Monday, August 12, 2013

Boko Haram vs the US???

       Boko Haram is at it again. Much earlier yesterday Boko Haram an Islamic terrorist group based in the Muslim dominated northern half of Nigeria gunned down 44 people in Maiduguri, Nigeria. This time, surprise, the 44 people Boko Haram violently murdered were not Christians or even neutral civilians these individuals were themselves Muslims. 12 civilians were also killed via gunfire by Boko Haram in another incident. But we don't know what set that bullet tantrum off. Seems like Boko Haram, like their fellow Muslim buddies in Afghanistan and Iraq thrive within a hobby of plain murdering people, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, whomever.
      These 44 people were shot down while praying, in a mosque. Boko Haram insists on having an Islamic State. They want everyone to be Muslim and live by Shariah law. Why are they killing fellow Muslims? The same reason why insurgents in Iraq would send a suicide bomber to blow up fifty plus fellow Iraqis in order to kill a handful of US soldiers. These men, women have an oddly, shared fanatacism involving bloody murder and just plain violence. Recent stories have read that the Nigerian army ordered by current President Jonathan Goodluck have decisively won several gun battles with Boko Haram, killing many of their members. Some say that Boko Haram is only a few young gullible men led by a few manipulative leaders backed with a lot of hype. But fact is the group still exists, they are still making news, and obviously still motivated to kill Christians, non-Muslims, and oddly Muslims. Boko Haram still wants to spread Shariah Law throughout the entire country of Nigeria. And not just Nigeria, surrounding countries like Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. Boko Haram leader Abubaker Shekau even boasts about his group being strong enough to attack the United States? Is this guy serious or is has he been busy smoking on some kind of weed while trying to avoid filling his mouth with pork? But a la 911, you never take what a serious Muslim group says for granted. Not that your nation lives in fear but common sense states that you take what this terrorist leader says seriously while making some behind the back plans to do some ?!?!***?!?! you know what.
       The point is that Boko Haram could possibly be the next Al Quaida. Leaders like Abubaker Shekau could be a Bin Laden in waiting. There are many reasons why some Nigerians leave their homeland in order to settle in places around the world stretching from Far East Asia, to Western Europe, to the Americas and don't come back. Harassment by criminals and gangs is one of them. Currently the criminal gangs have gained more concern from the Nigerian people who don't reside in the northern, especially the northeast part of the country, but Boko Haram is quietly relentless. President Jonathan Goodluck is doing a good job in putting pressure on this terror group by bringing the attack on them now but he needs to do much more especially now before the leadership of the country is passed on to the Muslims dominated northern half of the country. (If you are not familiar with Nigerian politics the Northern Muslim half and the mainly Christian southern half both take turns for each election, electing a president for their country).
       Bet ya that Barak Obama has Boko Haram on his sites. After the beating he gave the Iraqi, Pakistani, and Afghan insurgents he won't play with any Islamic Shariah plans coming out of Nigeria. For Nigeria's sake. For the beauty, the peace of its country and especially its people of all tribes and cultures. For the sake of Nigeria. We don't want Barak Obama to bring US war planes and machinery down to our beautiful lands in order so he can take care of this group of crazy warmongers himself. Nigeria would be wise to use all force and power to take care of this Boko Haram once and for all. Clean them out. Then don't worry, Chad, Niger, Cameroon all those countries will soon tire of them too. No one likes a bully. No one wants anyone telling their daughter how to dress, who they can marry, and what customs and traditions they are allowed to partake in. No one wants anybody telling them who they can worship or whether they can or cannot go to church. "You telling me what?" Excuse me, I am going to worship Jesus if I wish and I will go to church. If you want to follow Allah to your grave that is your business. Don't bring me and these people whom I love dearly on that fatal journey with you.

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