Monday, April 27, 2015

What Has He Done?

       After finishing viewing news of Nicki Minaj's engagement to Meek Mill the UK screen immediately jumped to news coverage of "Orange is the New Black" star, Laverne Cox posing nude for Allure magazine (Willis 2015), as I watched him pose and try to act as if he is some kind of gorgeous woman it was hard for me to believe that this man actually thinks he looks like a woman and not only a woman but a very foxy one. The narrator of the short news film kept referring to Laverne as a "she" but the person portrayed on the photo is obviously no she. The eyes staring at you in what appeared to be in desperation was definitely not a she. Dude has big eyes, a big head, carrying arms packed with muscles. He looks big enough to play safety for a professional football team. I have seen Laverne pictured as his manly self, with and without makeup both in television and print. I know how he looks when not trying to behave feminine. When portraying his true self he looks like a guy who is probably good looking enough to lure a hot looking woman toward flinging herself toward him. Why he would bring such punishment into his life by denying himself this joy? Why he would deny himself the pleasure of being one with a gorgeous woman? One would have to know the facts surrounding this man's childhood and further personal history in order to discover some answers to these questions. Who is his mother and how did she treat him? More importantly, did he grow up with his dad and if he did how did they relate with each other? How did his siblings, especially his male relatives treat him? How did his friends treat him? Did he have many male friends and were they supportive of him? Some people will respond: "Who cares?" "Why should it matter?" Well the fact is, it does and by simply not looking into it we only make the problem worse. Look at Laverne (, does he really look happy? I don't see real happiness in his face and I remember relaying the same thoughts to myself when seeing him previously on television shows like Entertainment Tonight or Hollywood Reporter. I have witnessed the unhappy facial looks when I viewed other transgender individuals like Chaz Bono, Candis Cayne, Amanda Lepore. Not only do they appear unhappy their facial and bodily image emerge into one's view as absolutely atrocious. The television interviewers and program hosts always heap praises on them, calling them "beautiful", "fabulous", "sexy". But when one hears these huge compliments one can't help but think to themselves this person giving one (or several) whopper(s) of a fib because there is no way this person can look anywhere close to fabulous. Look at the lips protruding out for miles similar to those famous often famously cartooned lips of Mick Jagger.  And the body, Chaz Bono's most noticeably, humongous. While looking at Chaz one can easily figure out that the doctor injected way too much hormones in her body. When I look at Chaz ,Chastity Sun Bono's, pictures before her operational mess, I immediately think to myself, "what was wrong with that?" No, she was not the most attractive woman in the world but she was much prettier than this penguin like figure. And I am sure that if she would have put a smile on her face during those poses, wore some decent make up, dressed herself up attractively she would have made herself appear much better. I have seen much less attractive women do wonders to themselves after a day of shopping and some makeup. At times you can never know what is hidden inside, the plain face. You might just discover something you never knew exists. But the person must desire, be willing to pull it out. The person must not just like themselves, not just like life, but have a reason beyond themselves to desire to dress their best. Because other people are watching them and they want to appear good for others as well as themselves. Maybe people like Chaz and Laverne don't have anyone in their life creating that burning fire in them to desire to appear their best.
       Jesus is a lifetime partner who is more than able to pull it all out, neatly together for somebody who is struggling in life, yes people like Chaz Bono and Laverne Cox. Because even in those times when one is lonely, those times when everybody abandons the individual, or when one feels completely nuts, Jesus will never leave that person. Laverne Cox and Chaz Bono appear abandoned. Chaz Bono appears to be missing her father. Her dad, Sonny, was a famous singer who tagged team with her mom Cher Bono. He tragically died during a skiing accident in Nevada. Nobody in the media mentions this fact but Chaz, then Chastity did not actively defy her gender while desiring to be a man when her father was alive. While her dad was living she was mostly out of the spotlight. Maybe her wanting to be a man is a response to her father's death, maybe her dad had the ability to compose her, to calm her down whenever she gave out emotional outbreaks or expressed thoughts of depression? He may have talked her out of it or the thought may have never entered her mindset from the beginning if he was still alive. Her mother (Cher Bono), from her reaction to her daughter's mess, does not seem to care. Her mother appears to be morally irresponsible. She has publicly given Chaz her support but has seldom commented on her daughter's change of a appearance since the operation. Who knows what type of conversations may have been whispered between those two. But remembering the appearances of those awful negligee, part disco, part rock and roll type Halloween drabs her mom used to wear on those MTV rock videos one can't help but assume that her words were far from morally helpful.  What type of mother would give her daughter (or son) the support to commit such a crime toward themselves? What kind of a mom would provide approval toward a desecration of the body and face of someone they gave birth to? If Chaz Bono was your daughter would you be able to honestly look in the mirror, or better yet, to God and say you are thrilled at what she became?
       Bruce Jenner is another name among many to throw into the pot of characters within the celebrity pool who have messed up their lives while following this transgender route. He along with the others just does not appear happy and their manufactured faces appear ugly beyond description. Bruce Jenner was once a hero amongst many young American boys. An American olympian, he won the gold medal in what was once the US most favorite olympic event, the decathlon. America was proud of their athlete posting his pictures on Wheaties cereal boxes. He promoted products on television commercials. One wonders what happened to this guy? What made his life so unhappy? Kim Kardashian? Well that will take more research, probably enough to write a nice sized book.
       Now Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman, Why? Well this blog will likely be published before viewing his interview to be shown Friday night, April 24th. I am going to say that he most likely simply is not happy, probably feeling miserable. Somebody, thing, a thought, maybe dream, somehow convinced him that trying to change himself into a woman will provide him with whatever it is he is looking for to make him feel complete, to provide answers to that confusing or nagging feeling he has about himself. Maybe he was sexually molested when he was young? Maybe he had a difficult relationship with his father? That is another article. Maybe he provide answers to his audience during his interview April 24 or another one in the future.
        Unfortunately the media has bamboozled these people. The media provided them with the false idea that this transgender thing was going to make them happy like the media has with abortion, homosexuality, frozen embryos, spending fortunes on education, idolizing celebrities, engulfing die drinks, the list goes on the media has done it and many have taken the bait. Chaz Bono, Bruce Jenner, Laverne Cox, Candis Cayne, Amanda Lepore all have taken the bait. The media is not going to tell them the truth. Their interview hosts, newspaper and magazine writers, publicists will continue lying to these victims, pouring false praises at their feet in order to con them into parading themselves in these producers' carnival, circus shows. "Here it is audience, in the right ring we have the puffy penguin like character who is the daughter of Sonny and Cher." "Look at what she was done to herself!!" But make it appear as if they truly support them as to keep their true side from emerging as too obvious. But don't you dare come out and just say the truth. Don't dare speak up and state that this individual has done great harm to him or herself or you will be called a "bigot", accused of "discrimination", or being on the "wrong side of history".
  I am not controlled by the entertainment opinion censorship program, nor by the Liberal opinion watchdog. I can pretty much say and write whatever I want, within reason, and nobody is going to threaten to sue me or fire me like they have so many. And the world desperately needs people who can and will speak up honestly regarding what they see. hear, and have learned in the world. The world, more importantly need those who can more likely become sued or get fired show courage in speaking out despite the great risks involved. Fact is people in this world, in the American society have seen many people dressed up as the opposite sex appear miserable, become depressed, and commit terrible acts against themselves and others. Instead of blaming all these horrible conclusions on "bigots" people, society needs to be honest with themselves and look truthfully at what they are seeing. Instead of taking Liberal media's bait and simply assuming that every transgender that attempts suicide was pushed into self destruction by a religious extremist or some anti transgender maniac let's show these individuals some real love. Ask yourself, ask them.....Are they really happy?

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