Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kim Rowan, Underestimating a Determined Christian

       Kim Rowan, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same sex marriage licences, is finally freed after being forced to sit in prison for six days. After hearing learning of the news hallelujah screams were being fired by both Christians and non Christians here in the US and much of the world, but where do things go from here? U.S District Judge David Bunning, who ordered her release, said she shall not in anyway interfere indirectly or directly with her deputy clerks in the distribution of marriage licenses to gay couples. The judge stated in his words "all legally eligible couples".  Well, what is Kim and the rest of the firm American believers against gay marriage going to decide on doing now? Do they obey the judge and bow down to atheist groups like the ACLU and the Americans for Democratic actions? Do they follow the religious teachings of scripture defying groups like the Presbyterian Church (USA)?
       Kim Rowan because of her faith in God and persistent desire to walk in obedience toward Him refused staunchly to provide approval for marriage certificate to gay couples. Even though many government officials and presidential candidates, like Republican runner Carly Fiorina,  like the President Obama, the abrasive Donald Trump, Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, and President Barak Obama himself were against  Kim, using the law as their excuse the county clerk still boldly stood her  ground, She went farther in her stand for God, taking more abuse then most people would have even come close to tolerating. She did not appear to much of the government and liberal media to have much going for her. Only one of her six deputy clerks stood with her in defying the Supreme Court ruling and that was her son. She did not appear to much of the government and liberal media to have much going for her. But help and strong words of encouragement kept on pouring in from good politicians, as well as churches, thousands, perhaps millions of Christians. Prayers kept on and continue to keep pouring in. Republican presidential candidate, and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee ran to her side to provide her support. He stated that the Supreme Court, by itself, does not get to decide what the law of the land is. He earlier started a petition for her release that drew more than 55000 signatures (Scott & Diamond, 2015). Presidential candidate and former senator Rick Santorum stated that he disagreed with forcing people to do something that they believe is a grievous sin. Senator Rand Paul (Ky) called her jailing absurd. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal supports Kim Rowan. Senator Ted Cruz (Tx) personally arrived in Rowan County Kentucky to show support for her.
       This may have been a huge mistake for the pro gay supporters and judge David Bunning to have made. A match has already been sparked underneath the toes of Christian men and women living in America when the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal. Now their very navel is being torched and burned with the reality of people's jobs being interfered with and individuals being forced to participate in a grievous behavior that Bible firmly calls an abomination (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13), Homosexuality is one of several sins listed in I Corinthians 6:9-12 that will send one to hell if not repented. Now Judge Bunning has released Kim Rowan from jail on the threat to send her back if she interferes with her clerks issuance of  the marriage license. Judge Bunning has set up an extremely tense show down between his authority and the freedom and rights of Christians walking and breathing all over America. He has brought up issues and defense of the IST Amendment that gives Americans freedom of their religion. Attorneys will be all over this. Republican candidates are already all over this. This issue will likely affect whoever gets elected as the Republican Presidential nominee.
       From one reading and browsing through these news reports and hearing Kim Rowan's emotionally charged but courageous speeches to the press, she does not appear to be at all ready to quit. This woman looks like she is going to staunchly refuse to the very end to allow her office to grant marriage licences to gay applicants. She may even fire her deputy clerks who was issuing the licenses under the order of Judge Bunning. Which now leads to a question of the legitimacy of those marriage licenses. Does Judge Bunning have the authority to place those marriages done in Rowan county under his name? Can a marriage license in Rowan County be officially legal if not signed and approved of by Kim Rowan? This fight is far from over. Atheists, pro gay rights groups have not clearly understood but maybe now will begin to understand how much suffering a True Christian will undergo to defend and obey her God. This is not just a matter about laws. Well now wait, even the laws as mentioned are in question. Many Christians in America still do not believe that Supreme Court, 9 people, have the right to simply state that gay marriage is legal and it becomes legal just like that, especially when many US citizens and governors, in their very own states, already legally voted to make gay marriages illegal. How much power and authority over each individual state and each legal citizen does the Supreme Court actually have?
       These are questions and comments that will be going back and forth through all these television news editors, commentator, government representatives and politicians for the next several months, perhaps years. This is an argument that may likely change America permanently. A lot of people are not going to go for this acceptance, especially not their personal involvement in the legalization and encouragement of homosexuality. A lot of people will not support this gay marriage hype and not just staunch Christians. Islam law forbids homosexuality. Orthodox Judaism does not accept gay marriage. Surprisingly, even with the 60% support numbers paraded by the pro-Liberal media many non religious or even atheist people are not supportive of gay marriage. Their opinions are simply ignored by many television and news reporters.
       This is a stunning news of events for many Americans. Many cannot believe this. For them a man or woman being gay is not a big deal or as often mentioned by the media "none of my business". But for many they have already seen this coming and now are ready to fight. America better be careful. Remember what happened in England several hundred years ago when they had a pompous king who belittled Christian people and believed he could treat them anyhow. His callous, unwise behavior eventually created war and what we now call the United States of America. Be careful Steve Beshear Be careful President Obama. Be careful Judge Ginsburg and Sotomayor. Be careful.

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