Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What does Yoga Offer?

       Has one notice that as the main media and much of the world has openly rebelled against God and the Bible, society all over has openly campaigned throughout the western world for yoga? The media's heavy push for yoga always advertises a very positive, no lose reward for all those who pursue it. Yoga for much of it's peddlers symbolizes a means of happiness one can achieve without spending time boring over the Bible, driving to church, laboring through Biblical lessons or studies, or even trying to live a moral life. Yoga preaches meditation techniques that is supposed to create mindfulness, concentration, super mundane powers and insight. An insightful person may ask super mundane powers from where? Who is this mundane power? And what is this individual who practices yoga actually concentrating on?  A world full of atheists and agnostics who will often argue and fight to say that there is not a god will pursue time and energy meditating for a super mundane power whom they can not specifically explain, describe, nor name. They cannot state who or what they are suppressing their bodies for. 
       The Wikipedia explains yoga as the yoking together of the mind and body. Yoking is supposed to illustrate the "yoking together" of mules and horses. While reading this explanation one may still ask: "yoking to who? what? When a yoga follower sits on the floor with his or her legs crossed while breathing in and out, closing his or her eyes and humming, who is this person humming too? the air? 
While reading through various definitions and views of yoga I came across explanations such as relying on progressive restrictions of inputs from the outside, making oneself aware of his or her deepest nature, to experience one's deepest self. And again after reading through these explanations one may still ask restrictions from who? or after knowing one's deepest nature then what? How is one knowing his or her deepest nature going to transform his or her life? Will knowing your deepest nature make you happier? Will the achievement make you smarter? Will it bring you any closer to a state of no suffering? Will one achieve everlasting peace?
       These are typical questions that an individual who has not been sold into yoga may ask, or even one who has. These same questions are difficult to find the answer to. Christianity preaches meditation also but instead of one trying to yoke together his mind and body, the individual will communicate directly to Jesus. Someone who has prayed to Jesus and welcomed Him into his or her life will be able to talk freely with Him without ever needing to cross his or her legs or be forced to practice breathing exercises. Any one of you who has visited a Bible believing church, can you imagine the attendees sitting cross legged on their butte while practicing breathing exercises? Can one imagine Isaiah, Moses, Paul, or even Jesus sitting cross legged while enduring one of their many trials and sufferings? This is what the media and much of the world is trying to sell the world as good or beneficial. This is the same group of people who state constantly the separation of church and state. These are the same people and media who refuse to tolerate the idea of having the Ten Commandments posted in a court room or any general public facility. These same groups of people will be quick to want to expel your child for openly inviting someone to church while within his or her class room or discussing the rewards of salvation and baptism in the middle of the students' lunchroom. These are also the same media, groups, and individuals who will call someone a bigot or homophobic for choosing not to support homosexuality and, or gay marriage.
       But what does Yoga have to offer? Can it produce miracles? Can it save marriages? Can yoga turn an abusive, drunken husband into a loving spouse who becomes clean and sober for the remainder of their marriage? Can Yoga bring hope to a fallen nation who has forgotten their God, One who once brought them hope and freedom from countries, empires, religious organization, and leaders who were trying to kill them? Can the exercise pull one's precious soul out of the depths of hell? Can being aware of one's deepest nature allow him or her to spend eternity with Jesus in heaven? Do you want to place your soul into the hands of yoga? Where's your faith? Which reality sounds better to you? 

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