Sunday, November 17, 2013

One Hundred and Six Thousand and Creeping

       One hundred and six thousand people. Yup, one hundred and six thousand people. After spending 600 million dollars promoting and attempting?!?!, to set Obamacare together, the White House managed to sign up about one hundred and six thousand people for Obamacare. The Obama administration boasted 500,000 people would sign up by October. The country is deep into November and the numbers are not even up to halfway there. This is the plan that according to Obama was suppose to touch the lives of millions of Americans by providing them with an healthcare plan many of them would not normally be able to afford. The plan was supposed to keep American tax payers from behind denied insurance because of preexisting health conditions. The Great Plan was supposed to save the day by giving to the masses what everybody always craves, security.
       For many years the people of America had wide discretion for which healthcare company and what kind of healthcare plan they were going to receive. An individual obtained decent employment from a decent company the same person would often received decent insurance from a respectable insurance company. The ones who could afford it privately bought their own insurance. People working lesser skilled jobs or with smaller companies, or businesses with lower monetary ability often still received insurance but with less benefits. Those who worked in jobs whom couldn't afford or simply would not provide them with insurance collected free or lower priced governmental insurance and or benefits. Unemployed individuals would receive government assistance. The system was not necessarily always fair. It was not simple but it worked and most US workers knew and understood where the stood insurance wise and how things were going to work. Insurance was still expensive for many but still manageable for much of the population. Many people complained about those receiving Medicaid and Medicare. Many of those on Medicaid and Medicare complained about not receiving enough, but these are years long disputes that much of the population and media would admit is a serous problem but in reality don't lose any sleep over.
       But one man. A man famous for his demands and determination toward having politics go his way and the way of his party. This man, President Obama, decides that he has the problem already solved. Despite warnings from much of the Republican part members, insurance company representatives, many from the public sector, and a few from his own Democrat party the President decided to go ahead and push forward with his Obama care plan. The plan that was supposed to highlight Obama's legacy as a national leader, along with his pro - gay marriage campaign. The plan that unfortunately for Obama turned upside down while illustrating the weaknesses of our great president as well as the Democratic Party. Obama's lack of patience and inability to listen and take seriously those who disagree and disapprove of his plan may haunt his legacy as a president. Though the Republican party may have been beaten and trounced in many of its election competitions against the opposing Democrats they are still a reputable party filled with educated and tried leaders. The Republican party is still followed and respected by many millions of Americans. The president should learn not to always disregard their complaints and disagreements as simply whining.
       One hundred and six thousand signees with the cost of insurance rising higher for many US citizens with a high number losing their insurance, why would it take so long for one to admit he made a mistake. Myself calling several insurance companies and brokers felt surprised to hear some of the high prices offered for services that President Obama firmly promised was going to be cheaper. I saw for myself that NO, it definitely was not cheaper. In fact most of the prices averaged at least $150-$200 more per month than what I was used to paying for my insurance provided through my own job. Now my insurance is not the greatest insurance but I am not guaranteed that at $200 plus per month that I am going to receive a better experience someplace else or worse off not get dropped for some unknown reason. Shopping for insurance for my wife and kids we saw no better alternative than to simply have them sign up with me. Thank God I am working.
       Now some of the Democratic party members are finally coming out to admit that this Affordable Care Act plan is a big mistake. Of course most of these governmental officials are trying to save their own jobs, but I am surprised to hear Liberal media finally admitting the plans weaknesses. Maybe it is because Obama already won the election. They don't feel desperate to have to defend him anymore.
       Well, this plan needs to be ripped apart and thrown in the trash. The plan sucks. It is not a party thing. It would not matter to me if Obama was a Republican. The plan has cost many hardworking Americans their insurance, raised the price of insurance, and has made a good insurance plan unaffordable for many US citizens. And the AFA act is simply too complicated making one feel like someone is trying to control while manipulating the money trail in the insurance market. Sounds like a future huge scandal in the making. Obama's plan to postpone the AFA act for one year won't work. Many insurance companies have already let go of their former customers' plans and the government does not have the authority to force these companies to give their customers back their insurance at the same rate they were paying. The government itself will have to fork over that money. That is billions of more dollars on top of trillion plus dollars of government deficit. Scratch the whole thing. Allow everyone the freedom to decide whether they want or do not want to have insurance. Allow each person to decide whether or not they want to take the risk and live with it. This is America after all, home of the free. The freedom to make one's own choice.

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