Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Morning After

       How many of us reading this letter have daughters? How many would appreciate their young ladies engaging in sex with who knows who at the tender age of seventeen, fifteen,thirteen, or possibly even younger? Recently, a federal court ruled in favor of unrestricted sales of morning-after pills to women, even females under the age of 16, no doctor or parental permission needed. Certainly there are a lot of so called "progressive" groups or individuals cheering this ruling in the name of women's rights. Many young woman all over the country have been ingesting this birth control booster for years. Now little girls are offered extra encouragement by our court system to dive ahead into sexual relationships and they don't even have to worry about what mom and dad might say because the government will basically ignore their concerns anyways.
      What is a morning-after pill? It's simply a pill that helps to prevent pregnancy after intercourse. The motive is to simply encourage young people to engage in sex while not having to worry about any possible responsibilities. Now if a woman over the age of 21 or even 18 is  habitually ingesting such medication during her relationship(s), her action would not be viewed by some as responsible, but she is an adult. Under current law and tradition she will be viewed as having the right to do what she wants with her body. Lowering that age down to 16 and below forces society to look at our young daughters, sisters, and the males (boys) they are involved with. Simply, embracing wide usage of this morning-after pill seems likely to increase sex amongst young children. Worst off, sexual intercourse between children will be placed further out of the hands of their parents, likely ending up in more poor decisions made between young couples, and more unwanted pregnancies. More babies will likely be raised by young single moms and/or their grandparents leaving more work for state and local court systems via child support, welfare rulings, food stamps and other popular poverty assistance programs. These social welfare or assistance programs will be funded by our good ole tax payers whom are already burdened with BIG GOVERNMENT'S many other programs. In other words the ruling is simply unintelligent, not thought through by whomever sat on that court bench.
       Strangely, did not hear this story on the television news, nor the newspapers. Saw the article while browsing on the internet. Might have missed it. Or maybe BIG TELEVISION wishes for now to remain silent. Who knows?

According to the CDC, 329,797 babies were born to females between the ages of 15 and 19 during the year 2011. That is a lot of babies. If one was to include the number of potential young ones aborted the number would likely more than double. Over three hundred thousand babies? That's a whole lot of diapers. And those three hundred thousand plus parents

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