Monday, June 22, 2015

Not About The Guns

       Another horrific, bloody tragedy took place in America. One so senseless, leaving millions of Americans to repeatedly ask "Why". How can a fellow human being bring himself up to committing an act so cruel, so wicked? One just cannot imagine. And again from the left side we hear the continuous argument about gun control. From 2016 presidential candidate Hilary Clinton we hear a loud, defiant proclamation stating she will not be afraid to keep fighting for common sense reforms because of all this senseless gun violence (Fox & Friends, 2015). Current President Barak Obama calmly states that once again innocent people were killed because an individual who wanted to inflict harm had no problem getting his hands on a gun. Sad it is and quite desperate how two prominent, well liked leaders from the left used a horrible tragedy such as this brutal slaying of nine innocent people to twist it into an opportunity to fight for a popular political stance. A young, white man walks into a black christian church as a visitor. He is greeted and welcomed by the church's black christian members. He sits in the bible meeting, listens to an hour of preaching, praise, and worship, then gets up and begins annihilating these folks with gunfire and some one wants to call this a gun control issue? These folks were in the House of God studying the Bible, having prayers and some guy simply shoots them down because he simply don't like black people and Christians. And they dare blame this heinous act on the Second Amendment?
       Dylann Roof's (the killer) friends describe him as a racist who often complained about black people in general claiming that they are bringing down the white race. He wore a patch to celebrate apartheid in South Africa. This individual obviously held a deep hatred for black people. Too bad Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton did not speak intentionally about this fact or at least care to mention it earlier to the media. And not just Obama and Clinton but the entire left media seems to be fully committed to bashing the right wing, the NRA, and anyone else remotely supporting these groups while ignoring the obvious fact that this guy harbors a lot of hatred for black people and the church. How many people are bold enough to go into a church during service and gun down members of Christ's house of worship as well as their leader then afterwards just carry on with themselves without a care in the world? Just looking at the dude's face as he was being carried off while shackled he still appeared as if he was on a mission. One could tell that he felt satisfied with his action and held not even an inch of remorse. Why won't Clinton and Obama talk about the lack of care in this man's face for the lives he has ended? Why won't ABC News or Chuck Todd create a news report or documentary discussing why/how this country has come to the point where roughly every six months to a year a cold shooting massacre occurs in America? Since Columbine in April 20, 1999 over twenty senseless shooting massacres have occurred, many occurring in schools and universities, places where people are not supposed to meet any threat of violence. And all of these killers carry the similar distant look on their faces. That look portraying a mind that is simply blank, seared off any semblance of conscience. Could a knowledge of Jesus Christ have helped any of these people? Could the constant reminder that Jesus loves them and will provide for them regardless of what the bullies, abusive parents, mean friends, enemies, an unfair boss and coworker may have said or even done, maybe have changed their minds and led them to a different path, another choice in life? Could Dylann Roof meeting Christ earlier in his life, before he had already made up his mind, motivated him to seek Jesus for the miraculous cure and defeat of whatever demons were provoking him?
       Perplexing how as America continues to fight  for further separation from God and for silencing the Bible, and the Christian church, more and more of these senseless crimes take place. And each time each one takes place a prominent person quickly mentions the NRA and/or gun control as in clockwork. Gun Control is announced and preached in order to immediately remove any suspicion of this act simply being committed by pure evil. What is occurring today America represents an almost everlasting chain of violence going back to Columbine, to Edgewater Technology employee, Michael McDermott shooting and killing seven of his of his coworkers at the office in Wakefield, Mass to Terry Ratzman killing nine people plus himself at a hotel church service in Brookefield, Wisconsin, to the mass killings of 32 people by Seung-Hui Cho April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech. And there are so many other murder massacres that have occurred in this country going even back to the 1800s one could write books upon books describing these crimes. And these atrocities do not include the everyday murders, rapes, beatings, child molestation, etc.. that occurs in this country. Let's also include the media and much of America's hyping up of homosexuality and gay marriage. America's problem is much bigger than "gun control". This country has an evil problem. Yes, I agree there may need to be a little tweaking of the right to own a gun but I don't believe that alone will solve America's problem. America has an evil problem. There are a lot of evil people walking and breeding in this country thinking evil thoughts, doing evil acts, some of them are on television, some of them contribute towards the daily news shown on internet, television, and print, some of them are even active in politics, running for various offices. America has an evil problem and until the people admit it and work together to deal with it, sadly, this country will continue to endure these types of crimes.

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