Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Does the Christian Say to the Fox?

31 At that time some Pharisees came to Jesus and said to him, “Leave this place and go somewhere else. Herod wants to kill you.”
32 He replied, “Go tell that fox, ‘I will keep on driving out demons and healing people today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal.’ Luke 13:31-32
       The Pharisees tried to discourage Jesus from what He was doing through fear. They told Jesus that Herod wanted to kill Him. They told Jesus, Jesus of all people to basically run. King Herod back during those times of the Roman empire was a powerful man of authority. He was a terrible enemy to devout Jesus followers who were tortured and taunted by both Romans and Jews alike. But Jesus responded fearlessly to the Pharisees to go tell that fox, King Herod, that He was on a mission. Jesus had things to do. Jesus did not have time to worry about what this supposed Herod, a man famous for killing newborn babies in Betheleham, would do to Him.  King Herod killed those babies out of fear. He was then known as the king of the Jews. King Herod knew that Jesus was coming to take over his throne. Jesus not only took from Herod the title King of the Jews. He drove out demons, healed people, took beatings, died on the Cross for mankind's sins, then rose again on the third day. Jesus did exactly what He, the prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others said He was going to do.

15 This is what the Lord says:
“A voice is heard in Ramah,
    mourning and great weeping,
Rachel weeping for her children
    and refusing to be comforted,
    because they are no more.” Jeremiah 31:15


16 This is what the Lord says:
“Restrain your voice from weeping
    and your eyes from tears,
for your work will be rewarded,”
declares the Lord.
    “They will return from the land of the enemy.
17 So there is hope for your descendants,”
declares the Lord.
    “Your children will return to their own land. Jeremiah 31:16-17

       Therefore stop weeping, desist the temptation to grow frustrated and weary. As long as you are traveling on life's journey with Him God has got your back.

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16.

       And go tell that fox to get lost. Like Jesus, you are on a mission. You got things to do. You don't have time to worry and fear before the King Herods in your life. God is going to take care of them and He will do a much mightier job then you can even wish you could do. And remember in the end He wins, meaning we win. So our journey gets even better.

38 There was a written notice above him, which read: this is the king of the jews. Luke 23:38

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