Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas To You

       Tis the month to express joy and appreciation for Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The only one worthy enough and willing to come down to the earth in order to die a cruel, undeserved death. A death undertaken in order to provide us humans a second chance for life. The first opportunity was doomed when the first man, Adam, was unable to live a pure, perfect life in front of God. But Thank God, one who was, is, and always will be perfect and bless the Lord willing, came down to earth and walked and lived a perfect life. A decision He made Himself to walk the earth. A decision He did not have to say yes to. No, nobody forced Him to come down to Jerusalem. Nobody forced Him to put up with all the verbal and physical abuse, all the spitting, and nasty looks, lies, and deceptions. He could have simply opened His mouth and whished every single individual away. He could have stopped Judas Iscariot on his track and immediately put an end to his plans.  "What you are about to do, do quickly", He said (John 13:27). A lot of us would have been shaking our knees while creating some kind of a quick exit plan. But He said "do quickly". He had no fear, not even a slight hesitation. And He carried on His back His cross, our cross. Our weight, every single one of our sins was hefted upon His shoulders as He carried our infirmities to that place called the Skull. Here His wrists and ankles were nailed to a large wooden crossed. Hanging on a cross, accompanied by two criminals who were more deserving of death He hung, while taking more abuse and verbal taunting by the crowd. They said, “He saved others; let him save himself if he is God’s Messiah, the Chosen One", Luke 23:35. One of the criminals hanging on his own cross had the nerve to hurl insults at Jesus challenging Him to come down and save Himself. Many of us would have felt insulted and likely replied back but Jesus did not flinch. The other criminal defended Jesus rightfully stating that the two of them deserved their punishment but Jesus did nothing wrong. Christ, being the gracious and forgiving one, told the wise criminal that he will follow Him to paradise. Facing death Christ was still able to be gracious toward another being.
       In the end Jesus committed His spirit into His Father's hand and then breathed His last breath. But then lo and behold in three days Jesus Christ the King defeats death and comes back. This is called the resurrection. He comes back showing His disciples, His followers, and the enemy Satan himself that He has won. Love has won. The real love won not some wanton form of lust sold on television. Christ defeated sin. He has defeated death and all Christians around the world can yell hallelujah and dispel from fear.
       That is why as the media sings and prances while it continues to remind the world about ISIS. And why the media rejoices about gay marriage, and abortion, while urging their audience more and more to reject Jesus Christ and His church. And the reason for television, news, and radio's embracing of Ellen DeGeneres, Lady Gaga, and the message from Islam while discouraging any positive reminders of Christ. The media continues to embrace "Happy Holidays" and Santa Clause while intentionally ignoring the true story of the Birth of Jesus and the real reason for the season. This is the reason why the news should often be seen for what it is just a mass cycle of continuous data full of both good and bad information. Kind of like the Tree of Good and Evil. Be careful of what you digest from that tree. And be ever poring over and digesting the Word so that when someone either in screen or in person speaks nonsense of Christianity or substitutes Happy Holidays for Merry Christmas, or replaces Jesus Christ with Santa Clause, etc., you will know and understand the truth. You will know what God's Word says compared to what Rush Limbaugh or Robin Roberts says. And you will less likely be led astray to follow some cult craze like yoga or feminism that will lead you to nowhere else but death.

       Merry Christmas! God Bless you. May your dreams and wishes come true. Stay grounded on God's Word not the television. Attend a good church. Go to your prayer and Bible talk meetings and don't give up on God.

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