Sunday, November 23, 2014

America's Favorite Dad???

       When first hearing about the rape allegations concerning Bill Cosby one would first think "Naahhh!!" "Another whacko with no life seeking attention!" But as the stories continue to pour in and more women from a broad age range and race continue to tell their horrific stories one cannot continue to shun the possibilities. This could be true. America's favorite dad. The same guy who wrote those Little Bill book series which is now the source of the Little Bill cartoons that have been on the air from February 16, 2000 until February 14, 2014. The friendly dad that pitched Coca Cola and Jello-O commercials. The guy who starred in those I Spy action shows. The funny father whom everybody would have loved to call dad from The Cosby Show and It's a Different World. Bill Cosby, the creative producer behind hit kid television series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids as well as Electric Company (Cosby produced the first two years of the show). This man, famous for making all those goofy, stretched play do faces and strange dance contortions, a rapist?!? Well let's not place the final verdict yet but as one follows the news on air and online the conclusion is not looking good for our Mr. Huxtable.
       How does someone with all of these accolades, who could very likely have dated and married any woman he wants, molest or even rape anybody? This is a question America has asked often and for many years, in reference to a large number and variety of individuals. Does Michael Jackson come to mind? He was not convicted of child molestation but after hearing from his many accusers and watching and listening to the pop singer's often eccentric behavior one cannot help but think "Hhhmm?". We can't forget Mike Tyson. Here was a ferocious brawler many boxers feared, millions of fans could not wait to watch, who allegedly beat up his first wife, actress Robin Givens. Well, he claims to not have hit her with a "closed fist" but a man as big as him, even a open hand would likely send a woman to the hospital. Rihanna's accusation of Chris Brown's brutal attack against her. Eminem;s ex-wife Kim accusation of his attack against her. Martha Stewart serving time for obstruction of Justice. Paula Deen's accused racist remark. Let's not forget the ever so famous Ike Turner's long time physical abuse of former wife Tina Turner. The list goes on and on.
        It seems that for a long time America becomes drugged and lulled into sleep while viewing, listening to their entertainment idols and then "BAM!", "Whop!" something unbelievable happens to wake us up. These people are not Jesus they are human beings like we. Some of them have grown better at practicing their secret, at times evil deeds, because of all the money and fame they have acquired. They can now afford to buy or fly whatever, where ever they want in order to make sure that nobody finds out. But in life, as it often happens, someone eventually discovers what has always been hidden.
       Will there ever be a time when people, especially fans, will ever stop being surprised? Will there ever be a time when a news man will announce that Pop Star Moneyman was found raping a minor and America will respond with a yawn? Will people in this country ever learn that these people they see on television and even on the concert stage are actors, illusionists, entertainers. They are there to entertain us. They are on television to enhance their careers. They are not on a mission to to save the world from Judgement Day. Not saying that they are all evil, now some of them, eeehhh?!? Just saying that strong admiration and following of someone one does not know can often end in disappointment. Now Jesus Christ is someone who does not disappoint. He is the Savior of the World. The Healer and Redeemer who rose from death to save not just Himself but others. He is someone who can never disappoint. Who is your hero? Maybe you should reconsider?

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2

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