Thursday, May 5, 2016

Target Stores Stands with Transgender Bathrooms

       This is old news by now but still very interesting. In April 26, 2016, the popular Minneapolis-based discounter issued a statement stating that customers and employees can use the restroom or fitting room that "corresponds to their gender identity" (D' Innocenzio, 2016). Target, once known as a pro family oriented store, has now taken the side of the extremely Liberal left who praises any combination but the traditional family. The American Family Association, as expected, is leading a widely united stand against the now pro - transgender store by beginning a petition calling for a boycott of Target stores. The petition is online and is said to have over 1 million signed petitions. Bryan Kemper, a youth outreach director for Staying True, said that he put up a video on his Facebook page assessing Target's decision that has now accumulated more than 250,000 viewers. Bryan Kemper is mainly known for traveling around the United States and other parts of the world (mostly Western Europe and Australia) while giving his message against abortion. He is boycotting the retailer. His facebook page is filled with comments from individuals who disagree with Targets decision and view of their restroom policy. The often commented perspective that which restroom someone uses is nobody's business and that nobody cares is not only unproven but sounds ridiculous. Bryan Kemper posted an article on his website stating that a man claiming to be a transgender was arrested while filming in women's bathrooms (LaCapria, 2016) The man, Jason Pomare, was arrested in a Lancaster, PA Macy's store after he was seen in a women's bathroom. The security guards found the cross dressing man in a mall storage area. He entered the ladies bathroom wearing a bra and a dress. Matthew Forestel of O'Fallon, Missouri was arrested on April 23, 2015 after allegedly secretly filming women in a Target store (Lahue, 2016). He held his camera phone under the dressing room while the female shopper was trying on swim suits. Isn't it strange that while this ranting about gay, transgender, public bathroom rights is playing repeatedly over the news, television and radio, no mentioning of these actual events are ever spoken? One has to research the internet in order to find them. These are real occurrences and there are actually more. If such a character can take  pictures of women while dressed as a female what makes Target stores and Liberals think that such events cannot happen again? And why is it looked upon as hatred and bigotry if somebody has the common sense to bring up such likely occurrences? Who are we trying to protect, the innocence and privacy of both our young girls and older women or the self esteem of individuals who want to be something that they are simply not?
       What would happen if a Target store employee happened to intercept a cross dressing man staring at a female shopper while she is attempting to enter a toilet stall? Would the individual have the courage to intercept the peculiar individual and at least ask what he (she?) is doing or at least leave the restroom area and immediately tell a manager? And if the individual did would an employee care to do something? Would the brave person be referred to as a bigot? These questions may seem funny but reality states that these are likely occurrences that will come up. People will be offended. Lawsuits will be filed. News media will take sides. There are creepy people in this world. Some of them are cross dressers. Unfortunately the pro LGBT groups don't care. They are all about the transgender rights but not thinking about those who will likely have their own privacy rights abused, or be susceptible to possible rape crimes or even murder.
       Speaking of creepy, there is a long list of sexual predators who have taken advantage of the Liberals campaign against what they call discrimination against transgender folks. In 2011 a special needs teenager in Stamford, Connecticut was lured into a bathroom by three "transgendered" men and sexually assaulted (VNOBH). In 1999 a "transgendered" man named Patrick Hagan, a 6-foot-3, 280-pound martial arts enthusiast was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison after punching a female bar patron who questioned his presence in a Port Richey, Florida restroom. The woman lost five teeth and faced up to $60,000 in medical bills. In 2011 39-year-old Thomas Benson, who had prior sex offenses against 5 to 9 year old girls, was arrested when a good Samaritan chased him out of a Milwaukee, Oregon water park packed with children on a field trip. A chaperon chased and restrained Benson after he entered a women's locker room dressed in a bikini and started talking to children in the hot tub. In 2003 33-year-old Eichi Yamamoto was arrested and charged with 17 counts of illegally entering bathhouses and peeping while dressed as a woman in Matsuyama, Japan. "I wanted to see women naked," he told investigators. "Dressing up as a woman was a step to do that." In 2004 Robert Domasky, 48, was arrested after dressing up like a woman and attempting to enter a locker room at Greensburg Salem High School in Pennsylvania to photograph cheerleaders. He had a lengthy criminal history which included identity theft and stalking a woman. Police later found cheerleading uniforms, pompoms, and high school yearbooks in his apartment. In 2014 cross dresser Christopher Hambrook, 37, a repeat sexual offender was jailed indefinitely in Toronto for sexually assaulting several women he shared quarters with at women's shelters in 2012.
       The list goes on and on. The sad reality is that one will not hear a single one of these incidents cited by the news media. The news media will only mention transgenders challenging schools, private businesses, government buildings, etc., and their efforts to protect the privacy of their employees and customers while always making the transgender opposite sex wanna be always appear like the helpless victim whom we all must feel sorry for. These new rules and events are insane and someone will obviously seriously get hurt, if not already had if everyday people do not have the courage and concern for one another to stand up for decency and common sense.
       Going back to Target stores, don't allow Liberal media to fool you. The national retailer has taken a blow from its decision to back transgenders against Christians and common sense, and decency. The question is how hurtful is this blow and how long will it last. Again the American Family association has garnered over a million signatures agreeing to boycott the store. These signatures do not include the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of people who have determined within their own private thoughts to withhold their dollars from entering into the store.
         Bob Unruh from reported that Target's stocks has plunged as the number of boycott signers has soared over the one million and twenty thousand mark (Unruh, 2016). Consumers may decide to dump their investments of Target. The company's stock has dropped down from $83.98 per share on April 19, to about $81.33 on April 28, to later $79.77. Target stores executives keep behaving as if this is just a minor incident that will soon cool down and later return to normal. News media continue to ignore this continuing story, pretending that no consequences exist for businesses and individuals who proudly side against Christians and Biblical morals. But who knows? Target may suffer some serious consequences from their harsh decisions against Christians and people in general who simply do not feel comfortable having someone from the opposite sex walking in on them while using the bathroom. Target may regret taking sides in this social argument. Liberal media makes it appear as if common sense automatically chooses the LGBT against Christian rights and the Church. Liberal politicians always make it appears as if following the commands from the Bible is backwards and unintelligent. As the war against God within America continues, onlookers may be witnessing the beginning of a great fall from another one of America's giants, perhaps.


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