Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Cold in 2013

       Americans from most of the nation has experienced extreme cold during the months of November and December of 2013. Degrees measuring in the 30s, 20s and yes even the teens and single digits in some parts of the country has forced folks to huddle up and dress warm this all. Fall?! Yes, we have not even reached winter yet but the weather is freezing. Snow has been falling like crazy with some cities and regions receiving record snow falls. Earlier in February of this year the Boston area got slammed with almost 25 inches of snowfall, the fifth largest in the cities history ( During that time 32 inches of snow fell in the city of Portland, Maine, the biggest snowfall ever for that city.
       Recently, heavy snowstorms have preyed in areas like Providence, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Tennessee, pretty much the entire northeast and mid Atlantic states. New York received 3-5 inches of snow, Philadelphia up to 8 inches parts of New England was littered by at least up to four inches of snow (Nuckois, Niedowski, 2013 p A4). Snow also fell in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and surrounding states. It even snowed in California, again. The entire United States pretty much felt snow except for a few lucky southeastern states.
       Now what does all this snow and cold say about the Global Warming assumption. I know that I have written on this subject before but as an avid reader and viewer of the news I often been shelled by the Global Warming assumption and been taunted by the experts? who assume that the theory must be true and not only true but that anyone who disagrees is either clueless or uneducated. The sad part about this assumption is that the federal government, many state governments, as well as private businesses and individuals are using this supposed fact toward wasting a lot of money researching and funding projects in order to limit or cease supposed human(s) contribution to climate change.
       A popular claim by Liberal global warming supporters is that more educated scientists/researchers believe global warming exists than ones who don't. The problem with this claim is that this number is faceless, nameless. We don't get to see, discuss, or question these educated? professionals. We are simply expected to nod our heads in acceptance because someone use the term "educated". Again who are these people? And simply because someone is educated does not mean that they must always be right? And because one is in the majority does not mean that everything they say and believe in is the exact truth.
       A popular saying is "seeing is believing". In regard to global warming I just don't see it. The weather is brutally cold and has been for the past month. It is still fall. The season has not even reached winter yet. It was cold last year as well as the year before. Atlanta, Georgia is cold and is also receiving some ice and a brush of the white stuff briefly seen shining on the tips of the grass earlier this morning. The white stuff was not enough for me to officially call it snow but if it wasn't snow it was pretty close. In the seventies, eighties, nineties, places like Chicago, Wisconsin, Upper and Lower Michigan were also cold. Personally I was not alive during 1500 BC or even 1820 so I cannot officially compare what the weather was like then compared to now. But common sense tells me that to simply assume it must have been colder would entail that I have some kind of supernatural power to dig into the past and simply read temperature. I don't care how many books you read and degrees you have accomplished you cannot honestly state what the temperature was like in Atlanta in December during 1500 BC. Education works when used correctly but sometimes common sense works best.

Nuckois, B. and Niedowski E.(2013). Eastern Snow More Nuisance Than  Menace The Atlanta Journal Constitution, pp. 4A.            

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