoarding animals, being impulsive, her infatuated enthusiasm with sex, putting one, two, three, and four together someone can obviously see that something is terribly wrong. A highly likely future train wreck can occur if nothing is done to help this girl.
       Let's pretend to say that Miley's behavior is a ploy to create more attention for herself. That she has not just gone nuts. Such a tactic is a terrible, misguided step. And it is doubtful that many people are buying it. The ones watching the show are likely laughing at her. Her VMA show has already been exploited, caricatured, parodied, and mocked over and over again on both internet and television as well as people's workplaces and homes. Then there are likely some like me who just happen to watch the media now and then so that they can report to others the significance or deep, hidden meaning behind what is actually being seen. A performer as popular as Miley Cyrus has loyal fans that will back her up but if she continues to sell her body and soul on television behaving like a wild person with no sense of discipline, how long will she be able to keep the respect of her main audience? Who is capable of watching her future performances without reminiscing degrading performance. Miley Cyrus may have already stereotyped herself as a lost once popular singer/actress now in desperate need of attention.
       There are many examples of "Miley Cyrus's" in the world today. Not just in the media. Not just the studios. We also find them in our workplaces, our churches, circle of friends, the local grocery store. These are people who for some reason or another are in such a desperate need of attention they will do just about anything foolish in order to obtain it. The popular response from such folks is that they don't 'give a #@**#$' what you think. They are lying. They give a  #@**#$' they just don't have the courage to admit it. Miley Cyrus is likely personally scared of her fame and ashamed of her public image but has already placed herself in a tough spot where she would have to be extremely humble in order to admit her mistakes and change. Unfortunately the man in her life who supposed to be guiding her, her daddy, Mr. Billy 'Achy Breaky Heart' Cyrus, is portraying a terrible role model for his child. During a recent interview on a popular entertainment news show Mr. Cyrus communicated approval of his daughter's behavior, not once uttering any expectance of accountability from her. That is a terrible thing for a dad to do, approve of such a shameful behavior. Personally I don't want any of my children bending over for anybody, especially while in front of multiple viewers. That is one of many big shames of Liberal television, is the lack of willingness for dads, who are supposed to be leaders, to stand up in front of the television cameras and plainly say that such a behavior is wrong. If I was Billy Ray Cyrus I would take a moment to forget about the fame and money, instead look on at the life of my daughter and just be honest with myself while admitting that something is wrong. If Miley Cyrus's family really care about her they would take lessons from the Jacksons' and half the cast from the popular eighties sitcom "Different Strokes" by treating this situation as a life emergency and making sure this young lady gets all the positive help necessary. Someone needs to tell Ms. Cyrus that she does not need to sell her soul to the devil in order to obtain any sort of life satisfaction. The Truth will set you free as it would Miley, if she will acknowledge it. Love the Lord and stay away from trouble. Peace.

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