Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 and It's Frigid

        Snow, snow, and more snow. While perusing the internet an watching local and national news one hears the words "snow" and "cold" over and over again. The Atlanta area, a region located in the deep south, is under a winter storm warning, at least the third one this winter season. It used to be that Atlanta would face snow once every few years or more. It now snows in Atlanta almost yearly. It is getting worse. It is getting colder. The news in the northeast is reporting frigid weather. Details of snow and cold weather is released daily over the air. Record snow falls is reported in Massachusetts, especially Boston. Amounts of snow have been collected in weeks that the area would usually receive during one season. Boston received more snow in three weeks than Chicago ever received during an entire winter. The National Weather Service (NWS) announced that February 2015 was the snowiest month ever for Boston. The latest snowfall plopped 13 inches (33 centimeters) of white fluff ( Boston has seen 38.5 inches of snow so far this winter breaking the record held since January 2005 which saw 43.3 inches of white fluff.
       And it is not just cold in Boston. As mentioned, Atlanta is awaiting cold weather the week of January 16, 2015 with possible snow, at least freezing rain awaiting the area on Monday. Snow will likely be seen up in northern Georgia. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is expecting -27 degree weather, frigid ( The easternmost tip of Maine, Lubechad, had 2 feet of snow. Cold winds in Vermont forced the shut down of Lake Champlain Ferry Cross between Charlotte and Essex, New York. In parts of New England roofs and entire buildings crumbled to pieces under feet of snow.  Six to nine inches of snow could fall in Parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri. In the next 48 hours heavy snowfall is expected in cities located from the Plains to the Ozarks, through the Ohio Valley and parts of the south. Areas like Kentucky is expected to see at least a foot of snow. Detroit, Michigan is expected to be 4 degrees below zero. Buffalo, New York is expected to be 13 degrees below zero. It is so cold that a New Jersey woman was found frozen to death in the snow near her home (
      If one runs through the most of the US, especially the Midwest and Northeast, the individual would discover that Winter placed a chilly hand over much of this country. And the weather experts are reporting that there is more cold to come. Freezing weather that has been blowing strong since November and December is still rocking the country hard in February and the experts? a whisper are still talking about global warming. Frigid weather like this has been occurring every year but usually at about this time a team of global warming disciples would give the same annual speech about the weather actually being warmer if one was to collect all the temperatures together from the last so many hundreds of years and compare it to the temperatures thousands, millions of years ago. This annual excuse has not be heard much this time around. Much of the so-called experts have been remained mute so far. One will read a few of the cold weather articles commentators refer to this same old excuse but those folks would be quickly answered by twenty plus responders describing their grounds as hogwash while making similar references to the ones mentioned earlier in this article. Pretty much seeing is believing. People are getting tired of constantly hearing about global warming but not seeing or feeling evidence of it. If the earth is supposed to be experiencing global warming people want to feel warm weather. Isn't that what global warming is supposed to, after all the mumble jumble, eventually resemble?

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