Monday, June 20, 2016

After Orlando

       Just before heading to bed that Sunday morning, June 12, I read headlines on the internet mentioning a horrific shooting occurring in a gay night club in Orlando. "Not again", I thought to myself. "America has gone nuts". Knowing that I had to serve in church several hours later, I decided to go to bed and catch up on the story later. I could not believe it. Forty nine people gunned down like animals another forty plus people injured. While browsing through the many stories and pictures of each of these individuals  I noticed that these were very handsome young men, college educated, and with very bright futures. There were some women who lost their lives, too. God bless their souls. But the majority of the victims were young men. Not just average young men but the type of men that most single young women would perform cartwheels and backflips in order to marry. One cannot help but wonder, why would this fellow want to date or engage in sex with men when he could likely have his pick between a group of attractive young women. Then one remembers,  hearing and reading commentaries and statements from previous young men who have been with women but for one personal, psychological reason or another was not satisfied. But that is another article.
      Since Columbine Liberal Americans and many other democrats have been screaming "GUN CONTROL GUN CONTROL" but to no prevail these mass shootings continue to occur. The shootings do not just occur but the nation, except for a few television, political debates, some flowers, and the typical "thoughts and prayers" statement from the average celebrity or organization, moves on behaving as if nothing happened. Since 911 the idea that by behaving tough and acting as if these crazy episodes don't bother us has created a pattern where people in front of the tv cameras continue to say and do the same things believing that these words and acts of toughness ("no fear") will somehow deter the next mass shooter or bomber from deploying his or her evil plans.
       America has a problem, big problem. These episodes of events seem to be traveling within a circle of chaos hidden behind NBA Finals, car racing, Summer Olympics, the presidential race, and typical Liberal media noise. These are the everyday events, one after the other, one always ready to take the place of the one about to end, that hide reality from the average American. This country has problems, big problems. Forty - nine individuals gunned down while partying in  a gay bar and Liberal media is trying to use the incident as an opportunity to raise LGBT rights by reducing Christian rights. Liberal media as well as the Democratic Party ridicules Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by always placing him on the spot, and blaming Christians for the shootout by making it appear as if by Christians accepting homosexuality as normal this shooting would have never happened. Such thinking is a far shot from reality and brings up the question, why not blame  Islam? Why not blame the Muslims since it was a Muslim individual who committed the crime and committed it in the name of Islam? Why not blame Islam since it is very possible that the gunner may have received the go ahead to commit these murders from the leaders within the Middle East, where Islam carries much power and authority over millions of people? Why not blame Islam since the shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS?
       Does one sense fear? Are the LGBT afraid of Muslims and not afraid of Christians? Are the LGBT too afraid to send a message to Syria and Afghanistan, countries where the world is commonly aware of beheadings, imprisonment, and beatings of people even accused of being gay? Constantly reading the papers, watching news and discussions of the shootings occurring at the nightclub there is hardly any mention by the media of the fact that the shooter was a Muslim and committed the act under Islam. There is hardly any mention that the dude who was killing LGBT people under Islam was also himself believed to be a gay man by several of the people who knew him. He was seen often frequenting gay bars. He even asked a man out (Emery, 2016). Sounds gay to me. But the media hardly mentions this crucial fact of this heinous murderer. One has to read further into the story and browse beyond ABC, NBC, television, etc.. in order to locate this critical data. News is supposed to be truthful and honest. These stories are supposed to tell everybody what actually occurred and the likely reasons so that the audience can come up with effective conclusions. If not then the news shown is useless. The data is basically a propaganda story reported in a bias format in order to influence pliable people to vote for people and causes that the Liberal media want them to vote for. It is basically an atheist or agnostic church shown on television trying to influence people to gather within and support their own movement. Whatever type of movement it is, the citizens of America will find out as more and more atheist are elected to important posts and Christians freedoms to worship God, read and obey the Bible, attend church peacefully and raise their children in a way that is obedient to the Lord is attacked and taken to court daily. "The LGBT just want freedom to love whoever they choose?!?" Nope, don't believe that. Just ask the baker in Colorado who did not want to bake a cake for the gay wedding. That had nothing to do with love. That was a deliberate attack by atheists against someone who simply desired to obey God.
       Again America is in trouble. For various reasons citizens in this country continue to shoot up people while Liberal media, the American government continue to state their momentary pause for silence, then afterwards show the NBA basketball championships, baseball game, concert, or whatever is occurring at that time. An average of about six months runs by and another chaotic gun massacre occurs. These constant murders and callous expressions influence the soul and depth of the heart of American people. One cannot, at least an individual with a heart, ignore the lack of genuine repentance shown within the hearts of the American people. Nobody, at least when viewed through the media, does anything except shout against guns and the 2nd Amendment. The people on the Democratic party and their followers keep shouting against the Right To Bear Arms as if nullifying it is the magic key that will solve all of America's problem. They do not understand that this country's problems travel way beyond gun control. There is a spiritual darkness, evil, moving these individuals who ruthlessly murder people going back to Columbine, and going back even further if one was to count all of the other sinister massacres occurring in America.  There is a lot of hatred in this country. The atheists, ACLU, LGBT groups are attacking Christians and accusing them of hating but these groups have nothing to offer but more claims of "love". Even with all of these chants for "love" accusations of hatred against anybody who disagrees with the LGBT, and the movement to remove Christians' freedom, people are still being murdered savagely in this country. People are still being shot down. Gay people are being mowed down by other gay people. Liberal media wants to go after the everyday citizens' guns and if they are successful in taking their guns what comes next? Will the Liberal people be running after the Christians who don't wish to celebrate gay weddings and other LGBT ceremonies? Will the LGBT and similar groups be trying to force others to follow their religion? Will a Liberal army be created to force Christians and any other person who happens to disagree with their theology to follow the religion of Political Correctness. Is that possible? Wasn't it because of persecution that Christians ran away from places like England, Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Nigeria to settle into the United States? Wasn't it because of the sufferings that the North American Colonies experienced under the previous harsh ruling of Great Britain the reason why the 2nd Amendment was created?

Emery, D. (2016, June 13). Orlando shooter visited gay bars, asked gay friend on a date. The Wrap.
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