Sunday, June 23, 2013

Views on Winning the War on AIDS in South Africa

      Today I read an article on a writer's view on beating AIDS in South Africa. The author focused mainly on educating young men and especially women on safe sex, HIV medication, and prevention, including condoms. Folks, the story of condoms and safe sex has been versed and sung repeatedly over the past 20 plus years. AIDS and sexually diseases as a whole has only gotten worse. African countries like South Africa, Uganda, and Botswana have been given high media attention regarding each nations high AIDS population. Education is preached over and over again by doctors, researchers, and especially celebrities yet progress is not being made. The progress mentioned by researchers, celebrities, and especially media groups often involve intense medication injected by needles or pills swallowed by mouth. Much of the research involving the entire effects of these medications have not been completely finished or followed through but it seems that many of these media writers, researchers, and their celebrities are overanxious in declaring victory on a battle we have not won yet. AIDS patients and people involved in risky sexual lifestyles are being advised, coaxed into taking medication they don't entirely understand or at least know the full risks involving after affects. The risks of taking some of these medications may be more deadly and painful than the AIDS disease itself. But popular science seems to not care. Instead the lives of many Africans are taken for granted as they are used as guinea pigs for medication research while doctors try to come up with the next cure for AIDS. During many past discussions with proponents of sex outside a monogamous heterosexual marriage, Africa is always immediately brought up as a scapegoat, as if being thrust upon as the sacrificial lamb for the world's promiscuous sins as a whole. Africans and African Americans, them also having a high HIV- AIDS infection rate when comparing the entire minority population, are popularly used as a buffer for the actual reasons why people contract the AIDS virus.
       With billions of dollars being spent to fight against the spread of AIDS in Africa as well as healing those already stricken with the virus, the world also needs to fight against the stubbornness of continuing working with a game plan that is losing and instead allow the possibilities of other solutions. Abstinence is an often suggested solutions by Christians and religious individuals and groups but is rarely taken seriously by education leaders, researchers, and especially the media. Abstinence in the form of waiting to engage in sex when one is married is often frowned upon or viewed as an impossible task for everyday, "normal", people. Yet abstinence when looked upon as one waiting to get married to his or her special partner before engaging in sex is actually precious as well as life saving. Regardless of whether popular media likes it or not not having sex until one gets married works. Married people not cheating on their spouses works. A person who is not hopping from one individual's bed to another has much less to fear about obtaining or passing the AIDS virus or any other sexually transmitted diseases because he or she is not joining his or her flesh with  lifestyles and habits involved in and with who knows what. How many people can follow the sexual habits and lifestyles of numerous or even just two people? One partner is difficult enough. Such is painstakingly difficult but is what many of these single moms and dads are doing when trying to find out who and where they received the AIDS virus. When married and having sex with one partner, even if one was to receive the virus the question and search dilemma is much less complicating.
       Africans, Black Americans are under a tough task and have a huge problem that can grow bigger if not dealt with specifically and with honesty. Africans: South Africans, Ugandans, Botswana, and other suffering nations have to accept national and personal responsibility for the spread of the AIDS virus amongst their civilians. The sex education does not have to be complicated and even thought much of the world seems to shun living a moral life, people have to face the fact that the lifestyle simply works. If the western world truly valued the lives of black men and women living in Africa and America, black men and women living all over the world they would stop beating a dead horse that has not shown good results for the past twenty plus years. Safe sex and condoms is not working and there are too many young families being led by single females. Sorry feminist proponents but nation, civilization being led mostly by women is very susceptible to poverty and a hard life for all members of the family, especially if the decision is made via choice. Moms need a strong man to help raise and develop their children. Children need to be around both mom and dad and know that both love and care for them. Such love is necessary and should never be taken for granted. Sons need to be raised by a strong father figure, Children need to know who their real daddy is. These important details are imperative. Don't make light of them. Most important if a man is not sleeping around he has no need to worry about condoms. If a woman is not sleeping around she does not need to worry about whether her partner is using a condom. Marriage, one man one woman works. Let's use it to our advantage.

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