Sunday, February 10, 2013

Change? Obama

Obama promised change. Our current president insisted and sold the majority of voters in our country into believing that after reelection many welcoming transformations will occur in our nation. While looking around, reading, watching television, conversing with friends, family members, and co-workers, while perusing the job wanted ads, I am searching for this change. I wonder to myself what has changed? Driving around my old neighborhood and still witnessing the same for sale signs sitting in front of the same properties for now over a year, I wonder what has changed? When is our President going to be held accountable for the many promises he has made? When will the media and the public stop accepting "George Bush" as an answer for all questions referring to the deep concerns on our economy? And what about gay marriage? Obama often mentions accepting homosexuality as a Civil Rights issue. His pro - gay movement has become a big cause of pride for his Democratic Party. Has accepting homosexuality trumped equal rights for blacks and whites as a priority with our first black president? And how do our black political leaders respond to that? Yeah there's been some change. I don't know about the change the majority of voters placing Obama in office wanted.

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