Sunday, December 29, 2013

Global Warming vs Antarctica

       Likely a few of you readers have heard of the current difficulty occurring in Antarctica. There is a Russian ship filled with 74 passengers composed of tourists, scientists, and crew members who are determined to further the study of global warming. The ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, through its voyage, is trying to replicate the 1911-1914 mission carried out by Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson who successfully completed an expedition through Antarctica. Mawson's journey supposedly supplied proof toward the global warming theory's claim that human generated carbon dioxide and gases are greatly contributing toward the warming of the earth, causing changes to our daily weather patterns. The Akademik Shokalskiy voyagers led by Chris Turney, leader of AAE (Australian Antarctica Expedition) and Intrepid Science, a science education channel on youtube are on a mission to further Sir Douglas Mawson's study of the icy terrain of Antarctica and supposed melting of ice and glaciers that are, according to global warming theorists, influencing the floods and chaotic weather occurring here in America.
       To everyone's surprise Chris Turney's army of terrestrial experts have found themselves stuck in the middle of Antarctica in, surprise!!, ice. No wonder why ABC, NBC, CNN and pals are not all over this story. The facts goes against their sacred global warming religion. Beaming the results of Chris Turney's journey continuously to their viewers would make them as well as global warming enthusiasts appear mistaken.
       An icebreaker from Russia, another icebreaker, this one called the Snow Dragon, from China could not free the team of scientists. A French icebreaker on Saturday abandoned the mission. A fourth icebreaker, Australia's Aurora Australis, has the best chance of reaching Chris Turney's crew and should reach them sometime Sunday. Unfortunately the icebreaker was created to only handle 1.35 meters of ice. The Akademik Shokalskiy is surrounded by ice more than 3 meters thick. The Aurora Australis's tackling of the ice barrier surrounding the trapped voyagers will be similar to one ramming a car against giant walls built of cement. The strangest part of the journey is that the Chinese, British, Australian, and New Zealand experts believed that the ice was thin enough for the Snow Dragon to slice through, building a path for the stuck ship to follow the created space toward safety. What the experts thought was melting ice actually formed around the unfortunate ship and simply froze in place virtually locking the ship within what could be a developing glacier. Such is an incident that Chris Turney his team of 74 scientists, climate experts, and global warming enthusiasts never dreamed of occurring. The climate is supposed to be rising higher. The ice in Antarctica is supposed to be gradually melting, reducing itself in size and strength. Water and ice in Antarctica shouldn't be moving that quickly.
       Fortunately, if the Australian icebreaker is unable to free the Akademik Shokalskiy, the Snow Dragon is supplied with a helicopter that is supposed to be able to carry the 74 scientists, crew members, and sightseers out of their ship and into safety. Unfortunately for the Akademik Shokalskiy, the ship is in danger of being broken into pieces by the very ice that surrounds them if the ice does not melt in time or the ship is not freed.
       The global weather is a very complicating subject, especially in a continent like Antarctica where hardly any human being lives. Because the earth happened to possibly experience several years of warm weather does not immediately mean that the same pattern has been occurring for the past hundreds or thousands of years. Because Sir Douglas Mawson was able to complete a journey through Antarctica  during the early 1900s does not mean that such is an easy feat. The explorer's success does not mean that the ice is melting in Antarctica making it easier for ships to travel through that amazing continent. Maybe Sir Douglas Mawson with even less technology and information in his days was simply a better prepared, more competent sea voyager. Maybe he was just lucky. He may of just happened to travel during a season of time when the region was warmer making it easier for him to sail his ship within the normally icy environment. If one wants to be a real scientist he or she cannot simply jump to the conclusion of global warming.
       While waiting for help Mawson's crew is currently feeding penguins and taking pictures of underwater creatures. Hopefully their journey did not all go to waste. Maybe they gained some information from the many penguins who accompanied them during their voyage. Hopefully scientists and onlookers, trustfully the educated? folks have learned something from this occurrence. It is dangerous in this world to pretend to know more than what one actually knows especially if one is travelling within a wilderness like Antarctica where hardly any man resides. Place the moon and space in this category too. I watched Sir Douglas Mawson's youtube educational videos before writing this piece. He sounded and appeared very confident before and during his journey. His crew also spoke excitedly while filming each other about their mission. Maybe they were faking their excitement and confidence but I believe that some of them may try to continue with this mission. Who knows if they are able to free their ship they may decide to continue their mission, that is if. But likely, knowing human nature, somebody(s) in that crew will try to repeat this mission. If and when they do I hope they learn to not be completely blinded by unproven global warming theories. Remember we did not create the earth. We do not know all the facts concerning it.


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