Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams, Suicides and Hollywood

       While noticing the regular evening news being interrupted by an emergency I immediately knew that something tragic happened. "Oh no!" I thought out loud. "What happened this time" Hearing about Robin Williams death surprised me at first but later the news described his having bouts with depression. Then in a later news session a gentleman described people who are very funny, ones who joke a lot as often using their humor to ward of struggles, doubts they have within their own minds. I then began thinking about Hollywood and the many characters in the past who have experienced hectic lives full of wild tirades, divorces, runaway children, and even tragic deaths. 
       One famous character that comes to mind is the funny wannabe sexy rock singer Michael Hutchence. Now admittedly, this crooning star was viewed as sexy to some of his fans and media. I thought of his moves as entertaining in a comedic fashion. I remember as a young lad laughing at some of his supposedly sexy moves while watching his videos with my little brother. No we did not consider him sexy at all in any fashion whatsoever. Even though I would not dare buy any of his music I have to admit to myself I did have a slight attraction to a few of his songs even though I would not listen to any of his INXS songs now. Though his arms waves and hip slides looked very cartoonish to me it still saddened me as an adult to hear of his death and not just to hear of his death but they way he died. The guy hung himself. Now what a way to die. Why would a guy making all that money (unless he was in debt at the time) want to hang himself in such a terrible fashion causing all that pain and suffering, and humiliation to his body. Was what he was suffering from that bad? I don't know much about his death besides the fact that his life was full of drugs and alcohol. Maybe that is all I need to know. Drugs and alcohol is like the pied piper in many of these famous characters lives. Both are the two demons that talk in tag team fashion to their famous captive telling him or her repeatedly that whatever they are going through, regardless of how many fans they have, how many people like them, no matter how pretty their spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends, how much money they have, or how much money they got in the bank, that they are worthless. And these celebrities often believe it.
       Sadly, Robin Williams had his own heavy bouts with alcohol and cocaine throughout his acting career. The exact connection between alcohol and cocaine with his death is unknown at this time. The drug likely is connected with his struggle with suicide as it often is with many people. Famous people like Robin Williams, the big winners in the eyes of most of the world, battle with obstacles that many of us cannot comprehend. Unfortunately being a big guy living within a space only reachable by the very few he likely felt isolated and out of touch with reality. He probably had  desires to experience a normal life, have regular, ordinary friendships. He very possibly desired to have walks out in the open to stores, everyday restaurants, maybe even visit a local church without people staring at him, making faces, pointing gestures. He likely often felt awkward being out in the in public unless he was scheduled to be funny. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Robin Williams had Jesus in his life? Wouldn't it have been nice if he would have had someone to call upon His Name whenever he felt those doubts, those periods of loneliness, or even fear? Someone he would know for sure is not listening to him because he is famous or in order to get something from him.
       Unfortunately the beat will likely go on and Hollywood will continue as it usually is harassing the Justing Biebers, gossiping about the Jennifer Lopez's of this world until they are about to go nuts. Except for an occasional condolence here and there and a few shot outs in a period of a week or two Robin Williams death will very likely be forgotten. Hollywood will be back to square one. The lonely actors, singers, and comedians will again be smiling for the cameras, acting wild, making jokes then when the camcorders, polaroids leave their faces acting a totally new character, themselves, for the first time for who knows how long.
       The Christians have a missionary field. I have witnessed an arts and entertainment sector in a previous church I was a once a member, with a spoken mission to reach the famous, especially those in arts and entertainment but I am not very sure if such a strong mission or if many exists today. Much of Hollywood despite what they media portrays, is likely one of the most isolated settings existing in the world today. Hollywood needs love. There are too many Lady Gaga's and Madonna's out there portraying the ideal that everything is alright. "No", everything is not alright. Hollywood needs help. The next severely depressed, famous individual needs to know that he or she has a choice and this option is a winner. He or she needs to know that there is a better way and that way is through Jesus Christ.
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will Romans 12:2.



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