Thursday, August 22, 2013

But the Weather is Cool

       The world is repeatedly reminded of Global Warming during consecutive days of hot weather or amid long periods of drought. But what happens when a large geographic area goes through weeks and weeks of receiving cool or even at times frigid weather? What happens when it is in the middle of the summer and the weather has not reached above 70 degrees in the southeastern area of the United States? What happens when southern states in America has been pounded by rain repeatedly, day after day, causing floods, damage to trees, and pretty much making 2013 a wet summer. We are in the middle of the summer and the weather is cool outside. In fact the weather has been cool for much of August and part of July. Can we call this phenomenon global cooling?
        During online conversations and chats face to face, I have asked global warming enthusiasts why the weather is cold during certain days. I often read and hear the same response: the weather data is supposed to resemble temperatures collected over a long period of time. Supposedly, the past 100 years, even with recent years massive snowstorms repeatedly falling over 10 inches, is supposed to be extremely hot compared to the last hundreds, thousands, even millions of years on our planet Earth. The big catch is the length of years. Who was alive back in 1000 AD that will be able to compare the weather then to what is occurring with the weather now? Even if one was to have temperature collected from data hundreds or even thousands of years ago, no one is alive from hundreds, thousands of years ago who can convince everyone that the data is one hundred percent accurate. We don't know for sure whether they did not have long hot streaks with the same or even at much higher temperatures than we do now. We don't know for sure if there were thousands plus days of 100 plus degree weather that did not make it to the record books.
       The over thousands, millions of years theory is pretty much a synonym for evolution. We are supposed to be convinced by the theorists that over millions of years somehow the ape turned slowly into a man. Man's back and shoulder shifted more and more erect while the brain grew more and more complicated. Not a bit physical of evidence but some pictures of old fossils like Nebraska man who many believe represent a pig's tooth and Lucy who some say resembles a pygmy chimpanzee. French and American paleontologists believe that Piltdown man's jawbone and skull actually represent two different animals. Peking Man is believed to be a collection of facial bones, skull fragments, seven sections of a broken femur, shinbone, upper arm bone, clavicle, a piece of a wrist, all representing more than 40 people of different ages and sizes. Now what about the weather? What does global warming represent? And if the earth is supposedly getting warmer and warmer why is the American south, a usually hot climate region of the world so cold? Why has the rain been pouring down continuously when a year ago the media daily kept a chart of the long drought and the amounts of lengths below sea level our large lakes (ex. Lake Lanier) have fallen?
     The answer if people, including the "educated" and "experts", were honest is that nobody really knows. Who can predict what the weather is going to actually be like this November or December? Can anyone honestly forecast the amount of rain we are going to receive next year in 2014? Global warming enthusiast will likely lean towards a long, continuous hot climate weather pattern for the very near future with much dry seasons. But they have been saying the same thing for the past several years and it just has not come to reality. The past winters and even springs have been cold. Cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, and even Atlanta have received plenty of snow and plenty of cold weather.The sunny state of Florida has received plenty of cold weather in recent years. Sorry but global warming in English means the globe, earth, is warming. I am not feeling the heat. In fact it is getting kind of drafty. As they famous saying goes: seeing is believing. Don't tell me anymore stories about weather changing over millions and thousands of years. We have no quotes from any human being made millions of years ago and no one can truthfully say that they know what the exact winter or summer temperatures were back in 2000 or 3000 AD. No one can honestly tell me the exact inches of rain fallen on the earth from the years 2000 BC to the year of the Lord. What I do know is that the summer of 2013 is pretty cool compared to what the summers were like in the late 90's and the earlier 2000's.  And if I am not feeling the heat then I can in no way feel any truth nor have any faith in this global nonsense.

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