Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obama's Hope and Change?

Just recently I discovered our President, Obama had just joined the legal fight against California gay marriage ban. I warned people. I told my friends and relatives. Many ho - hummed the idea, believing that "hope" and "change" was a more critical thought to value than protecting marriage. While Obama crooned and swooned their emotions with his speeches, looks, and swagger, he made them forget their priorities, God, and morals. Now the rights that black people, white people, America often brag about. The freedoms that we all take great pride in might just be in jeopardy as this man with his Liberal, and mighty ACLU army swoops into our country's politics and Constitution and cause havoc. Obama with his constitutional law professor background and his relentless law experienced army are in the deep throes of our country planning to change all of our laws, our Constitution towards denying each one of us our rights to worship God freely, our rights to attend and worship freely within our churches, our rights to raise and teach our children to follow and value God. Obama's army want to replace God and put a humanist/socialist culture in His place. A culture that does not value one's freedom to decide whether he or she will choose to follow God or humanism, mother nature, evolutionary science, or whatever one may choose to call it. Obama's army insist that we take man's pleasure, the wants and desires of the flesh, lust, man on man sex and place such feasting on top of a pedestal, while our Christian and even brothers and sisters and even some of our non - Christians defiantly make their case, that this is wrong. But we were warned. We are still being warned. The economy us still suffering. The earth still reeks of dangers snow blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, simmering heat waves, earthquakes, possible terrorists attacks, rumors of war, and the like. God is and have been giving our nation time to repent, but will we. America, those who will listen, please take this seriously. Lower down your favorite music that is playing. Turn the television off for a moment. Put away that cool video game you love to play. Tell your children to chill. We got some work to do. There are fervent prayers that need to be made. Decisions that must be formed and commitments taken seriously. Our country is in trouble. Let's make our voices heard. Lets talk to our local congressmen and senators. Lets talk to our nearby politicians. mention your concerns to the local and national media. Make them understand that regardless of what their polls say, we are not going to allow our country to go down like this. We will not allow America to become another Sodom and Gomorrah.

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