Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boy Scouts Decide, the Church Reacts

       Was it a good decision? On May 23, Boy Scouts of America decided that no boy can be denied membership with the scouts based on sexual orientation alone. Before making that decision the BSA took a hard stance against relentless gangs of organizations demanding that they dismantle their rule against allowing openly gay scouts as well as scout leaders from joining the scouts organization. Many churches and civil leaders voiced their opinions against the proposal, stating that the BSA is founded and supported by Churches and members who believe and follow the Word of God. God's Word strictly prohibits homosexuality stating specifically that the behavior is sin. But later the BSA's National Council with a margin of more than 60 percent (mostly Mormon and United Methodist Church members) would vote to accept openly gay members into joining the Boy Scouts but not allow gay leaders,  a decision that will most likely change this longstanding, respectful organization forever in the future and may very well cause its eventual end. Boy Scouts of America president Wayne Perry approved of the decision stating that the kids are better off in scouting.
       What was the battle really about in the beginning? A lesbian den leader in Ohio was thrown out of the organization and told she had to quit because she is gay. The former den leader replied that she was being discriminated against. The BSA responded that they don't believe that subjects involving one's sexual orientation should be exposed to young children. The media and gay civil rights groups replied, of course, with comments suggesting the kids love them and what they are doing is not hurting anybody. Jenifer Tyrell and her partner Alicia Burns pestered and fought the BSA via several meetings, public comments, and assistance from the media and various public figures. The intimidation level was high coming from the gay rights group but was the fight really about allowing gay members into the Boy Scouts? Was all this attention, money, and energy intended simply to allow gay people into the Boy Scouts? The gay rights groups are free to create and form gay approving groups of their own. Many private and public gay approving groups and organizations exist voicing and spreading their propaganda. But is there more to these individuals' and groups' motive?
       As we currently see hardline biblical churches and organizations leave the Boy Scouts of America, while the gay rights groups remain silent of this matter, we learn that there was a more likely bigger motive of this attack than simply opening the group to gay people. As of recently members of the Southern Baptist Convention are leaving the BSA, being urged to join the bible based Royal Ambassadors. Many individual churches like the Roswell Street Baptist Church in Roswell Georgia and the Candlelight Christian Fellowship
church in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho are walking away from the BSA. Churches have split apart from each over this issue of homosexuality. And this is likely the core of the reason for the attack. An assault against the church, an onslaught against Christians as America witnesses who is and who is not willing to stand against the world for what God demands is right.
       God is working behind this conflict as churches and Christians fight to demand that they be allowed to obey the Word of God without interference from others. As one side chooses to stand against the gay right groups and the other begins allowing exceptions or deny God's Word outright, the world sees which church groups are true to the Word of God and which ones are simply out in the world trying to appease to the masses, ex. gay rights groups and media. But the true followers will shine as Christian affirming youth groups become strengthened by shedding away the goats from their herd and keeping the sheep. God fearing individuals will be motivated to begin their own youth mentoring groups who are not afraid to put God first. Their is a plan behind this outcome and God is behind it. As we view His plans one must decide which side he or she will stand on. Who's opinion is more important. Is one going to stand on the Word of God or will the individual's mind be swayed via the opinions of the world.

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