Thursday, January 23, 2014

God's Response to Global Warming

       Recently while reading my Bible I struck upon some verses that wowed me in its straight to the point explanation of an intellectual debate that has been boiling between Christians, Atheists, and the various in-betweeners for the past forty plus years. Many times when one speaks to a non-believer or one who claims to believe in the Words of God but holds more faith in humanist theories about a difficult, controversial topic, the non-believer will respond either that the Bible does not mention the issue or that the book is outdated on the specific topic. When one reads the Bible, not scanning or perusing but actually read the Word in detail, meaning not just the popular and important narrations of David and Goliath or Jesus Christ's crucifixion, one will discover the answers to many of the wonders of life and the world. The Bible simply explains many global and universal wonders that have taken mankind thousands of years to realize. Here in this conversation I am just going to discuss with you one of them.
       The controversial issue is Global Warming. With the frequent days of alarmingly cold weather and many record breaking snowfalls the global warming debate - is it real is it fake, is it a government, environmentalist research firms conspiracy to rake more money from their faithful followers, or cold hard evidence produced from years of scientific research? When reading and participating in online and personal discussions one quickly understands that the side believing in the reality of global warming insist that their view is reputable, incapable of being denied, and those who don't buy the story are either uneducated, just plain ignorant, or both.
      While reading the Bible in attempt to grow closer to God and gain a better understanding of Him, I stumped upon these words that really amazed me:
“As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
       will never cease.” 
Genesis 8:22

       God made this promise after He just flooded the world because the humans living in it were so sinful and unrepentant of their ways. God felt so grieved and filled with pain with what He was seeing that He decided to end mankind except for Noah, his family, and representatives of every kind of bird and animal alive on earth (Genesis 7:1-4). Every living thing on the face of the earth was demolished, deceased except for the preserved living creatures as well as Noah and his family whom were kept safe on his ark (Genesis 7:23).  God  later decided to grant mankind a little mercy. Even though men and women are inclined to do evil He made a promise that He will not destroy ALL living creatures. Afterwards He said that seedtime, harvest, cold, heat, summer, winter, day, and night will never cease. Meaning that despite what global warming theorists insists there will always be seedtime meaning spring, harvest meaning fall, summer, and winter. God did not state that He favored one season over the other or that He will during one long duration of time focus on one season then allow the earth to be destroyed by another. There is no mentioning of the summertime taking over the winter during the end days or whenever in the future. I am sure that if God intended for there to be a global warming on earth He would have mentioned it here in Genesis or not state what He said in Genesis 8:22. God is not a liar.
       As we look into the present and experience the bitter cold God has laid upon much of America and perhaps the Western Hemisphere, we are reminded that mankind is not in control of the weather pattern on earth, God is. And while the global warming alarmists continue to collect their data on the earth's temperature and weather patterns God will continue to rotate fall, winter, spring, and summer as He always had since the days of Noah. I am sure that there are many scientists who agree with mankind behind a non-factor on the daily weather pattern but unfortunately within a Liberal dominated media their voices and opinions will be muffled while being ignored. But God will continue to make fools of such futuristic weather predictors as He continues to do with the weather what He always wanted just as He already said He would regardless of what the weather was back in 1800 and whatever, regardless of Hurricane Katrina, regardless of what whomever from whatever university with whatever degree predicts. But alas mankind is stubborn and many will continue to brew their guesses together, act confident in what they are pretending to know, then afterwards call it science. I am not against science. I simply believe that God made the work a little bit easier for us by already mentioning the facts in His Word.

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