Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obama Leave Kenya Alone

       While reading articles and readers' commentaries on President Obama's pleading of East Africa's beautiful country of Kenya to abandon her laws against criminalizing homosexuality I grew amazed at this leader's tenacity toward carrying the world flag for this awry behavior. Let's see, ahh, world hunger, fatherless children, high murder statistics, crime, drug abuse, national security, poor economies, company layoffs, unemployment, workers overburdened with paying off large student loans, increasing cost of tuition, high taxes, high gas prices, poor education in many neighborhoods' public schools, decreasing value of people's homes, African, Middle Eastern civilians being bombed and harassed every day by Allah fanatics, etc., etc., etc. And this guy wants to talk about supporting homosexuality?!? One has to wonder where is this guy coming from and does he even care?
         Let's look at Obama's father's home country, Kenya. Here is the home of one of the most advanced economies of East Africa with an emerging market but as of 2005 still comprised of 17.7% of its people living on less than $1.25 a day (  In Kenya, the agriculture economy employs 75% of the country's workforce. Imagine 75% of Americans working in farms, raising goats, or harvesting corn. Here is a country that needs new ideas and money for creating jobs, attracting companies, further educating its people to create new and bigger markets. Obama's priority is homosexuality. Obama, you are the president of the most powerful country in the world, one of the most powerful governments of all time, people from all over the world are looking upon you, trusting you to accomplish great things. We are talking about the Kenya, home of your father. You have a big moment to visit the huge continent of Africa in the country that is home to your paternal ancestors and the best you can come up with is homosexuality? This is unbelievable and a great disappointment not only for Kenyans but Africans in general. I have spoken to people from Africa living in America and heard their roar of approval when you won the lead office in America. I heard even louder roaring of approval from African Americans when discussing your winning the office. I went to Nigeria and heard some approving comments about also much concern about your moral decline. But All in all, for the most part, black people living in the world looked upon you to create change. CHANGE, that was one of your popular presidential campaign slogans. Yes black people of the world need change. Kenyans are looking for some vibrant changes, but not in the prospects of homosexuality. Johnny marrying Jimmy is not going to improve the lives of Kenyans. Juanita marrying Tanisha is not going to cure the problems for the many fatherless black children in America. Juanita and Tanisha's kids still are going to want to know who their daddy is, especially their son. They still need to have a male role model to look up to. Gay marriage is not going to improve Kenya's economy. Homosexuality will not improve manufacturing or create better schools. 
       Yes I am disappointed and I am sure millions of Kenyans are as well. When their son got elected president I am sure they were hoping for new jobs, millions, perhaps billions of dollars in aid, assistance toward improving the tourism economy, free world advertisement, maybe even one or two documentary films. Hey, even a couple of more visits so that the world could notice how much this president of the United States loves his homeland. But no this guy comes to the home of his father to preach homosexuality. Ohh, the disappointment is just there and one cannot just fathom. I am sure if Jesse Jackson had ever won the presidency (miracle) and visited Africa, he would have accomplished much more.
       No Obama, Kenya does not need homosexuality. Africa does not need homosexuality. Homosexuality will not solve Kenyans problems. In fact it will make their problems much worse as it has for America. Just as you won the office promising to unite this country, America has become more divided than ever with increase crimes and crazy people shooting innocent folks in businesses, schools, churches, because they have no where they can go to ask for help in solving their deep psychological issues. Obama's solution is homosexuality. No Obama homosexuality is not going to solve America's problems. Greater approval for the behavior is making it worse as it will for Kenya if this country ever decides to takes the poisonous bait.
       Thank you Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya, for sticking up to President Barak Obama. I know it is not easy, but one has to know what is good and what isn't for his country. One also has to have the courage to stand by what he knows is good for this country even while a powerful force in the media and Western World politics is trying to dissuade you. Good job Uhuru Kenyatta for not buying that old black slaves, Civil Rights excuse. You showed the world that you are not an idiot. Comparing African slaves to homosexuals is like one trying to assimilate boiling fire to polar ice. It is like night and day. God did not call black people an abomination nor will simply being a negroid preclude one from entering unto the Kingdom of God. And no one has ever proven that anybody is ever born an homosexual. Finally an important figure in the world news had the ability to think for himself and not allow Liberals, media harassment, money, governmental influence to bully him while forcing him to change his moral standards. Please Uhuru Kenyatta don't change. Kenya does not need US money or support not for this at least. Not in exchange for wickedness. Hopefully a new president will replace Barak Obama and enter Kenya with first an apology and an aid offer with no moral strings attached.
         My apologies to Kenya and their president Uhuru Kenyatta. Your son came to your lands and insulted his people. But no worries. Stand up look upon God. He is where your real abundance will be found. Here is someone who has a true concern for your people and well being. And you don't even have to be pro Democrat or even Republican. You just have to place your faith in Him and I promise you there will be so much more treasures and rewards to attain your banks and storehouses will be overflowing. 
       So no thanks Obama. Kenya does not wish to invite homosexuality in their lands to spread diseases and curses among her people. And please do not come over to Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, and the rest of the beautiful African continent to demand more moral poison to be spread across these lands. Like President Uhurua Kenyatta said "The fact of the matter is that Kenya and the United States share so many values. But there are some things that we must admit we don't share" ( I am one hundred percent with you Uhurua as are millions of people and many nations spread throughout the globe


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