Monday, March 14, 2016

Is Donald Trump Free to Speak

 "Freedom of Speech is the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium  used"(
       Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, these are two extremely important laws of the United States Constitution that has often been debated within the media. Donald Trump has been well known throughout the entire 2016 US Presidential election race to be an extremely fiery speaker who communicates his thoughts with no fear of whatever anybody thinks or will say whatsoever. This tremendous ability and courage of his thrills millions of people as shown by the thousands appearing to hear his speeches and the many electoral votes he has been winning during the presidential election. Not many people are capable of that kind of courage and ability as shown by Hilary Clinton's recent apology to the LGBT groups for praising Nancy Reagan. Her fear of the LGBT groups reaction and possibly losing their support caused her to quickly recant compliments she made of a former IST Lady, who many people agree was a great personal figure for this country. But simply because the LGBT group were not satisfied with her efforts towards assisting them directly during the alarming rise of the HIV epidemic, an important political figure cannot even commend her. Put Donald Trump in the same situation and he would have told the LGBT, gently translated, to go fly kite. First of all it is not Hilary Clinton or the Reagan Administration's fault that so many gay people were inflicted with and died from HIV AIDS. Second Nancy Reagan did the best she could. She publically spoke often about AIDS and brought the epidemic to the nation's attention. Third the LGBT need to start taking some of their own responsibility for their constant battle with AIDS. The great rise and harm inflicted by this disease could have been prevented by them not engaging in homosexual sex, marrying one spouse, and having sex with that one spouse and that one spouse only. Fourth this is something this country greatly needs. Someone who is capable of making his own decisions and speaking his mind without always tiptoeing around gay people, Planned Parenthood, Syria, the hundreds of pro Muslim groups, and all of these other peoples and organizations who have turned America from what was something great into what is turning into a great chaos. That is what Donald Trump meant when he said: "we are going to make America great again". America has over 318.9 million people living within her borders. She cannot turn herself over while changing into something catastrophic in order to cater to the LGBT and like crowds. The LGBT demands that America place God, their religious beliefs, teachings, ethnic customs, personal preferences underneath this humanistic, atheist dogma many people have no desire to follow. A person who follows and loves Jesus Christ has no desire to cater towards atheism. A person who loves God with all his heart and all his might has no desire to allow his church to house a gay wedding when the individual knows within his heart that such an arrangement is an abomination and offensive to the Lord.
       This is where the Freedom of Speech comes in. Donald Trump is a presidential candidate and he has the right to speak and chat with his voters, regardless of whether others agree or like what he is saying or not. The Constitution does not grant freedom of speech to just and only people who support foreigners flooding through our country borders with no accountability whatsoever. Even his comment concerning banning all Muslims from entering into the country, made during a speech in a South Carolina rally, and though I do not agree with what he said he has the right to say it. If you do not agree with what he said then don't vote for him. The comment Trump made regarding McCain not being a true war hero was not a nice comment but we don't see John McCain trying to run through security guards in order to beat him up. Americans have to respond to things that disturb them with more intelligence. Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is not going to do anything different but to continue what Barak Obama already started and that is to continue to whittle down the rights given to individuals by the Constitution while specifically attacking Christian people with this phony save the gay people campaign. Although their is no guarantee that Donald Trump is truly on the side of the Christian people of America. There is at least one thing that he looks to be able to be counted on. And that is to stick with his decision regardless of what comment Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyers make. He looks to be able to say that he is for something and not state within months that his feelings are evolving. He appears to not have any agenda against true Christians or bias towards LGBT or Planned Parenthood. He appears to be able to lead the country without pulling any shenanigans or playing with the minds of everyday people who simply disagree with many of the Liberal party's view of the world and do not wish to follow it. More importantly, he appears to not be a puppet for the Liberal agenda. The Liberal party is beginning to turn this country into their own form of a Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler led society. Somebody needs to have the guts and courage to say enough is enough.
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