Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More to Being a Woman Than Hair and Makeup

       There is more to being a woman than just hair and makeup, admitted Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn Jenner, during an interview with Advocate Magazine (Willis, 2016). Something he finally realized after more than six months of introducing himself to the world as this strange but comical character. Yeah, there is obviously more to being a woman than simply applying makeup and having a perm. One does not need to obtain a masters degree at Duke university to finally come to that conclusion. Unfortunately, many people do not comprehend this simple matter. Not only do they not get it but they are continually being fed horse meat by so called experts who either do not know what they are talking about, or know they do not know what they are talking about but are simply taking advantage of Liberal medias open bias towards any statement or action that runs contrary to sanity.
       During the last two years many men and women have brazenly come public, while bragging about them having a sex change, or informing the world that the sex they have been since birth is a lie, that they are actually another sex. People like Chastity Bono, Laverne Cox, Alexis Arquette have led a parade of numerous snap shots and interviews welcoming the audience into this strange world of individuals trying desperately for whatever reasons to be accepted as something that they are definitely not. Myself, while looking at these characters comedic faces, often notice that the Liberal media, ex. "Entertainment Tonight", Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, etc. will always create false impressions while stating only one side of the real stories of these individuals life trek through these adventures. Liberal media always adamantly title these individuals as appearing "beautiful" or "gorgeous" as if saying anything otherwise would be a criminal offense. When looking at a character like Caitlyn Jenner or Chastity Bono one cannot honestly come up with the word "beautiful". Here we are not talking about being politically correct or avoiding attacks from the American Civil Liberty Union. We are talking about stating what is realistically "attractive". I believe that is what Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn,  whatever, means when he says  "There is more to being a woman than hair and makeup".  
One can take a single look at his face and see that he is obviously right. The dude looks ugly. He appears nothing like a woman. He simply appears as a man who has applied lipstick and blush on his face before or after putting on a dress. There is nothing complicating about that. There is nothing homophobic about it. An individual does not have to hate Bruce Jenner to come to this conclusion. I, myself do not even personally know the guy. Looking at him though and being blunt, an individual can give their own personal opinion whether or not this person looks or appears anything like a woman, or anything resembling the word "attractive". A lot of people think he don't.  And by reading his very own comments that he made to the public while admitting to the world that "there is more to being a woman than hair and makeup", he does not believe that he is attractive either.
       About a month ago I read an article from someone talking about the Bruce Jenner in the eighties. The one who most of us thirty and older remember, won the 1976 Summer Olympics gold medal in the decathlon. He was the one always featured on the Wheaties commercials, smiling, pole vaulting, appearing as a winner. Young boys admired him and wanted to grow up to be like him. He later appeared as either a special guest or cast member in dozens of television shows and movies such as: CHiPs, Silver Spoons, Celebrity Family Feud, The Apprentice, etc.. One wonders if maybe all of the stardom he has experienced rang some type of bell in his membrane, creating something psychotic within him. Maybe the guy is financially desperate or one of those individuals who are in frantic need of attention and will do just about anything to obtain it. Maybe being married to the matriarch of the Kardashian's, Kris Jenner, socializing and living with this celebrity of celebrities family struck something within his brain cells, creating a substance in this man that he himself cannot even explain. But, "hey", maybe he finally figured it out. There is more to being a woman than hair and makeup. I hope that Laverne Cox and Chasity Bono are taking notes. Looking at the hard lines on Bruce Jenner's face while he appears every now and then on television, the fact that even he at times hides from the abundant paparazzi.  And after running around and around with the media in their crazy whirlwind of hype and fantasia, one comes to an obvious but very important fact. You cannot change sex. Regardless of how much make up you wear, how many lawsuits you file, how many times media con folks generously call you a male or female, whatever is your opposite sex. Whatever the intensity of the sexual reassignment surgery. Unless one successfully chops of the man's penis and permanently inserts a vagina, removes the guys XY chromosomes and replaces them all with XX, dude is still a dude. Unless the surgeon physically removes the woman's vagina, implants a penis and somehow enables the tool to permanently stick, then somehow enables this woman to be able to fertilize another woman's eggs with her very own newly implanted sperms, this woman will always be a woman. But unfortunately, Liberal Media will continue to con people to waste millions and millions, hundreds of thousands of their own money, as well as years of their time chasing after this fantasy, trying to prove to people they are what they are not. Trying to chase after American politics to change a legal system in order to make them feel confident and happy about who they are, or who they want to be. But as Bruce Jenner figured out, it is all for naught, one big waste of both time and money. For he will always be a man since that was God's plan.

Willis, J, (2016). Caitlyn Jenner Is 'Studying Up' on Womanhood: "It's More Than Hair and        Makeup. Yahoo Celebrity. Retrieved from

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