Friday, June 7, 2013

Responding to Boko Haram

       The once heated fighting has dwindled. Protesters, fighters, war mongers, potential bombers have spread out within the neighboring shops and villages hiding. The Nigeria army are bragging about how many Boko Haram fighters they have killed and the wide amounts of the land they have wrested back from terrorist control. Sounds like a chorus Nigerians have heard repeatedly. Also reminds me of a familiar verse that has been sung within the Wars in Iraq and the still stubborn battle in Afghanistan. Islamic fighters hardly give up. The worst mistake President Jonathan Goodluck can make is to relax while allowing the enemy time to breathe. Now is the perfect time to bring in refreshed troops in order to scourge the enemy, drag them out from their hiding places, and interrogate potential threats so that the troublemakers understand that Nigeria is not a waiting pool for them to take out their religious holy drama. Chad, Niger, Cameroon all those counties bordering Boko Haram infested Nigeria need to come together (that is if they are serious) and make serious plans on how they will weed each and every individual war monger out. The religious fanatics need to respect Western Africans especially the ones who have no desire to take part in whatever Islamic culture or rituals that Boko Haram insists they have to force upon nations.
       Remember 2009 when Boko Haram was defeated and their founder, Mohammed Yusuf, was killed. About 800 people died in that battle. The terrorist group came back and is today still causing problems. Remember the Gulf War fought in 1990 and 1991. People in the world laughed at the ease in which the US won the war. US lost 294 soldiers during the Gulf War while the number of coalition deaths reached 379. Compare those two totals with 4486 US troops losing their lives during the War in Iraq and 318 coalition troops also losing their lives fighting in that war. The stakes got higher and the enemy fiercer. Now the US is still fighting a battle in Afghanistan, a war that they are still struggling to wrestle out from within. Money, fatigue, politics, and civilian casualties has hindered the US government from finishing off Al Queda along with their terrorist comrades. Nigeria has an advantage over the US in regard to finishing their enemy. Nigeria does not have to fly thousands of miles across oceans and continents in order to find and demolish active enemy fighters. Nor do they have to keep surveillance throughout several continents all over the world in order to keep a step ahead of potential bomb plotters. The Majority of the enemy is in the area of Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon. If these four countries can come to an agreement and stick with it they can rid themselves of this annoying pest. The plan won't be easy and yes they may lose some lives but at least their won't be periods of time where the enemy seems to have disappeared then all of a sudden dozens of people are maimed via bomb. At least we are not making it easy for the enemy to create another plan of evil.
       If one reads the history of wars between Muslims and Christians, one will learn that these battles, wars often endure for many, many years. President Jonathan Goodluck is in the position where he can change that history. He just has to decide right now not back off. And we will pray that hopefully Chad, Niger, and Cameroon along with other nearby African countries will decide that it is worth the time, money, effort, and lives to get rid of this enemy so that Western Africa can enjoy some quiet and peace. And maybe, maybe the US will send in a little help as well, maybe.
       For now let us all pray for Nigeria, along with African countries like Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Mali, and others whom now and historically have had difficulties with bullies who for various reasons seem to believe that their beliefs and wants are superior to every one else. Such a problem can be extremely difficult and tricky. But it is a problem that does not have to be solved alone as long as we are willing to try.

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