Monday, July 15, 2013

Not Guilty

       Here we go again. Another captivating trial where one ethnic group, one demographic representing a large population of America feels cheated. Going back to the often mentioned OJ Simpson case, Emmett Till, and even the Rodney King melee in LA, the issue of race has always erupted in a big way in this country. A time where politicians and the media are are excited over increasing gay hype, discussing methods towards increasing women's rights to abortion, meddling in the affairs of our Boy Scouts, and how churches run their private organizations, the big monster in the closet jumps out. Right in the midst of the time when America is still cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy and recovering from murders committed in Sandy Hook another familiar menace has popped his head. Racism. America has found itself heaped under racial issues since its birth. Via the Constitution, education, creating further laws, money, and even the ushering of the country's first black president America has placed much hope on many attempts to conquer its problems. Even with such attempts, many of them honest, America still has not come close to solving what is a very deep heart issue.
       I have read and listened to both sides of the argument. Many say that the prosecution team simply did not come up with enough evidence to prove that Zimmerman was guilty of murdering Trayvon beyond a reasonable doubt. They say that there was not enough substantial evidence shown to prove that George Zimmerman was not trying to defend himself. People speaking on behalf of the prosecution state that George Zimmerman came forward with the weapon. Trayvon was unarmed. Trayvon was going about his business not looking for a fight. Zimmerman approached him already profiling the young lad as a criminal then used his assumptions to begin a physical altercation. Then pow, pow, a young black man lays dead. Unfortunately he is not alive to share his story, to tell the American audience his version of what happened that day of his death. So the court relies on the story of the now famous, Mr George Zimmerman.
       Myself, I am not a huge fan of guns. I believe that people should be allowed to buy weapons, but the availability of these arms should come with much restriction. No one should be allowed to run around a neighborhood with a gun simply because he sees a "suspicious" stranger walking in his neighborhood. People like George Zimmerman are highly paranoid and lack desire to communicate with people via conversation. They act before they think. When such a person is carrying a deadly weapon, tragic consequences are very likely to occur. A person like Mr Zimmerman should not be allowed to carry a fire arm. Hopefully this man has at least learned a lesson and will decide on his own to put his gun away. He appears to be a man with an itchy trigger finger, bent on assumptions while using stereotypes as a mental guide. If he has not learned by now he could likely find himself in this same position in his future.
       Again this is a heart issue, representing a country filled with people who are so obsessed over weapons, protecting themselves, shielding their "loved ones", competing with one another, Americans have forgotten to love one another as much as God loves them. America has forgotten the golden rule, that is to do unto others' as we would want them to do unto us. What if Zimmerman would have calmed down, not thought the worse, and kindly asked Trayvon what he was up to, what he was doing? Even if the young lad would have responded to the weapon carrier with several curses and variations of "mind your own ?!?! business", at least the seventeen year old would still be alive right now. Let's say perhaps even if the young man was whipping Zimmerman's butte on the pavement, wouldn't it be better for him to have taken the physical beating than for him to have shot the lad. As a child growing up I have witnessed and known of my own peers who had the buttes whooped on the playgrounds or behind the school building. They got right back up, sometimes with eye patches, bandages, or slings and went about their business. Some of them even reattached with their foes, became friends and rekindled a once torn relationship. What this case has taught us is that whenever anybody rouses your suspicion or ?!?!?! you off, go grab a gun and take care of the problem yourself. If a tragedy occurs tell the law that you were protecting yourself then you have a shot of going free.
       But going back to the heart issue America has a huge race problem. This country's citizens need to deal with it or else the problem will just grow bigger. We may just be a few more Trayvon Martin's away from experiencing an all out civil unrest or even worse. Reading commentaries from both sides one can read hatred from one color towards another. The good news is that one can see many white and hispanic people on television standing along with their black friends and neighbors begging for justice for Trayvon. Such is a good sign that there are many out there who see death as death regardless of the color. We also see that the level of violence after the verdict is not close to the level that occurred after the Rodney King trial. Hopefully our politically leaders would take this issue seriously and work on domestic programs focused on building better friendships and relationships between different ethnic groups, demographics, wage earners, age groups, and the like. Hopefully Black Americans and their popular role models will pull away from social politics and the media's attempt to forcefully bunch them together with pro homosexual and trans gender groups. Such comparisons hijacks the true feelings and circumstances involving the average black man and woman living in the United States while disallowing the Black American individual from speaking for his or herself. It is confusing people who are trying to understand the history of black people and their struggles. It sends the wrong message.
       Hopefully Americans as a whole can once again go back to church and their Bibles while searching for true answers to the problems and issues arising in this country. God's Word can show one how to love one another. Such power and wisdom is capable of bringing together races whom have experienced years of hatred between one another. Armed with God's love, one can learn how to turn the other cheek and not feel like he or she has to respond to every suspicion with a gun.

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