Saturday, April 20, 2013

Responsibilities of Islam

       After the capture of Suspect #2 of the Boston Marathon bombings a few articles came out on the internet defending Islam. Some of these articles repeated the same rhetoric we often hear after someone or a group of people maim and kill others in the name of Allah, that this is just an isolated circumstance involving a few loose radicals. One article trivialized whether Americans should contend with the possible radicalization of Islam by stigmatizing Muslims. A few years just after the Twin Towers bombings  many of these same authors would be ranting against the Islam religion but now they are defending Muslims by demanding tolerance, while calling those who feel offended by Islam bigots.
      If one studies the history of countries like Nigeria, Sudan, Russia's Chechnya region, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Persia, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, India, Palestine, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal one knows the long list of violence and brutal dominance, committed all in the name of Allah. The world today hears daily of news involving some sort(s) of bombings, shootings, killings occurring somewhere, all in the name of Allah. A long history of wars between Christians and Muslims, Muslims and Hindus, Muslims and the Roman Empire, the Muslim Caucasion tribes holy war against Russians, the Sudan's Mahdi forces jihad against Ottoman (Turks) and Egyptian armies, the Taliban's Jihad against Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Fulani Jihads in West Africa, 911, and so on provide a portrayal of a tremendously large group of angry people who always seems to be fighting for one reason or another.
       Why are they always fighting? This is a question that a large growing media force replies with answers often involving their most favorite word, "tolerance", while instructing others to not express "discrimination", don't be a "bigot", the same language that mainstream media spills out whenever attempting to brainwash their audience into viewing complicated issues their way. Are these answers going to reason with the remaining curious, soon to be Muslim converts who may be brainwashed to believe that violence is the right approach to whatever questions or indifference that may exist between two or more groups of people?
       One hates to hurt others' feelings and no not everyone who follows Islam is on a mission to maim and destroy but bringing forth questions regarding one's group's purpose or motivation does not automatically make one  "hateful" or a "bigot". And while terrorist groups continue to kill and maim others in the name of Allah and threats continue to grow and become more serious, those feeling targeted, the ones watching and reading about their friends, neighbors, their fellow countrymen being terrorized for simply being Americans, or for not being Muslims, intelligence, common sense has to begin to take its stand. "Why are they always fighting?" "Why are they always wanting to hurt us?" Why does holding a religious group accountable for their actions make one a bigot? For sure, millions of citizens in countries like Nigeria, Sudan, France, Germany, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Ethiopia, Chechnya,  etc.., etc...., are asking the same questions.

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