Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Should you Celebrate Halloween?

       Halloween is a very popular holiday in the United States celebrated by both young and old, but especially the young. People are are pulled into the annual celebration by the opportunity to act silly and have fun without much obligation. When one studies Halloween and learns about its truth and origin the individual will learn that there really is not anything here to celebrate. Halloween originated with the Druids, in northwest Europe, in honor of Samhain, lord of the dead, whose festival fell on November 1. This was before the birth of Christ. The druids celebrated the souls of the dead while these souls were being held by the lord of the dead before allowing the better behaved ones were to be passed onto heaven. The druids, each October 31, celebrated the lord of the dead who kept the souls of individuals who had died within that year in the bodies of animals before deciding where he was going to place them. They felt that they could coax him with prayers to give their dead friends or relatives a lighter sentence. This day was called "all hollows eve". The day was the eve off "All Saints Day". It was the eve in which the lord of the dead would set all these souls loose to wonder around the earth. This day was held in celebration of the idea that the dead was not really dead. Of course when one reads the Word of God we know that when one dies his soul is either going to heaven or hell depending on whether or not the person accepted Christ as his Savior (John 3:3).
      The Catholics, living amongst the Druids in places like Scotland and Ireland, adopted some of the Druid teaching in their culture. The Catholics also believed in a holding place for the dead called purgatory. They did not believe that people's eternity was already determined by their own life decisions, whether or not they had a relationship with God before they died. They believed that there was a place for people who needed to have some of their bad behavior and sins cleaned out of them before being allowed to enter into heaven. The Catholic church along with the Druids combined their belief and customs to form what is presently celebrated as Halloween.
      The lord of the dead is Satan. He holds the key to the dead unless their souls are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ (I Peter 1:18-19). Every year people in the millions are wandering around the western part of the globe, traveling from house to house, dressed up as witches, ghosts, and goblins, smiling, laughing, not knowing that they are in fact celebrating the devil. Today is no different then what is was in the 1600s or 2000 plus years ago except that then neighbors were not passing out candies to little children and there was not any commercialization to pump  more money out of the pockets of the civilians but the intent has not changed. The devil still has children and adults marching from house to house playing a role similar to an old ritual where a procession of men, led by a man wearing a white robe and a horse - headed mask, would knock on farmers' doors. Unless the group was rewarded with a treat their crops were threatened with curse for the whole, entire year of production. As children, teenagers, and adults play along with this reenactment they have no idea what they are celebrating and the role they are playing.
      Regardless of what Halloween means to them people who celebrate this day are celebrating Satan. This is his day. He is the lord of the dead. People are dressing up like witches and goblins, commemorating evil while denying the power of the gift of Jesus Christ to give life to the dead, if the individual will only heed to Him while alive here on earth. The devil obtained the power of the dead when Adam and Eve sinned and sin entered the ground, bringing with it a curse. Jesus came to earth died on the cross, entered the ground, and came out alive and well. With His rebirth along came a cure for the curse on the ground, His blood. A person who has poured his soul into the Blood of Jesus is no longer held by Satan. His faith does not need to rely on old Catholic teachings. His soul does not need purgatory. He can have faith in Jesus that He will save him and carry his soul away to heaven whenever he either passes from earth or if he happens to be alive to experience the resurrection. Looking at the all the gifts and blessings this person is about to receive why would he want separate himself from Christ in order to take a jaunt with the devil?
       Halloween is pure devil worship plain and simple. From the trick or treating, to the people dressing up like devils and angels, evil is being celebrated. Why would anyone want to celebrate the dead? We should want to celebrate the present. As Jesus Christ said in Matthews, let the dead bury their own dead, come follow Me (Matthew 8:22). Once a person is dead there is not anything we could do for that individual except give him or her a decent burial and treat his or her family with generosity and respect. The person is dead. God is going to take care of the rest. God wants us to be concerned about the living. No one should celebrate a holiday honoring the dead, especially not a Christian. Christians celebrate the Living Son of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus is not dead. He defeated death, paving a future and hope for those who follow and believe in Him.
       Knowing the truth about Halloween how does one determined christian respond, while living within a world where the day of the dead is celebrated like a super mega Superbowl? I read several articles where writers advised readers to not be judgmental regarding how one celebrates the holiday while responding kindly to the people partying in the middle of the fest. I disagree. Yes you still want to be nice but a christian should stand his or her ground and let their friend, sibling, coworker, boss, etc. know that he or she does not celebrate the holiday because it goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ. You should still be nice and polite while stating your stance against Halloween but you should never agree to celebrate it. You don't want to celebrate Satan. This is a time one can take to share his or her faith about Jesus Christ and salvation. Don't be ashamed of your belief and faith in God. He was not ashamed of you when He suffered on the Cross for you.

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