Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not All About the Guns

       Everyone by now has heard about the terrible tragedy occurring recently in Boston. A horrific event marring a classic sporting event followed by many. Many stories have been told by people who were the unfortunate eye witnesses of the bombing attacks as well as the army of newsmen and women reporting them. The Boston marathon attack, since the murders of 911 how many similar scenarios has America experienced? How many of these brutal crimes have been committed?
       Columbine, The Oklahoma bombing, Bombing at Centennial Olympic Park, September 11th, Fort Hood, Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), Virginia Tech, 2012 Aurora Shooting, Sandy Hook Elementary,Red Lake Massacre,  and so many more. All of these names as well as the ones not mentioned bring back instant memories of catastrophe and violence.They are reminders to us all that something is just not right in America, our country. And they all seem to happen at just the time while we are all going about our daily lives and  routines having already forgotten about the last horrific massacre.
     There was a time in America when one will work, eat, play through the whole day and not hear about such violent multiple murders besides the average crimes we hear everyday during our local news. But after just recently enduring the pain and tears following Sandy Hook, one has to wonder, is this the new norm? Is this America?
     A big difference between the crimes occurring at the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook is that the one occurring in Boston did not involve guns. There is no gun control argument. We likely won't be seeing Wayne LaPierre's face on television. Now hopefully, America, Congress, President Obama, you and I can have a serious talk about something much more important. Something evil is brewing in America. It is hard to pinpoint it but one can see that there seems to be an evil presence that appears to be growing and becoming bigger.
      Evil is a looming presence that is hard to fight with laws, security, and prisons because evil can appear in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. One of the biggest mistakes mankind makes is to stereotype evil because it simply allows the dark spirit to hide. The best one can likely do is to keep alert but not jump to conclusions. Don't quickly rush into agreement with that pretty face on television because his or her voice sounds appealing and, or intellectual. Don't allow the media frenzy to carry you away in a swoop with all of its fear mongering and constant news of doom. Be assured that what you do day to day is of good spirit and worthy of the One Above who keeps His eyes on everything. For only He can provide us with the true answers to the constant questions concerning why. But the most important question is will we listen?

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