Saturday, December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty Freedom of Speech

       I recently read an article about the heavy backlash GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is receiving by fellow Christians and their supporters. GLAAD has and is still receiving many complaints and criticisms after the fallout on A&E's suspension of Duck and Dynasty's family patriarch Phil Robertson for his comments stating that homosexuality is sin and that while growing up in Louisiana before the Civil Rights movement he never saw the mistreatment of blacks. It appears that the A&E network simply listened to the Liberal side of the argument stating that Phil Robertson's comments were anti-gay and racist. Both television station and media watchdog organization decided to ignore Christians and other members of the political/social right who agree with the comments made by Phil Robertson. They failed to responsibly consider the fact that a large portion of people living in the United States do not agree with much of the Liberal party's opinion about how the world should run.
       In recent past most Christian media followers mostly ignored or tolerated comments readily made by pro-Liberal groups like GLAAD against anyone who disagreed with the belief that people are born gay and that homosexuality is normal. People often accepted the big lie that whatever the story, that it is none of their business of that "things will eventually work themselves out". Now people are beginning to open their eyes and realize that groups like GLAAD carry a take all attitude towards this social war of America's souls. The struggle is not really about giving gay's rights. The struggle is about taking away every individual's right to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. GLAAD and organizations like them demand that they make that choice for you and I and afterwards ram THEIR choice down each and every one of our throats. What always comes out of this argument and is always supported by Liberal media is that everyone must agree with choice made by their chosen organization(s) and that everyone who disagrees with them is "hateful", a "bigot", "uneducated", or choose from several more from the long list of popular adjectives.
       Going back to Phil's comments. He was actually speaking to a 3rd party, GQ magazine. In his comments he mentioned that everything seems to be fine with today's society that are not fine. In his list of society's wrong but accepted conduct is adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality. Phil was being interviewed by GQ who asked him about his definition of sinful behavior. They asked for his opinion. Was this a setup? They watched his show before. They know that he is a Christian. They know that Christians don't accept homosexuality as normal, at least the ones who are obedient to the Word of God. So what do they want him to do? They want him to renounce God and go against Him in order to please GLAAD and like organizations? That is silly. Does GLAAD go to the Muslim mosques and interview their leaders regarding their views on homosexuality, abortion, school prayers and like issues? No, because groups like GLAAD know most Muslims will readily fight back if harassed and these Liberal groups have a resentment for Christians and their unwillingness to back down from their call to be obedient to Jesus Christ. Their is a deep hatred from pro-gay groups that stems from that strong allegiance that Christians have towards Christ, their refusal to disobey God and follow the way of the world. Groups like GLAAD, magazines like GQ, tv stations like A&E insist they must follow Christians around, harass, them, punish them, if they don't follow and do everything that the crowd insists they must do.
       Phil Robertson also mentioned that growing up in Louisiana before the Civil Rights movement he never saw the mistreatment of blacks. That is Phil's opinion and a representation of what he experienced during his childhood and as a young adult in his home state. Maybe instead of condemning him Liberal party supporters should research what he is saying. Maybe what he is saying is true? Look at America today. Many African - Americans still depend on welfare. Many of them are still on medicaid. There are still many of them spending years in prison or have families headed by single mothers raising children long deserted by their fathers. The Civil Rights movement have not solved the past and current problems, issues of black people who live in the United States. The problem is not just racism. Their is a deeper seated problem that people representing the media and groups like GLAAD are strongly trying to force America to ignore. What the issue comes down to is that this country has the freedom of speech written in the often mentioned US Constitution and now Liberal supporters and their groups are trying to take that freedom away from groups of people they don't like.
       GLAAD does not represent African Americans. Every African American alive today is not down with GLAAD. Stop forcing the association with the gay movement and the black people's rise to respectability in America. They are two completely different stories. This assumption is disrespectful and a tremendous insult to black individuals living in this country. They deserve the right to have their own opinion. Let the blacks in America speak for themselves. You will be surprised, at least some of you, what you hear. That is real freedom, allowing everyone to have their own voice, their own opinion instead of creating one for them out of hard stone.

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