Monday, February 29, 2016

Looks to be Trump

       Imagine, after all the hee - hawing, the funny faces, smirks, name calling, Jimmy Fallon jokes, dude looks like he may actually make it. This guy might just soon be the new president of the United States. At first it seemed a joke. A few years ago my wife and I were laughing at him while viewing the Apprentice. The general public most knew him for often stating his famous phrase: "your fired". Mr Proud To Be A Billionaire might soon likely be talking like that face to face to people like Bashar al-Assad, and Kim Jong-un. The first year of his presidency will likely be the most comedic, parodied, presidential term in world history. One will definitely have to tape Saturday Night Live at least for the first month just to witness the kind of jokes and satire those clowns will create from an accomplishment of this one time reality tv star. No, not only a star, but a billionaire star who ended up being the funniest presidential candidate ever to run for the big office. But not only is he funny, what is really humorous is that this guy may actually win.
       No I am not voting for Donald Trump. Sadly I am beginning to lose faith in the guy I really want to win. I believe that he, Ben Carson, would have been a great president but the media, when he was winning, kept throwing punches and jabs at him and he was not able to fight back strongly. I understand that some people think he is weak and that he did not fight back with a strong voice, but as I have heard lately, the person with the loudest voice is not always necessarily the strongest, nor most importantly the wisest. But at least for the Republican primary Trump seems to be bashing everybody to pieces. Only Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio appear to have a chance and those two, especially Rubio, will crumble off the playing field if the game does not change quickly. Reading the current standings Trump is ahead in states like Alabama and Oklahoma. He has already won New Hampshire and Nevada and is faring well in Iowa and South Carolina, states that are usually dominated by more evangelical candidates. It does not seem like the south will pull for the evangelical opponent this election, especially since the most evangelical of them all, Mike Huckabee, fell out of the race weeks ago. Maybe the South had enough of always supporting the evangelical opponent, or maybe Donald Trump's strong words and signs of strength is enough for most Republican voters to convince them that when he comes to office he will not be there to play around with folks like Jeff Merkley, Tammy Baldwin, or the ACLU. He is actually there to win and to tell the ACLU, People for the American Way, and groups like Naral Pro Choice America to go jump of a cliff. America does not have to bow down to them nor do her citizens owe them anything. Many people I have spoken to say they like Donald Trump because he is not politically correct. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind. He does not allow the media to push him around. I agree. He does not allow the Liberal Party to push him around or allow news pushers to allow him to feel ashamed for disagreeing with them. He does not feel uncomfortable about attending a show like The View and telling a Whoopie Goldberg to go fly a kite. I believe that was what was missing from past Republican candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain, and what is happening to Ben Carson. They all have difficulty talking straight to the media in a strong, tough manner, while telling them that they could care less what Barbara Walter's or whoever star's opinion is or whatever is the data of the day, "this is what I believe and this is where I stand".
       But the election is not over yet and I am still rooting for Ben Carson. Hope he wins. There is still some months left. On the Democratic side it looks like Hilary Clinton's going to win it by a land slide but how will she do against Donald Trump? That will be an interesting show. On an article I read months ago it showed that if Bernie Sanders won the Democratic nomination he would have a better chance of beating Trump then Clinton. "Hhmmm". But that was written months ago. Who knows what will happen now? But I bet that more than 90 percent of those Democrats voting did not think about that.


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