Saturday, July 5, 2014

FIFA's Annihilation of Mexico

       Yes it's late. The game did occur a week ago but what occurred during the match has been on my mind since. Anyone who carefully watched the game and is willing to be honest would admit that the calls truly favored Mexico's opponent, the Netherlands, that day. The Dutch team was truly being beaten by what the commentators and analyst would hate to admit was a better team. The advantage was Mexico's and if one would have taken away much of the terrible foul calls against them and erroneous offside calls the Mexican team may have even won the game by at least two. Now I said "may have", not would have. But alas soccer fans will not be given the chance to at least find out because just like the game with Ivory Coast vs Greece, the World Cups referees took the power of deciding the game winner away from the two opposing teams and kept that power all to themselves. They gave a Dutch striker a free kick at the last minute of the game, similar to what was provided to Greece, on a horrible dive that one typically sees many times ignored by the referees in other World Cup matches. I just witnessed the quarterfinal game between Argentina and Belgium. If the July 5 match between those two teams received similar calls for the many times Belgian and Argentinian players ended up on the ground spectators would have witnessed several free kicks, likely over five during one match. Unfortunately, FIFA has not developed a strict rule determining what is and what is not a free kick. They have left it up to humans whom we the fans are supposed to trust will be honest and fair. Unfortunately, oftentimes in these crucial games the officials are not honest or fair. They have given games away to teams they favor, likely because the teams reside in the European continent, while officiating harshly against African teams and other European opponents. The event is supposed to be called the World Cup. In order for that title to be true to its name it would only be right for talented teams from countries in North America, the Caribbean Islands, and Africa be allowed to play through a tough, spot determining game without always receiving a lot of fouls, yellow cards, and at times erroneous offside calls being called against them.
       There is a reason why Brazil and Argentina are the only teams outside of Europe to win World Cup championships during current times. One huge reason is because those two countries are very talented. Their countrymen love soccer and their lands are immensely deep with football talent. Another major reason is because these two countries often receive much respect from the referees. USA is close to receiving as much respect, the country just is not as deep in the talent level but they are getting there. Some of these African teams are there. They have the talent. They just need to receive the respect from the referees. They need to be able to go after the opponent's ball without almost always receive a foul. They need to be able to play important matches where one cannot always assume that they will receive more yellow cards than the other team. Greece was a not a very talented team and was given a freebie into the next round. Their poor skills was obvious against a better Costa Rica team which Greece almost beat because again receiving much biased calls and assistance from the referees.
       Now before one assumes that the author of this blog is simply complaining and crying because his team lost, I took much time to read the comments of readers from several World Cup match articles from different websites. I read many articles from readers in US, Africa, Europe, Asia who felt that Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Costa Rica were treated unfairly during their matches. Some have commented that Costa Rica were nearly robbed, by poor officiating, of their win against Greece.
       Before each World Cup match FIFA have the players stand in the middle of the field and recite some kind of speech about them and FIFA disapproving of racism. YEAH RIGHT!!!.  I will believe that when I am able to see Nigeria play against the Netherlands or Germany in a meaningful game without being carded several times and the other team awarded free kicks. Standing against racism means more than making speeches or even handing out money. I have been watching the World Cup for a long time and yes the FIFA officials have improved a little. The over, obvious racism, like name callings by commentators during matches have decreased. One does not witness as much the referees yelling or acting rude towards opponents from Third World Countries, but the phantom foul calls and providing of free kicks for swan dives and opponents simply playing good defense needs to stop. Players need to be forced to have to earn their goals. That is what makes the game competitive. That is what makes the World Cup exciting. If certain players and teams no longer have to earn their goals then the excitement and competition dwindles.

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